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  1. more stupid ludicrous plotline smalljon hates his father enough to want to kill him (which I think the Bolton has helped) and when greatjon is finally dead, he hates Roose but not Ramsay. by now, all the northern house have heard of Ramsay's cruelty and surely they do not believe that Roose was poisoned by his enemies in his own keep? but smalljon is totally ok to ally with Ramsay - a notorious madman??? ever since he married Sansa, Cersei had declared the Boltons are traitors as well so smalljon gained almost nothing allying with Ramsay, maybe Ramsay can 'help' him fight the wildlings but have been turncoats to their liege lord, smalljon truly believe the Boltons will help him? WHAT A JOKE! WHAT STUPID PLOTLINE! WHAT TRAVESTY! ALMOST AS BAD AS DORNE!
  2. if that is so, why not just send a fake rickon/osha so that they would not be risked. it could be some Umbers trying to do the same thing that they send Rickon/Osha to do. D&D are a pair of dicks who will do anything for 'shock' value. just wait for Osha and Rickon to be flayed and raped. the Umbers (extreme Stark loyalists) and GRRM (his amazing story) are the real casualties of this travesty
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