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  1. 9/10. Great episode, best so far this season. Finally liking the Sand Snakes. At least, liking them better. Really enjoyed Myrcella, she handled that situation well. Stannis telling Melisandre to go fuck herself was the best moment for me. The Mannis!!! Olenna and Sparrow was absolutely fantastic. And Olenna and Baelish. Pretty much anything with Olenna is gold. I can't stand Emilia Clarke's acting usually, but it was pretty damn good this episode. Can't wait to see how she and Tyrion interact.
  2. 9/10. Highest this season. This episode showed that Kings Landing is the weakest storyline now. Replace Danaerys with Arya and it would have been the first 10 in a long time for me. #TheMannisIsComing
  3. Lol the tears. I liked it. 8/10. Stannis is the man!
  4. Respect. I gave it 8/10. The show itself is getting better. I loved the Janos Slynt scene. The Olly change kind of confuses me, but I guess they are looking for more of an impact for what happens in the finale.
  5. Kevan coming in with the strongest performance! Very happy they brought him back. I didn't like Ellaria's change but meh, whatever. I did like Doran. I'm not a fan of Sam (book or show) at all, but him getting at Slynt was amazing.
  6. Stannis the Mannis

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