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    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    Discussed Rhaegar's character for years, thought he was a straight piece of dung for years, but showRhaegar makes him look like Baelor the Blessed and Breakspear in one. I don't understand why he went into hiding, or why he coldn't do it in KIng's Landing if the HS was involved, or why he didn't admittedly return home when word any form of conflict went about, he could have easily ended it with declaring Lyanna was not his second, but one and true wife, Rickard and his band of old lords would have jumped for joy, that is the perfect scenario for him. Why the HS kept it secret only the seven knows, or why if he wanted it secret he had it set to the citadel, where they read to copy documents for the whole realm to have.
  2. Wmarshal

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    As a fan of history, what monarch are you talking about?
  3. As a young man raised muslim, I found it weird how the village, town, whatever it was divided so, id prayer was seconds away why then was the bazaar so lively? If there is a harem in a palace, filled to the brink with slaves, wouldn't it mean a powerful prince lived there and him having a armed to protect his holdings? Where was the lord, his men, and why were but a handful of the town's people at prayer? Floki and Helga as other said made nosense, but one thing that the whole question of age got to me: isn't all the kids meant to be at age with Ragnar's sons? Magnus, the son of Aethelwulf who shall not be named, little Sig that died so Torvi can have scene time, and Alfred were all born or conceived between the time of Ragnar's sons at infancy, everyone should be young adults. That all I wanted to say as everyoner covered about everything else, all I got left is, why anyone in this show doubt the gods, as they deliberately appear to them, sending them to serve as their agents, making their zealot murderous mandate righteous. In universe theirs is the true faith and should all be acting like finehair.
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    [No Spoilers] EP503 Discussion

    Watching what I eat, of the past three eps, anything spoil like?
  5. I am telling you they should let him rocked.
  6. This show had its cracks, but it one me with the shitting on Dany, I love it forever now.
  7. Damn I wish Tyrion was given his early martial, Peter would have rocked it.
  8. You know after the crap load of whitewashing last Season, this scene makes no sense anymore.
  9. How the hell doesn't Tyrion get out now?
  10. They are trying to make it clear they are not blaming Tyrion solo, when in book that is how it went down.
  11. The Fu? Dontos was in the middle of the ocean, how did they find him?
  12. Oh, TV Tyrion, Book Tyrion would murdered you by now.
  13. Well for one they are making it ridicules clear Varys is team Lannister.
  14. Mace, the show runners more then they did Stannis.
  15. yeah, Aegon isn't coming into show canon, calling it.