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  1. Shadow Queen Medea

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    I give it a 6 Hardhome was the only episode I really liked this season. I don't think this episode was "bad"....it just lacked quality, as almost all of season five has, and the Shireen scene was awful. So much for Stannis now. I hope Winter buries him along with the Boltons.
  2. Shadow Queen Medea

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    9 Easily the best episode of the season so far. I really didn't like season 5 much until this episode, because the plot was moving about as slowly as molasses, but this episode finally pushed the rock down the hill and things seem to be moving again. Loved the scene between Dany and Tyrion, loved the final half hour at Hardhome, and I continue to love how Cersei is suffering.
  3. Shadow Queen Medea

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 506

    4. Worst episode of the season imo. Crap episode. Nothing happened, besides putting everyone that was already in peril in a different kind of peril (Tyrion and Jorah being caught by slavers, Cersei using the "Inquisition" against Margaery, Sansa being raped, etc.). No resolution to anything, once again. Virtually no plot movement. Just a bunch of crap ending in a shocking scene that many of us already saw coming. Hated it.
  4. Shadow Queen Medea

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    Completely agree with this. She was against almost everything the nobles did and all the sudden she's not only going to re-open the fighting pits.....but marry the one noble who she was fighting against in opening the fighting pits. Okay......LAME.
  5. Shadow Queen Medea

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 505

    I gave it an 8, with my average being a 5. The previous 2 episodes got a 6 from me, but I think this episode was far less boring and we are starting to see much more movement in the plot, or at least the potential for things really starting to heat up in the last half of the season. No Arya this time which was slightly disappointing, but I figured this episode would focus more on Jon and Stannis because of the title. I like how Jon is starting to become his own man, but that may eventually lead to Stannis having to "get out of his way" if his star burns any brighter. I also liked the parallels between Ramsay's scene with his father this episode, and Shireen and Stannis last episode. Where the usually practical and stone-faced Stannis showed a genuine love for his daughter, Bolton's scene with Ramsay was very cold and helped to highlight that both men were uncaring bastards.
  6. Shadow Queen Medea

    [No Spoilers] EP504 Discussion

    Anything's better than boinking your sister.
  7. Shadow Queen Medea

    How would you rate episode 504?

    Not sure how anyone can give this episode a 9...or especially a 10....considering almost every other GoT episode from all the previous seasons. whatever...
  8. Shadow Queen Medea

    How would you rate episode 504?

    6/10 To me, it wasn't as boring as last week's episode, but it seems like the overall pace of the show has slowed to a near crawl. Too many characters/side-plots to cover in an hour long episode once per week. I wish they would move it along a little bit more.... Liked the Stannis and Shireen scene, but too many characters need to "get where they are going" imo. They are just dragging out the drama a little too much for me. I want to see what happens next, not hear people talk/speculate about what's going to happen next. EDIT: Also, I think the moving moment between Shireen and her father is just setting up one of them to die soon.
  9. Shadow Queen Medea


    Well, HBO is the premiere channel that GoT runs on in the States and you can select older episodes to watch from the cable company that provides the service. It had all episodes from season 4 and 5, but I missed some from the first few seasons. I've seen a few people on this forum say that Sansa's character in the show is different from the books. On the show she is getting more involved with the politics little by little, but a lot of it is Littlefinger's doing. I don't want to give any more away because....spoilers... you know. haha
  10. Shadow Queen Medea


    Well, I couldn't watch every episode. HBO on demand only had a few key episodes per season, and a season recap for each season, but I got the general gist of what's going on and have watched every episode so far from season 5. I really enjoy how it the show separates itself from generic fantasy by pushing boundaries and having a very rich plot, rather than the common "good vs. evil, black and white" theme most fantasy portrays. I'm also sorry to see Sansa slowly becoming more of a major player in the "Game", because we all know what happens when you play the game. You win or you die. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.
  11. Shadow Queen Medea


    Hello everyone. Just signed up today. I just got into GoT about 2 weeks ago. Everyone was telling me how great it was so I finally started watching from the beginning and it was so good I couldn't stop watching until I caught up all the way to the current season. Haven't read the books yet but I plan on it as soon as I can. Also, the photo editor isn't working. lol EDIT: Nvm. I figured it out.