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  1. I just want to know if it was meant to be a big secret why he sent the journal to the citadel to be read and copied and how wasn't this discovered the second a maester got his hands on it.
  2. Discussed Rhaegar's character for years, thought he was a straight piece of dung for years, but showRhaegar makes him look like Baelor the Blessed and Breakspear in one. I don't understand why he went into hiding, or why he coldn't do it in KIng's Landing if the HS was involved, or why he didn't admittedly return home when word any form of conflict went about, he could have easily ended it with declaring Lyanna was not his second, but one and true wife, Rickard and his band of old lords would have jumped for joy, that is the perfect scenario for him. Why the HS kept it secret only the seven knows, or why if he wanted it secret he had it set to the citadel, where they read to copy documents for the whole realm to have.
  3. As a fan of history, what monarch are you talking about?
  4. As a young man raised muslim, I found it weird how the village, town, whatever it was divided so, id prayer was seconds away why then was the bazaar so lively? If there is a harem in a palace, filled to the brink with slaves, wouldn't it mean a powerful prince lived there and him having a armed to protect his holdings? Where was the lord, his men, and why were but a handful of the town's people at prayer? Floki and Helga as other said made nosense, but one thing that the whole question of age got to me: isn't all the kids meant to be at age with Ragnar's sons? Magnus, the son of Aethelwulf who shall not be named, little Sig that died so Torvi can have scene time, and Alfred were all born or conceived between the time of Ragnar's sons at infancy, everyone should be young adults. That all I wanted to say as everyoner covered about everything else, all I got left is, why anyone in this show doubt the gods, as they deliberately appear to them, sending them to serve as their agents, making their zealot murderous mandate righteous. In universe theirs is the true faith and should all be acting like finehair.
  5. Yes he did, but looking at reality is not a Hirst thing to do. i still don't see how anyone sees Alfred as anyway legitimate heir to throne. Hell, Athelstan was caught and crucified for killing Christians.
  6. I would agree with you half way if Ecbert didn't completely create all the reasons his son hates him. A say half way because it is idiotic to send his best if not only battle commander away when he plans a long term war for England. Ecbert skills lie completely on backed handed skims not battle. I just don't understand where the drugs are from, Yidu spends all her time in a cabin Nothing about Asluag subplot makes any sense anyone with a mouth would tell Ragnar what is happening, why do we need a breast feeding when she literally walked away from him killing someone to convey how horrible she is. what the heck with that dialogue with fairhair and halfdan? The idea they are somehow worst then all the Vikings we been following who rape, deal in Slavery and random killings is so forced. best thing again was Ragnar invisioning what we all miss: season 1
  7. I am preview spoiled, but it never made sense. Like at all. In the past two campaigns they could have easily made it a war of conquest be it they were ask to do everything. Her contentiously showing she can't hold Mercia better then a upjump peasant hero shows just how terrible a queen she is, the fact she keeps asking for foreign only makes her more useless in holding control of Mercia. In Aethelwulf defense his only option now is to murder his father, he seems to honestly care for Ecbert, even though Ecbert tries his damness to show he is undeserving of it. Though he cuckhold Aethelwulf, had his friend cuckhold him, try to get him killed, pushed him aside for a guy he new for a week, pushed his son aside for bastard of Aethelwulf's wife and the guy he knew for a week, and gave Aethelwulf's mom's ring to his mistress/Aethelwulf's wife, Aethelwulf just doesn't seem he wants to kill his dad. Though we are only a quarter in, and Ecbert being a poor king and father is bound to continue forward.
  8. Over all I liked mostly everything: France is not that bad anymore, Rollo is wondering when he can go to his own castle as I thought he should, they are thinking of more then Paris, which makes me wonder why Rollo and Odo are the only nobles around and the weird sister twist could go a lot of ways. Vikings stuff is awesome, Fairhair is a good replacement for our past vikings foes, he is smart, like able and actually looks like he is here for the long run. Lagertha is still a badass and her schemes continue to be prefect. Ivar, oh Ivar, what a monster you are going to be, the terror of Floki's influence. Ragnar and Bjorn had great convo and both showed each others long hanging faults. Yidu being a princess is actually not that bad to me. It expands where the show can go, a specially if she replace Ragnar's third bride and birth the remaining of his sons. now to the bad, oh sweet Wessex Once I loved seeing Ecbert on screen. Then he grew a unhealthy obession for a monk who was not really a monk that basically picked Ragnar over him twice, continues to outright make terrible decisions when it comes to his son and their relationship only picking at the idea of a civil war, and giving Aethwulf's dead mother's ring to his wife and outright making her his mistress while looking to betray Kwen. Gee, if a brilliant king like Ecbert can't possibly see how this can blowup in his face, nothing can go wrong! Edit: Oh and it looks Bjorn is going to kill Erlendur, so it is time to shut up and dance!
