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  1. I think too many in this fandom confuse GRRM showing the costs of war with ASOIAF being an anti-war story. Saying that the Starks are the same as the Boltons and Lannisters is a false equivalence. Both sides are not the same. Edit: I would also say that trying to state what ASOIAF's message is without its end is basically a fool's errand. We know GRRM is exploring issues of identity, for instance, but without the conclusion, it is difficult to say what, if anything, is his statement about it.
  2. So people can just talk about leaks anywhere now?
  3. It is not about imagination though. It is about how people think the story will go.
  4. Art takes time. D&D are not your bitch! They don't owe us anything. Et al.
  5. It is like he relapsed.
  6. I have to ask, what redemption arc?
  7. They go online and find the biggest ASOIAF fans. They find out what their favorite parts of the books were, and they systemically go through and destroy each of those sections. The more devoted the GRRM worshiper, the more their most loved parts of the story are ruined. Or at least that is what some of you make it seem like.
  8. You are right. GRRM quite possibly won't be remembered in a hundred years, but if he is, it won't be because of Fevre Dream.
  9. Whether you like it or not, GRRM will not be remembered for Fevre Dream.
  10. Just like some people like grape over cherry.
  11. Jon Connington is just a different flavored Jorah Mormont. Disgraced, exiled Westerosi noble obsessed with a Targ whose love he will never win and will likely grow increasingly unhinged in his effort to put Dany/Aegon on the throne.
  12. Link? I have asked for people to provide evidence of this over the years and have yet to receive any.
  13. Just felt it was important to include this line, which immediately followed the passage that you quoted: Day followed day, and night followed night, until Dany knew she could not endure a moment longer. She would kill herself rather than go on, she decided one night …
  14. Elaria is definitely a dead woman walking. i suspect that once everyone is captured, she will be beheaded in front of the Sand Snakes. As for King's Landing, it is possible burns Cersei burns it down at the end of the season. Though it wouldn't surprise me if that happens next season.