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  1. Wondering how the Miranda showing Theon to Sansa thing will play out with Ramsey. Is Sansa suspicious of her? Will Ram try and take Sans out for a Mira hunt? I like how Sansa FINALLY got an opportunity for some leverage with Rams reaction to the new baby. Hope she conspires with him to take out Fat Walda. Hope Walda does Something to make me not like her. If Sansa goes darkside for a while, wonder how Theon will react to that. I'm having fun thinking on it all...
  2. I really Thought that LF has no clue about Ramsey... but thinking on it, I can't imagine he didn't gather intelligence from the ground first. It would be completely out of character for him.
  3. All I can come up with is she wants Littlefinger to testify against certain people who have used his brothels, Or, the money situation is so bad (she sent lord dummy with guard dirty-work... I'm assuming Mr. Tyrell isn't expected to come back as master of coin...) that she needs Pete Bailout for his funny money tricks. Even though they had that threat scene (knowledge is power... power is power) I don't *Think* she sees him as a threat, really... just another player she has to work with/against at different times. I'm not sure what the Dowager Queen has to offer Pete anymore though. No gold, lands seem to be all awarded out... not sure.
  4. Any insights on what might happen to Littlefinger? Cercei called him to KL and she knows they're busting up his businesses. What's the game there? Is she out to get him?
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