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  1. pissed off because apparently religion closes not only minds but also topics

  2. On the heat of the moment I gave it a 1 and only because there was no option for a zero. The only reason I watch the show is to have a bit of spoilers in what is to come in the books at the moment. I'd have no trouble in not watching the show at all if only George would be so kind to be a bit quicker in his writing. Unfortunately he isn't so I watch this non-sense in the hope to figure out *something*. The worst part for me in this show is that they keep treating everyone like an idiot. After the pit scene, all the harpys magically disappered and the three stooges are all safe and moaning over the loss of the brat who actually abandoned them in the middle of a fight. Jon's death had to be for way different reasons, reasons that actually made at least a bit of sense. I am supposed to believe that a score of grown man would have the same motivations which would be, if not reasonable, but at least understable for a kid. And these are only two of the idiocies they have done. Arya is blinded by... What? Guilt? The faces game didn't even make any sense. Sorry for the negativity. I'll sit back into my corner to contemplate how good it could have been and it wasn't.