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  1. dantares83

    That was Rhaegar?

    the hair is terrible
  2. no way they are gonna do anything like that there is no time the last season will just focus on the great war and then the civil war with Cersei THE END
  3. well, he annulled their marriage meaning the children he had with Elia are not longer legitimate. they were born without their parents being properly married. annulled means the marriage was never there. it was 'fake'.
  4. the second i saw Bran that, i was so relieved. Bran being able to see everything would not just sit by and watch one sister pass judgement on another - no matter how emo he has become.
  5. i refuse to believe that Rhaegar would annulled his marriage to Elia just like that, without telling her! and making their children bastards like that. i just refuse to think the Rheagar GRRM created is that sort of man. he was an honourable man like Ned Stark. true, he loved another woman but he would not do it like that. I always thought he was just make polygamy legal and marry both women. he cant just divorce someone like that. he just cant. poor Martells. if only they know.
  6. dantares83


    just no more dragons' deaths!
  7. dantares83

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Sansa is perhaps doom. unless Bran stop emoing and do his job, he will soon lose his other two sisters though from the looks of it, he doesnt care
  8. dantares83

    Discussing Sansa XXXI: The plot thickens...

    i think it is a plot by Arya to get Littlefinger to reveal everything about himself she has heard what Bran said that Littlefinger was the main cause of their misery and vows revenge and hopes Littlefinger has a worse death that Walder Frey (eating his sons before his death)
  9. this show is joking right?
  10. dantares83

    bran is such a creep...

    like i said, Sansa is one of the characters who suffered the most - practically from season 2 to 6. there were plenty of times when she had tough days if Bran just want to tell Sansa he is now all seeing (including the past and future), he could have choose many others, one good example is when she is almost killed by their aunt (very disturbing as well) but then their aunt was killed by Littlefinger and she gained some power and knowledge out of it, at least he could use that as an example that Sansa gained some power out of it (and yes shouldnt he know Littlefinger was the main reason for all the misfortunes in his family and he still choose to remain cryptic on it???) the wedding scene serves nothing except painful memories? and seriously, all he could said was 'she was beautiful'. sansa is beautiful with or without a wedding dress and she dont need to be reminded of that horrible night. it was so creepy she immediately left.
  11. is the cute little boy from season 1 to 3 totally gone? he was so cute! i mean of all the scenes u could reminisce to your sister, u have to choose her rape scene???? i mean even if u want to make a point by choosing one of her tough moments, there were plenty! weird and giving me the jamie's vibes yucks!
  12. dantares83

    [Spoiler] EP603

    more stupid ludicrous plotline smalljon hates his father enough to want to kill him (which I think the Bolton has helped) and when greatjon is finally dead, he hates Roose but not Ramsay. by now, all the northern house have heard of Ramsay's cruelty and surely they do not believe that Roose was poisoned by his enemies in his own keep? but smalljon is totally ok to ally with Ramsay - a notorious madman??? ever since he married Sansa, Cersei had declared the Boltons are traitors as well so smalljon gained almost nothing allying with Ramsay, maybe Ramsay can 'help' him fight the wildlings but have been turncoats to their liege lord, smalljon truly believe the Boltons will help him? WHAT A JOKE! WHAT STUPID PLOTLINE! WHAT TRAVESTY! ALMOST AS BAD AS DORNE!
  13. dantares83

    [Spoiler] EP603

    if that is so, why not just send a fake rickon/osha so that they would not be risked. it could be some Umbers trying to do the same thing that they send Rickon/Osha to do. D&D are a pair of dicks who will do anything for 'shock' value. just wait for Osha and Rickon to be flayed and raped. the Umbers (extreme Stark loyalists) and GRRM (his amazing story) are the real casualties of this travesty
  14. dantares83

    Small Questions v. 10105

    who is in charge of Dragonstone and Storm End now? since there is virtually no lords or lady there, why dont the Iron Throne just conquer it?
  15. dantares83

    Small Questions v. 10105

    yeah, it is really sad. but they are supposed to be intelligent... so they rather listen to the commands of a mere human than unite and burnt these imbeciles to death.