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    Thank you all for the nice welcomes. And welcome to all the other newbies :D
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    I hope so. I knew about the character before I started the books (thanks to a friend who spoiled it for me!) so I was convinced that Stoneheart's reveal would be the season 4 finale. It so should've been!!
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    Thank you King Tyrion! :)
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    Hi Adara, thanks for the welcome. Yes I watch the show as well, I love it. I actually only started reading the books when Season 4 finished - I had to get my Game of Thrones fix! But I became totally hooked on the books and love discussing them. As I said, I'm on Dance with Dragons just now so will be finished soon - then I'll need til April for Season 5 to start! As for my favourite characters, that's a toughie. I love Cersei, she's such an evil bitch that I found her chapters the most interesting to read. I also loved Tywin Lannister Others I like include Blackfish Tully, Queen of Thrones and Melisandre. And, of course, Lady Stoneheart. I hope she has bigger part in the next book.
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    Hi All! I'm new to the site and can't wait to start discussing ASoIaF (amongst other things with you all). I'm currently reading A Dance with Dragons so don't want to venture about too much on here in case I spoil anything for myself but I will be back as soon as I'm done to start discussing!! For now, I might just stick to this General Chat area. So, hello :)