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    Small Questions v. 10105

    The Valyrians make up only a tiny fraction of Westeros DNA. The Targs and a few bastards here and there make up most of the Valyrian blood on the continent. Really not worth mentioning in a 3 line delivery of what you're kingdom includes.
  2. I'm going with the weeper, since he's a wildling and laws of the seven kingdoms stop at the wall. They're all pretty terrible human beings, though.
  3. KingMance

    Character appreciation thread

    I agree with all of this. Daven seems like a good guy. In fact, outside of Tywin and his offspring, the Lannisters seem like a pretty OK family. I want to add Tycho Nestoris to this list as well if he hasn't been included yet
  4. I guess it can't be dismissed, but I'm not sure how it's even speculation. We are told "a" black brother from the wall was there recruiting. Not several. Mance was a ranger, not a recruiter. It's not a stretch to think Benjen wouldn't recognize a brother he served with briefly years later at a welcoming feast when he's disguised as a singer. It IS a stretch to think Mance recruited Benjen and traveled to the wall with him and he wouldn't be able to identify him. Add in the ridiculous notion (Not yours, I know) that the Mance also had time to bang benjens sister before embarking north with him is just absurd.
  5. Fair, we aren't told every location the man has been, but if he was at harrenhal like the OP is suggesting then we would have specifically been told so. Their is zero evidence he and Lyanna ever saw eachother, much less had a secret baby that neither Rhaegar or Bobby B knew about. It doesn't make any sense unless Mance=Rhaegar, which is it's own special sort of crackpot. I find the man to be one of the most interesting characters in the books without being a secret dragon daddy
  6. The furthest south we're told Mance travels is Winterfell. Once with Lord Qorgyle when Jon is young, once when king Robert comes to ask Ned to be hand, and again when the Boltons have fArya. Nothing alludes to him being at a tournament below the neck 15+ years ago. He's not Jons father, he's not a secret Targ or Kingsguard member. He's exactly who we're told he is.
  7. KingMance

    Why does Craster marry his daughters?

    So their children aren't bastards, obviously. My best guess is he has ample offerings to give to the Others. Perhaps he had a wildling wife, she died, and he took up incest to save his own skin. I don't believe we're told when he started offering his sons to the army of the dead, but being able to produce offspring at a walder frey type of pace is probably pretty useful in his agreement with the Others.
  8. KingMance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Do the books specify which king Dalbridge squired for? I've read online it was Jaehaerys, just don't know if it's confirmed somewhere and I've missed it.
  9. KingMance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Har! And Wylla is obviously Quaithe, so I guess we need to look no further into the subject
  10. KingMance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Any idea who the wet nurse is that fled from Dragonstone with Dany across the narrow sea? Figure it's unimportant but just wanted to check
  11. In Dany's HOTU visions, she sees a "blue eyed king who casts no shadow" with a red sword glowing like sunset. Most readers agree this is Stannis. I get it, he checks all the boxes, except (in my mind) casting no shadow. We get a few prominent characters associated with shadows, most notably Jon, Tyrion, and Stannis. When Davos rows Mel underneath Dragonstone to slay Penrose with a shadow baby, the chapter ends with him saying he knew that shadow, as he knew the man who cast it. So, does this tie in with Dany being a slayer of lies, with one of the lies being that Stannis casts no shadow? Could it mean that the vision isn't of Stannis (unlikely IMO)? Or am I misremembering or totally delusional?
  12. KingMance

    Who might be a spy?

    Taena Merryweather is the first to come to mind. And I think Lyn Corbray will eventually be the one to help bring littlefinger down. Sarella, obviously. And Daemon Sand is probably spying/informing on Arianne.
  13. KingMance

    The blue eyed king who casts no shadow

    Thanks for all the great answers guys. @ravenous reader @cgrav that's probably the best explanation I've heard on the subject. Just one of the several ASOIAF thoughts that cross my mind daily. @Lord VarysI did state it was unlikely to be anyone but Stannis in my first post, but I appreciate your snark as always! (Truly, I love your back and forth with various board members. It's entertaining.)
  14. KingMance

    Are the Others going to disappoint?

    I think they'll make it as far as the Trident, if Dany's HOTU visions can be believed. That's pretty far south.
  15. The guy worried about conquering an entire continent and then ruling it or the skilled sellsword who made a killing off the richest family in westeros? Bronn.
  16. KingMance

    How did Jaime and Cersei get up the tower?

    Pretty sure they were in the first keep, not the broken watch tower. Back doors are a pretty big thing in Aeron Damphair's chapters, too.
  17. KingMance

    Jon was rightfully "terminated" by the Watch

    Imo a leader who let's thousands of people die to come back as wights and says LOL my sister is getting raped whatever isn't a guy I'd follow. Sure Jon broke a law but it's a shit one. Besides Mance (who's running from the danger), Stannis, and his red witch their is no one on Planetos actively trying to stop the Others.
  18. KingMance

    Who did Robb name as his heir?

    This. Jon has a pretty lengthy discussion with maester aemon as well about choosing. And LC Mormont tells Jon that Aemon could have been a king, but refused the crown. Pretty telling stuff
  19. Gendry, Dolorous Edd, Bran (in some shape or form), and Val. I don't feel confident in any Targ, Stark, Frey, Lannister, king, or POV (besides tree bran) living. Of course some or most of them surely will. Maybe. I dunno GRRM is wild
  20. KingMance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    That gave me pause too, but I don't remember him having dinner with the LC, Aemon, and the bunch.
  21. KingMance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Is Septon Cellador the one who married Tyrion and Tysha? Tyrion recalls having a drunk Septon do his nuptials, and the only other drunken Septon I recall resides at castle black. This probably can't truly be answered, but it seems possible to me that Tywin probably sent him away after the marriage.
  22. KingMance

    Board Issues 4

    Every time I click a link I'm also getting annoying pop-ups and cannot go back to the page. Android user here. Started yesterday
  23. KingMance

    Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    I never noticed how this convo between Ned and Rob about Lysa Arryn from Ned 1, GOT: Ned would sooner entrust a child to a pit viper than to Lord Tywin, but he left his doubts unspoken. Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word. “The wife has lost the husband,” he said carefully. “Perhaps the mother feared to lose the son. The boy is very young.” Could also describe Lyanna's feelings on her death bed. Or not.
  24. KingMance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    “It will be good to see the children. The youngest was still sucking at the Lannister woman’s teat the last time I saw him. He must be, what, five by now?” “Prince Tommen is seven,” she told him. “The same age as Bran. Please, Ned, guard your tongue. The Lannister woman is our queen, and her pride is said to grow with every passing year.” -Catelyn, GOT OK so Ned saw Tommen 6-7 years ago. In Ned's chapter when Robert arrives, he says he last saw King Bob 9 years past during the Greyjoy Rebellion. So what's up?
  25. KingMance

    Small Questions v. 10105

    1. Whoever Lady Barbrey designates, which is unknown at this point 2. We haven't been told.