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  1. Well after passing out from drinking to much this has been a pleasant hangover so far
  2. Red wedding all over again.
  3. Oh no no no no........
  4. Oh no...............................................
  5. What do you think a good delc score on this pitch 300+?
  6. NO he lost his leg to a shark we will never be troubled by him again. That is what I saw
  7. The best thing about Test cricket you just never know. One little detail and the art of the game takes hold and unmask unmask the Red Death held sway over all
  8. 53 all out, v Aus, Lord's 1888 (1st inns)62 all out, v Aus, Lord's 1888 (2nd inns) *prayers*
  9. ^ 2nd test match after the world cup it must catch up sooner or later. They will work out a game plan against him sooner rather then later after the blow to Smith and Lamb
  10. Tbh head has had a great series so far. Nice solid player no Mike Huss but decent
  11. Honest to God bloody Khawaja. How much does it cost for someone in the kidney now days ?
  12. Ah well better then 67 I guess
  13. Ah just got home. I missed it all !! Was the option to take the follow on allowed ???
  14. Yeah Wade batted really well. Head as well. I think it will be a draw
  15. Reckon they will Bring in Marsh ?
  16. Yeah our attack is lacking a bit in the sting department still could go either way. Let us see how it plays out after tea
  17. I would marry Smith even if he look's like a underage kid under that helmet
  18. Can we kill Warner and Banecroft yet?
  19. God I'm out of wine and out of Starks. Joe Root this guy just smiles like a angel
  20. desire

    Aegon and his Enemies

    It is a very sad story indeed but Aegon had spine when it mattered really. He just wore a mask and he did show what he really was from time to time but really he was imprisoned in his own mind of torture. He was always I think under the believe he deserved everything he got and then some even though it wasn't true.
  21. desire

    Cricket 35: Bat first, bat often

    Ha see the guy from Ireland get his pants pulled down ha
  22. Who's power has left High Garden. The only armies now are the Freys lmao and the north and what will be left after the Bostons and Stannis. Stannis was the only one who came. Nah the flints and that other bloke know and also lady dustin. No care given tbh
  23. desire

    Cricket 35: Bat first, bat often

    NO WE LOST AND WE DIDN'T even USE SANDPAPER AND WE DIDN'T WIN THAT ONE AS WELL NO Looking at the 17 wickets in a day congrats you got the world cup and ashes