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  1. There seems a fundamental lack of strong female friendships/mentorships in ASOIAF, and I largely put the Aerea thing down to that when it comes to the other women not having much to do with her, I don't think GRRM really knows how to write it or thinks of it. It's also odd that Aerea has no companions her own age to play with, learn with or from. It's not like Lords would have been shy of having their daughter be companion to someone of Aerea's status, and even if somehow they were Rhaena had bannerman on dragonstone some of their daughters would have been fine. When it comes to Rhaena and Aerea, they had both been through so much I think they were both just at a loss with each other. Rhaena had suffered great loss, and had done so much to keep her daughters safe, but in the process had lost her connection to them. Aerea had been buffeted from pillar to post from one group of adults to another, she probably struggled to believe any of them truly cared for her. She was also only a child and had no means of properly articulating her feelings well after what she'd gone through so young and also with Rhaena being damaged by what had happened to her they were just a tragic case where love just isn't enough and can't undo everything else that happened which Rhaena or Aerea had no control over. Also you make an interesting point about the swapping of the twins and who's who. Maybe one saw herself as abandoned by her mother, whereas if she'd been the one who Rhaena fled with she may have felt her mother was her rescuer or at least someone who tried to keep her safe. Stuck away in the Reach one of them would have had no real idea what the hell was going on with her mother and whether her mother had thrown her away or what. The whole ting is just one giant mess for them both, even ''Rhaella'' who gets a happier ending isn't likely to have come out of her childhood experiences unscathed.
  2. I think she was fond of Androw, but not in a romantic or sexual way. He was kind to her, I think she was probably honest about that. He was a young, sweet natured kind boy it seems, and after what Rhaena had been through she probably appreciated these nice Farman's who'd been so good to her. He also seems to have adored his sister, so maybe was happy to go along with the marriage because of his love for her. But as the years went by what he'd agreed to as a boy maybe wasn't something he was as comfortable with as a man especially as he got treated largely as a spare art as the years went by after they'd left Fair Isle. Once Elissa was gone (the person he seemed to love above all others) along with the manner of her leaving which left him under a cloud of suspicion of helping her steal the eggs, everything fell apart afterwards. Rhaena lost so many people in her life starting with Melony and Aegon and then ending with the Androw's murderous spree, I'm not surprised in the end she was happy at Harrenhall she'd seen enough death and had enough ghosts that place probably held no fear for her. Although it wouldn't surprise me if she had a few nice looking maid servants just to look at, she wasn't completely dead yet, lol.
  3. I wonder if she saw mirrors of herself in those misfits, people who just didn't quite fit into the role given to them for one reason or another. In terms of her favourites, aside from Elissa, they may stayed with her not just out of loyalty but also so they could be themselves and not be made to marry and instead love another woman. I also wondered about the beast with four heads maybe being two couples, Rhaena had Elissa and Alayne had Sam maybe. Perhaps they wanted to avoid the fate of Larissa who seemed to be shipped off to be married quick when she and Rhaena possibly got rumbled. Equally now a grown woman and with her own power and seat, Rhaena had the means to protect them in a way she didn't have with Larissa.
  4. naseridrl

    Baelon The Brave as King

    I'm sure he would have been good, but that whole section with Aemon, Baelon and Alyssa seemed quite rose tinted to me. They all died well before their time, and so were looked back on especially fondly especially with the added issues that the rest of J&As kids seemed to create those three were largely perfect in comparison. I certainly think he would have been at the very very least a decent king, and some of the later problems would have been easily avoided by having a smooth succession and capable king and administrator in charge. I think the thing that would have helped an awful lot though was if someone didn't think it was a good idea for Aemma and Viserys to consummate when she was 13.
  5. I'm not so sure how much I trust Barth on this. Whilst he's generally right about Lore stuff, Aerea wanted to get away. She wanted adventure, its entirely possible they flew to a few places before going to Valyria, she was gone quite a while. She was a damaged child who'd been through an awful lot in her life, who didn't enjoy life where she was, she'd wanted to go with Elissa. the dragons were maybe the only other thing she some joy in on Dragonstone. I could easily see her wanting to go to Valyria in her childish bravado particularly if she and Balerion had been flying around for a bit here and there, some of those sightings maybe have had some slight truth to them and then realising what a mistake it was. I could see it being more of a mutual decision to a degree. Also Balerion didn't exactly fly away when he was riderless in the years before, if he'd wanted to go anywhere he could have. Having a rider played some part in his departing, he could have rejected her but he didn't.
  6. naseridrl

    [spoilers] Rank the rulers

    I got the feeling Jaehaerys was very normative. He fit well into the world he lived in, he was largely happy to keep the status quo as it was. He saw no real need to change things, he could see problems or areas to fix if someone else pointed them out to him but he wasn't someone who thought of reform or change of his own devices. Which isn't really that shocking considering Westeros as a world was made for and by people like him, whereas as a woman or a commoner Alysanne and Barth could see problems/failings/shortcomings where he couldn't because he'd never experienced that side of the coin.
  7. naseridrl

    [spoilers] Rank the rulers

    I'd have Alysanne top, with Barth. I found myself much more impressed with them than Jaehaerys in that chapter. Jae was still superior to the Targ Kings though in the book, along with Alyssa. After them I'd have the conquerors, Visenya/Aegon/Rhaenys. After that for me they've all got their good and bad points and not a vast amount separates them out.
  8. naseridrl

