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  1. I think she had some affection for him but not love. She certainly felt guilt and regret over how he died. She's not a total cold hearted manipulator, they got to know each other during her seduction of him so she probably grew to like him or at least have some sort of fondness for him. She certainly clearly didn't want him to die like he did. She used him but I don't think she ever wanted anything bad to happen to him or anyone involved in her plans. She doesn't seem cruel in anyway at all, she feels remorse over it.
  2. Dorne probably also suffered a lot from the wars with the Targaryen's more so than any other kingdom. they may have started things off with a significantly bigger population than they do now, maybe bigger than the Stormlands but after all the wars that may have seen their population shrink by quite a bit.
  3. Wow, totally forgot about that. For some reason when I think of Daella,I think of the one who may or may not have been betrothed to Aegon V. Thanks for the memory jog.
  4. Margaery or any Tyrell really. Just to get a view into that camp.
  5. I don't dislike them, I'm just not that into them. In general we already know so much about them. I enjoyed the world book for all the info we got on regions and their history , I'm more interested in the pre-conquest times than post-conquest times. But I don't dislike the Targs just generally find other families more my bag. Doesn't mean I'm not interested in some of the Targs just less so than other characters. I guess I'd just like to see more about the women in general especially ones with political power they were born to. Jeyne Arryn is quite vaguely drawn so far, although considering that we don't have a name for the Princess of Dorne who was the mother to Doran, Elia and Oberyn, she's one up in that category. Also I wonder what the other paramour families thought of the Arryn's getting a Targ marriage? I wonder if there was a blood reason for the Aemma marriage, could she have had a Targ linked mother, like a Velaryon or Baratheon? The Regency of Aegon III is probably the part I'm most interested in and finding about how relations with Dorne were. There seems to have always been tensions there and problems that trace their heritage to the pre-conquest times so it was never going to be a truly peaceful border. It'll be interesting to see how Jaehaerys dealt with that as you've talked about earlier in the thread especially as he seemed to have been liked/respected there. Morever be intrigued to know the various different stances of the Kings and their hands through that period, did the hands from the Reach/Stormlands want to push for war? Maybe did secretly agitate things so the King had to take a more forceful stance? Did the Kings and the Prince/Princess meet? Like Aegon went to Sunspear? Did Deria ever come back to KL?
  6. Honestly as someone who's not that into the Targs, I'm more looking forward to the snippets about the other characters around them, be nice if we got some fleshed out information about the court around the monarch. I hope we get some good information about the wives of the kings and the roles they played. I'd love some Jeyne Arryn information and the role she played on the regency council and some info about her life, she was the only LP on the council after all so she had more personal than anyone else away from the council (aside from hands). Perhaps some new Dorne information about their relationship with the Iron throne through the years.
  7. Considering what had happened to Elia and her kids it may have made her want to jump even more. Especially considering Roberts reaction to it.
  8. One of the Hightower ladies seems like a decent choice. Got money and status, but also the Tyrells might be happy-ish with it due to Mace married to Alerie makes him Uncle to the future king. If the Reach is tightly bound to the crown there really isn't much Tywin can do to cause the crown any issues.
  9. Maybe they are both old and new. Old in that they are a first men house, but maybe like the Tyrells they served as Stewards for the Starks for a long time and when Torrhen's Square was built they were given it for their service. They could be a old house but relatively newly landed.
  10. Water Gardens probably, or Evenfall. Lemonwood seems in a nice place but we know nothing about it.
  11. Maybe he also wanted his daughter to fill out a bit first and have a better chance of surviving childbirth.
  12. I think Dacey shouldn't be underestimated, she has seen a lot of real fighting in war. She's surely been trained in her life considering the women of Bear Island seem to have quite a combat culture embodied by the Mormont women, and she was on Robb's personal guard. She's also big at 6ft, not as big as Brienne granted but likely bigger than Asha. Obara I'm not sure about she's described as big boned and tall. We don't really know enough about any of them when it come to fighting beyond Brienne who's fought multiple people across many POV chapter. I'd go Brienne then Dacey, then Asha, and Obara last simply because she's the one where there is the least information to go on.
  13. Is Jon the same as he was pre-death? There doesn't seem to me to be much of a difference at all, its not raally what I was expecting.
  14. Why did Sana have to become some terrified meek thing in desperate need of Theon to help her when she was the one pushing to escape Winterfell. Couldn't both Sansa and Brienne have been ''strong'' in that scene or is that not possible for two women at the same time. Theon even needed to nod at her to accept Brienne, and Sana who prided herself on being a Lady and knowing all about chivalry and the house sigils and words, didn't know how to accept Brienne? Bullshit.
  15. Maybe they were small fry in Essos and were trying to find a place where they could be the big dogs. Essos has been the place that has been full of many powerful civilisations, Westeros by comparison probably seemed like an easier place to carve out something of their own. Also they maybe knew nothing of the COTF until they got there and once they were there and realised they only had two enemies to beat to have the run of the place it might have looked like quite an appealing prospect.