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Id like to also point out in this thread (Ive mentioned else where).

There is a story being told in the Tourneys in their armors and the story of the rose.

So in the Tourney of Harrenhal, Rhaegar wears Black armor with Red rubies, and he gives a Stark a blue rose.

In the Tourney of the Hand, Loras wears Silver/White armor with Blue Saphires, and he gives a Stark a red rose.

This is likely mirroring the first Tourney in Westeros which Uthor of the Hightower took Maris the Maid from Argos Stone-Skin, the victor. Maris being a daughter of Garth the Green, the fiery antlered lion looking dragon (who's lineal ties along with Lannisters are tied to Valyria's founding)

The White armor and blue sapphires are a clear reference to the Others. 

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