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  1. [quote name='shadowbinding shoe' post='1538331' date='Oct 1 2008, 04.50']Actually: "The rat squealed as he bit into it, squirming wildly in his hands. The belly was the softest part. [...] By the third bite the rat had ceased to struggle, and he was feeling almost content." Belly-eating = claws and teeth pointed toward eyes-nose-cheeks-chin While trying to fondle the rat in my basement, I lost my left nostril and right cheek and had my brows disfigured. True story that. I have been on Ratoholics-Anonymous for 3 years now. I feel (like us all in RHA) for Theon.[/quote] I think it just states the belly is the softest part, not that all three bites went to the belly. The first could have been to the back of the neck, killing the rat.