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  1. Thanks. I haven’t been following much on viewer’s opinion on line, only people I know, most of them don’t care. But I’m glad if they notice those basic bugs. I agree, a lot of inconsistencies could be fixed by a few lines of dialog, that makes me realize the little respect D&D have about ASOIAF…
  2. Being on the other side of the other side of the wall was meant to be similar to the book (just in that detail), but after the battle of Hardhome it’s a long way to walk and not be attacked again by whites And apparently nobody cares about the boats, where they are, how they are, etc…
  3. You are right they (D&D) should, but they don’t. Viewers also should care about consistency, but they don’t… They were all meant for each other… P.S: First post! Greetings from Bolivia