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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    if the idea of the writers show or book is that heroes/good people do not exist in real life and all they get is betrayal and the pointy end. I am sorry this is not what history has taught me and this is not what i saw in my own life. Seriously how many great kings and conquerors we know that were good people and successful (thousands of ) . If all the books and show want to give me is that human being is utterly harmful and hopeless creature in real life i am saying sorry mate that must be fantasy.Because in reality i know their is no Elsa or Gandalf the grey but in reality their was Gandhi, their was lincoln, their was mandella, their were many slave who later became kings , their was Qudbudin Aibak (a slave of Ayaz who became the king) and before him in that so called slave king dynasty Ayaz was the king who was also a slave of Mahmood of Ghazni (Ghazni is a city in Afghanistan) . The slave king dynasty of Afghanistan and subcontinent of Asia is one Big slap on the faces of these writers if and only if they want to give us the impression that in real life good people are all betrayed and killed and you really need to be gray to become a successful person, king or soldier or god damn it even a farmer or cook. But if this is a fantasy a dark fantasy as one in which good gets the beating all the time instead of bad than i am in it because it is different but just stop giving me the shit excuse that this character died because he was too good of a person and this does not work in real life no way man.
  2. does people already know something that i do not. Why is everyone already kind of ranting ???