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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    i agree, and i wasn't clear:of course for us book readers who read mel's chapter and visions that all lead obviously to jon being stannis' replacement. but from a show only point of view the reasons for her to leave are unknown, they could be guessed, but they are not for the viewers to know, or else d&d would have revealed it in a clear way since we all know that they can't do subtlety. and if the reason for her to leave stannis was known it only strengthen my case that she'll revive jon in the show as well as the books.
  2. born amidst snow and corn

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    1. olly seems more close to jon in the show than what bowen marsh was in the books, so him being the last to stab jon(as obvious as it was for us book readers) is more "et tu brute" and emotional than the ides of marsh. 2. jon was gullible and didn't even try to save himself. 3. i doubt that a man that served the mad king loyaly in his most desperate hour would mutiny because of a decision he didn't like and have yet to cause any problems (we didn't even get to see wun wun crush ser patrek or a brother of the night's watch) 4. i was glad to see that sam will go to the citadel, gives me hope for more affc and adwd catching ups the show will make next season(ironborn, davos and kevan and pycelle biting the dust) 5. mel leaving stannis to go to the wall for no known reason strengthen my belief of jon's return in the books and the show, no matter what d&d and kit harrington said. 6. dorne was the worst storyline in the show's history and it took jaime's with it but at the end it adds up with myrcella's death: it gives jaime his character development and her death will definately start a war- making dorne the show's aegon. 7. it was wise to end arya's story like affc and not like adwd. 8. tommen is the last "baratheon" and suicidal, stannis is dead and aegon is nowhere to be seen. though i like her as a character i truly hope that the show won't have dany taking the throne when everyone's happy and then proceed to defeat the others with no one in her way, it can't be like that. 9. Robert strong was awesome, they pulled it off great as well as the walk of shame. 10. theon's actor said that jon's parantage reveal will be a luke skywalker situation which is ironic because his redemption scene was a ripoff to vader's from return of the jedi, i even hummed the force theme when he pushed myranda. 11. i was glad that tyrion stayed in meereen and didn't join jorah and daario because if a dwarf, a northerner and a pretty boy would go on an adventure to rescue someone they were meant to take care of from savage warriors it would be another ripoff. 12. i want to know how did the small council learn so fast of trant's death so they could have robert strong join the kingsguard? was the spot empty anyway since loras didn't join them after the hound deserted? 13. the entire baratheon dynasty dies before balon greyjoy. 14. everything in the north this season looked like a "what if" plot: what if the boltons would get their hands on a real life stark? what if stannis would take his family,davos and melisandre south? what if jon will go to hardhome? what if the pink letter is true? what if jon can't warg? 15. only dead in the show: mance, barristan, shireen, hizdahr, selyse, stannis, meryn and myrcella. 16. still alive in the show: kevan, pycelle, oakheart and the one and only - balon fookin greyjoy. 17. if there is one thing this season proves is that asoiaf is unfilmable, i hope that the next seasons of it's simplified version called "game of thrones" would be better and follow the basic plot of the books more carefully, so the show might be a good tv show on it's own.
  3. born amidst snow and corn

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    wun wun's a freaking badass!!
  4. born amidst snow and corn

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    i think it's official that there would be no "for the watch" scene. and if jon would get stabbed he won't stand much of a chance without ghost or mel around.
  5. born amidst snow and corn

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    my money is on an even bigger deviation from the books and tyrion ruling as hand of the queen.
  6. born amidst snow and corn

    [Book Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    did anyone notice the hints the show gave about r+l=j? littlefinger(why does he always get the good quotes and stories in the show) tells sansa the story of harrenhall and barristan tells dany of how nice her brother was,to contradict the what sansa said about rhaegar raping lyanna, i believe that rhaegar was barely mentioned in the show so far but two stories about him were told in the same episode where stannis said that fathering a bastard is not ned stark's way. i believe that the show is setting up to reveal jon's parentage this season,maybe through sansa and the crypts, and probbably just before the "for the watch" scene.