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  1. My god, did Mel acquire the LF teleporter or something?
  2. Is she brain dead?, its okay?? Does she have any idea how not okay it is for HER that he's her dad?
  3. I wonder if Brienne will break Stannis' sword like she did in the earlier episodes with those Vale knights. That way he's lost it all, not daughter, no wife, no priestess and now his magic sword is shattered too.
  4. While I certainly didn't hate this episode, I didn't enjoy it a much as I have done other finales. I felt it lacked in emotion and depth. There were many set piece and big moments, but there seemed little in the way of any real character driven moments where we understand people motivations and learn more about them. The Tyrion stuff seemed much less impactful in the show and I hated the way the Shae stuff came about, was nice to see Tywin get his like he did, but it didnt have the same depth of emotion as in the books. I missed not having LS but I've waited for that for so long now that I kind of accepted it probably wasn't going to happen just so I wouldn't be disappointed as much. The Children visually didn't quite work for me either, and BR didn't look quite as I imagined him, he seemed underwhelming.
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