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  1. I just came to the somewhat belated realization that wights are GoT's equivalent of Orcs - in as much as they're these guys that one can enjoy watching being fried without conflict , guilt ,or thought.

    Which is one more reason for me to rate this below "Spoils  of War".

    But hey, ice dragon!

  2. Once, I would have thought Jon unneccesarily lingering to fight off wights was plot induced stupidity but after the Battle of the Bastards, and this, I now really think he's something of a moron, and Sansa really should be the one to rule the North.

    At least, she can do more than one facial expression.

  3. Aw crap,  Dickon's dead :crying:  I was hoping he'd make it through to the end so he could star with Theon in one of the spin-off shows and they'd call it Dick-on and Dick-off.

    But seriously folks, all that fan theorizing as to how Jaime could survive drowning was far more interesting than that lazy way the show chose to go with.

  4. 13 minutes ago, ummester said:

    Yea, I read that one on Reddit - pretty funny though, he quickly doodled in the Walkers before showing Dany :D

    On a different note, I watched the episode again, with headphones and could still not really make out what Tyrion was saying?

    Was it

    Who are you idiot?

    Jamie charges

    You fucking idiot?

    Why doesn't Tyrion recognise Jamie?

    Apparently, what Tyrion said first when Jaime seemed frozen was "Flee you idiot" (yeah, he recognized him) and when Jaime charged at Dany, it was "You fucking idiot."

  5. 8 from me. Grenn (I believe that qualifies as a good death, if there is such a thing under those circumstances) and Pyp dying gave it that unpredictable feel. And so dId Dolorous Edd taking charge.

    I kinda wish they'd deviated and have TV Ygritte survive and be taken prisoner. Her death scene was rather generic. And so was Maester Aemon's "I was a young man once" speech.

    But way to go, Sam.

  6. 8. Pretty much every scene had something interesting in it and nothing that made me wince.

    Tyrion's scenes with Jaime, Bronn, and whatsisname, Viper dude were all well done.

    Seeing Hot Pie again was more welcome than I expected (and I'm glad Biter won't get to eat Brienne's face, at least in the show) Maybe it was too convenient but I don't care.

    I was a little taken aback at how long the kiss 'tween Sansa and Baelish lasted. I daresay she was kissing back.

  7. I thought nothing could be creepier than Joff and Sansa kissing and Selyse's 'preserves' but Littlefinger and Lysa playing tonsil hockey managed to top both.

    I give it a 7. It was actually the Craster's Keep scenes that I found predictable.

    Cersei rolling her eyes at Margaery was much more interesting.

  8. Perhaps it's meant to reference royal ancestors but he's pretty far from the king in RL.

    It's my dream that the theory is true but doesn't matter. As if ha ha.

    Yeah, that would be in keeping with Martin's thing for mixing destiny and nihilism. That's my theory as to why the books are taking so long. :P

  9. My reference to a spoiler was the Rolling Stone cover. Has this been addressed somewhere bc if so I managed to miss it

    Maybe the article muddies things up again.

    Just saw the cover this afternoon. I have lived with and accepted the R + L = J theory for so long I didn`t even make anything out of it. (Though I sincerely find this new debate fascinating)

  10. I'll give it a 7. Jaime and Tyrion's scene made the episode for me , the rest I found good except for the NightWatch mutineers which I found cliched. I also liked that we saw more of the Others ( it has been three seasons, so as far as lil'ol' me is concerned, it's about time).

    Also, no Alex Graves as director. I do believe that he knew that that was a rape scene that he directed last ep but apparently, it was rape meant to be shrugged off.


  11. Well, I was gonna give it a six but that close-up of Theon followed immediately by Tyrion eating a sausage deserves a point.

    At the risk of sounding like Ramsay, they should make that a running gag.

    But seriously, last season IIRC left off with Tyrion and Cersei having an almost normal brother and sister conversation where Cersei pretty much admitted that it wasn't her but Joffrey who had Mandon Moore try to kill Tyrion; she gave the impression that she didn't approve of this and the both of them were kind of bonding cause they both felt oppressed by Tywin.

    I know the tv versions of Cersei and Tyrion have both made threats to each other and have felt hostilities but in light of that scene, the flow felt off to me when TV Cersei became much closer to Book Cersei when she was at Tywin's side conspiring against Tyrion.

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