  9. http://deadline.com/2016/03/vikings-renewed-season-5-history-jonathan-rhys-meyers-1201722220/ http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/vikings-renewed-season-5-jonathan-rhys-meyers-cast-1201733044/ Well I guess we are in it to win it.
  10. I have no idea, as Ragnar seems to get all his power from Kattegat, no matter how many men get slaughtered, theI don't know, maybe wondering warriors come in flock to join him. Ragnar travels no where to show where his territories begin and ends. It seems more or less the jarls aren't even in any form his subjects and the title king is useless switch around for jarl.
  11. Wait time out, something is very wrong Aslaug said Fairhair needs to over throw Ragnar to be king of Norway, but Ragnar is king of Danes and sitting in Denmark, so...
  12. I assume the guy was trading in France and traveled back with the Danes to establish trade.
  13. It has been so long, but Hirst hate brought me home. Speak of which, I need to point out what drags this show down for me: Hirst continues to use plot points that never exited. Athelstan wasn't known to draw at his time in Wessex, his job was to translate Roman work, which he did for like a month before running away with the vikings. Now I know time works different and all that, but Athelstan had his hands pinned and was crucified, the idea he spent a good time drawing at all in Wessex is beyond belief. As to Ecbert, I really hope some one on set would see how idiotic his out right obsession for Athelstan was after last season, that is not the case. He keeps pushing his son who basically spends a majority of his time risking his life for his plans, which in perspective Ecbert has done about nothing himself so far besides taking all the credit from Aethelwulf. Now he has a boner for his son's wife? Seriously Aethelwulf is th only commander worth dung in the whole nation, l think he is the only officer in Wessex, how is poking him with a stick a good idea? And have we heard anything about his own son yet?I am sorry this is so long, I just really have grown to hate Ecbert and Judith. Judith, oh Judith, I know we are suppose to feel something for her, but really, all she does is make power plays that affect no one and aren't really power places and sleep with Ecbert. That is her character, oh and joining the Athelstan fan club. Aethelwulf may be be the only bare able character left in Wessex. He is the only one that does anything and thinks there now. I still have no idea why anyone agrees with Ecbert about invading Mercia just to give to the queen, when this is like the third campaign. Off to Paris. The trailers prepared me for Rollo, but really how was this ever a good idea for him? Literally one guy told him about maybe half not being happy. Maybe they are unhappy because he did completely nothing about making their lives better in France while he lives in a castle. Why is he still there wouldn't it be a good idea to go to his territory to form a new base of power as killed off all that remained of it in Paris? Why are the other dukes not in Paris? What is this? And the princess literally minutes away from divorce doing a 180? Why was this happening anyway if the king wanted none of it? That is about it for me in Paris. Now to the goodies. Floki, I m so hyped right now, Hirst actually remembered his character building! Floki teaching Ivar is prefect a specially if he has to shoot Christians with bows and arrows. Bjorn's fights could be better, but it really showed he is not a kid but a seasoned vet. Kids are alright. Aslaug isn't really that bad, as this shows subplots go, a specially with Fairhair in town. I get it, the show is whiter then printing paper, but really, that was the best back story they had for the slave girl? I still don't understand why Erlandur doesn't just go home, as he should have more land and power then do nothing Kalf. There is so much but I lack the energy to type it all down.
  14. Watching what I eat, of the past three eps, anything spoil like?
  15. I am telling you they should let him rocked.
  16. This show had its cracks, but it one me with the shitting on Dany, I love it forever now.
  17. Damn I wish Tyrion was given his early martial, Peter would have rocked it.
  18. You know after the crap load of whitewashing last Season, this scene makes no sense anymore.
  19. How the hell doesn't Tyrion get out now?
  20. They are trying to make it clear they are not blaming Tyrion solo, when in book that is how it went down.
  21. The Fu? Dontos was in the middle of the ocean, how did they find him?