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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    That's my theory. In fact, I think the two guys Stannis kills just before Brienne shows up are a couple of the deserters. There just seemed to be recognition there.... The truth is, we don't know what the situation with Balon or anyone in the Iron Islands is. For all we know, he may have fallen from the bridge and we'll be told that in the next season. We might even see a Kingsmoot and Vic's journey to Slaver's Bay. I don't think it was ever spelled out, but one has to imagine that Lancel knew about whatever Cersei put in Robert's wine. (Pycelle might have known as well) I'm not sure what she could have used to convince LL Cool Sparrow other than sex, so the inference is that they were going at it whilst King Robert was still hitting on anything with a skirt (other than his wife) and letting Littlefinger "count coppers".
  2. Don't think so. He thought she looked familiar, but didn't know why. My guess is he'll figure it out in the end, much the way Polliver did.
  3. I mentioned this earlier....I think that maybe Mel had a hand in those fires springing up all over the camp. Yes, Seal Team Bolton did most of the legwork, but I think that Red Mel saw the whole thing in her flames and gave the fires a bit of a R'Hollor nudge...
  4. We don't know any of this. It seems to me that at this point you're bound and determined to complain about the show and if specific complaints are shown to be less egregious than you'd originally thought, general complaints will have to suffice.
  5. We don't know how the entire story will play out. Maybe Stannis lives, maybe he dies. There is plenty of time to introduce the character of Edric Storm if at some point in the story we find Stannis in need of an heir.
  6. From the hint we get in the episode 10 preview, the answer to both of those questions is yes. As far as the siege question goes, I'd wait and see.
  7. Ramsay burned siege engines and supplies. Stannis' men probably don't want to go that route. He shows up at WF because Mel's magic worked. We've all seen the icicles melting in the preview.
  8. So they won't starve.... ...how do they keep from freezing?
  9. As I said earlier, the mistake you're making is thinking of the timeline in terms of "one episode to the next". If the story arcs run roughly the same length of time, it took weeks of cold and hunger for Stannis to change his mind and even then, it was Ramsay's sabotage that clinched it.
  10. You're not. The people who are complaining about the scene are somewhat correct when they say that Ramsay (inadvertently) helped them with their food problem, but it doesn't solve the problem of the cold and it seemed quite clear to me that the army couldn't stay where they were. They were going to have to march through the snow, either forward or back and most if not all would have been likely to freeze in the attempt. The show didn't do a great job of outlining how desperate the situation was, but that's the way it goes when you have less than 10 hrs for an entire season.
  11. A couple of points: I see a lot of people saying that the show didn't do enough to convince us all of how desperate Satnnis' situation was and to an extent, I agree. However, when you only have 10 episodes for an entire season, how much time can you realistically spend trying to convey it? This was why we saw two scenes where Davos urged Stannis to return to Castle Black. It was either that or freeze/starve. Now they have plenty of horsemeat to eat, but it doesn't solve the problem of the cold and it doesn't replace the ordnance that was destroyed by Ramsay. Concerning Ramsay, I'm with the camp who believe that Red Mel knew what was coming and either let it happened, or even helped the situation along. Her intent all along was to barbecue Shireen and the Bolton mission played right into her hands. Back to Stannis' situation. We don't know exactly how the timelines between the different story arcs are supposed to go, but if we assume they run concurrently, (or something close to it) then the army was snowbound for about as long as it took Jon and Tormund to ride to Eastwatch, sail to Hardhome, get their asses kicked by the WW and sail/walk back to CB. Not something you'd expect to do on a long weekend...
  12. One thing I keep seeing speculated is that the burning of Shireen will somehow be used to "resurrect" Jon, but I don't see it. Thoros managed to bring Beric back six times, just by saying a prayer to the Lord of light over his body. It's insinuated that Beric ended up reviving Lady Stoneheart with "The kiss of life", giving up his own life in the process, but we're not really told how that's supposed to work. (Maybe it can only be done by someone who's been resurrected themselves?) In any event, from what we've been told so far, burning King's blood should not be necessary to bring Jon back if he dies during FTW.
  13. Sylvio? Trant went to Braavos, not Hoboken... :P