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  1. Which would give you a pretty good idea it IS GRRM approved and coined.
  2. The motivation in general will be the same, to clear an obstacle from his way to his supposed destiny. It really doesn't matter which obstacle. Any sane parent would put their offsprings life before theirs in any given situation, so the rest is just rationalising.
  3. I did have a reaction. Stannis didn't. That's the whole fucking point. Why are you empathising with Stannis? HE killed his daughter, not anybody else. The only character assassination here would have been him NOT burning his daughter and EVERYBODY knew it would happen sooner or later. Everybody suspected it already in season 4.
  4. I grant you guys that, this thread is hell of a source of filling up one's ignore list. If I only would get a dollar for every book zealot promising to quit watching the show and being right back here next week bitching and moaning I feel I could stop working right here and now. As the Obama reference earlier, indeed, it's like we have our own religious fundamental GRRM worshipping Tea Party here. The award for best sycophant comment of the thread so far must go to "the episode was a six but if GRRM came up with the idea of burning Shireen it must be a nine".
  5. Whereas elswhere he has been really the wearing-his-heart-on-his-sleeve guy right? All the range of emotions he has shown, indeed.
  6. Didn't say there's no magic. I said there's no Rhllor, and allknowing and allwatching true god. Edit: Yeah, actually there is SOME magic to Melisandre, she just told Selyse that most of what she does isn't.
  7. Does it really NEED an explanation? Westeros is full of nobles, they are like each other in a nice happy little bunch, right? Why do you think Mereen's nobles wouldn't have grudges, ANCIENT grudges against each other? Why do you think the more "tea party" ones wouldn't want to kill the lily livered liberal slave freeing ones right then and there and rid themselves of the argument? It's not really THAT complicated to figure out.
  8. Nah, I think he simply wanted to see the semis and arranged his shifts so that his pals Dirty Rat and Brown Beetle would be on guard duty on the supposedly more boring parts of the games. ...or, in my experience, there's a level of stupid you cannot fight with a rational argument, so humour is usually the only thing that works against it. Sometimes the level of stupid is so high that it doesn't recognize humour as being that, incidentally.
  9. Wanted to elaborate my answer on Grey Worm as why would he have a night shift on such an important fight? - Well it really wasn't THAT important as it was still only group stages. Grey Worm promised to arrange his shifts so that he would be besides his queen from the quarter finals on all the way to the semis and cup final.
  10. This. Edit: of course, I don't think there IS Rhllor. Melisandre has all but suggested that there is no magic and she gives potions and fumes for her "patients" to inhale to make them see whatever the hell she wants them to see. That and people skills and the ability to read people. That's her game.
  11. If they can simply sail south of wall with a bunch of boats then the world, Westeros, and GRRM are utter idiots for having the wildlings sit en masse north of the wall for freaking 8000 years and headbutting the wall all that time. The WORLD only makes sense if you only get south of the wall THROUGH the wall.
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