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Does Mara fit as Qoren's mother in the timeline? Deria, Old Prince, Morion, Mara, Qoren, Aliandra? Deria was princess in 37, by 61 there is a Prince. Perhaps the Old Prince had a long reign and like Jae who took on the moniker of the Old King in his later years so did the Prince start to be called that. In 83 Morion comes to the throne. He's described as young though, so I wonder could Mara be his sister and not daughter? There doesn't seem to be an indication that she had a regent in that small passage where she is mentioned as becoming Princess so she was probably of age. Maybe Morion was just seen as young relative to the Old of his father but was well old enough to have grown up kids? 110(?) we have Qoren involved in the Stepstones stuff.
  9. naseridrl

    [SPOILERS] Family trees and successions

    We have Morion followed by Mara for the Martells. But what their relation to each other was I don't think was mentioned. Daughter is possible given Morion's father was referred to as old, but sister as well. Perhaps Mara is Qoren's mother? Does that work in the timeline?
  10. That authors footnote about Rogar is so savage. He really was pretty much all talk. Plus Rhaena was very much the type to back her threats unlike Rogar. I think Androw was a good choice for a husband, he seemed cool with her and Elissa. His sister was clearly his best friend, he and Rhaena got on well enough. Being married also meant she got largely left alone and couldn't be used by other Lords. It only went wrong after Elissa left and the egg theft. Androw seemed to want their friendship to continue as was but Rhaena was upset she'd lost her true love and probably wasn't convinced Androw hadn't played a part in the theft of the eggs which broke the bond they had. Equally you've got Aerea acting up to add to Rhaena's concerns and her mother dying, then it all just blows up. the main thing I love about all the Rhaena stuff is she seems to have such a interior life. So many of the women get just a few lines, or its very superficial and its all about how they died or its just a few eye catching factoids and then gone. But Rhaena gets this whole developed life, there are highs and lows, triumphs and despairs. We see her journey from childhood to death and really experience so much of her life, her loves and losses. Shout out to Melony Piper as well, she certainly put in a shift for Rhaena (and Aegon)
  11. another thing I noticed was there seemed to be more mention of passengers that I recall hearing before with the dragons. Rhaena and her companions, Alyssa with her babies. The only other dragon I remember being mentioned as taking a passenger was Vhagar a few times.
  12. naseridrl

    [spoilers] Aerea

    She was too young when she was in KL to really know what she needed to learn, plus she'd been through a lot in her young years and was probably just enjoying finally having things more secure and happier and people giving her attention. And then after was miserable on Dragonstone with a mother that tried her best but couldn't fix the damage of the past and all that time they'd spent apart and reconnect. Also during her time in KL did anyone want to teach her and take the risk of being seen as trying to groom her for some kind of coup? J&A were young and likely to have kids so Aerea inheriting was probably not something they were thinking of and once they had Daenerys and she survived no one was really going to be thinking too much of Aerea anymore, then add in the kids that followed her. If Aerea had survived and been riding Balerion and started to realise there was power in her position (who's daughter she was) and that she was riding the Conqueror's dragon, she may have put a real cat amongst the pigeons. I'd also be interested to what Alysanne would think of it all. She seemed to perhaps believe in absolute primogeniture at least where her own kids were involved, did she believe Rhaena came first as eldest? Obviously once her own kids are born the waters get muddied and she'd back her kids, but even then she believed it should be Rhaenys her granddaughter not her son who came next.
  13. Aegon III, thank you!! I knew it was someone important I just had a complete brain freeze. They all seem to start really quite young and get younger particularly those who are then involved in the dance era. I suppose as long as your strong enough to climb up and hold on, then you can give it a go. Doesn't mean it'll work out. Moreover some are mounting fully grown dragons and others are waiting for their own hatchling to grow like with Baela and Moondancer.
  14. naseridrl

    [spoilers] Aerea

    The thing that I wondered about that incident is what would have happened if Rhaenys hadn't been pregnant and had gone too, or if she was pregnant but had gone there afterwards and she had avenged her fathers death and not Baelon avenging his brother? Would the commons have rallied around her and made things far more complicated for who was next in line for the throne? Add to that all the Lords who did support her, maybe she'd have had even more support if she'd have come and dealt with the mess on Tarth and smite her fathers killers. Aerea on Balerion certainly would have been an issue, especially as Viserys having ridden Balerion counted in his favour when it came to choosing a monarch so her being on him would have surely been a very potent symbol. Although her being a woman would still have been an issue for the lords when there were male choies, but in general they'd have had to do something with her because her being on Balerion is no small thing particularly as under Andal succession she could have been queen instead of Jaehaerys.
  15. I liked learning a bit more about Meleys, the two women who rode her certainly cut from a similar cloth it seems. With Aerea and Balerion, I think its difficult to say who lead who. She clearly wanted out of the situation she was in, so there is no way to know wher she'd have actually wanted to go. She clearly wanted adventure so maybe she did want to go to Valyria and see what was there. There must have been some type of real dragon-rider bond with Balerion considering he did bring her back and didn't kill her or leave her. I also started to wonder about the ages people mount a dragons for the first time. Aemon, Baelon and Alyysa had their little competition and were 17, 16 and 15 respectively. Helaena, I think was 12? Baela 14? Is there a list anywhere of the ages everyone was when the first gained a dragon and who are the youngest one's? I'm sure there was a scared child who fled who's name I've completely forgotten me who rode one to escape.