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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Wait, some of you actually believe Stannis is dead? No, he's not. There was some gruesome death scenes and his fades to black? Right. The way Brienne screamed it's like something "got" her. Could it be Pod? hmmmm The shock of Jon's death is slowly dying, and now my favorite thing is reading what people think will happen to Jon. The producers of the show already, in their own way, shown they don't care what people want... they do as they please aka Benjen... I still feel like this show will now sink. There's no one to stand higher than Jon. When Ned was killed his son Rob Stark pushed up in ranks (and he was one of my favorite) so when him and his mother were slaughtered-Jon took his place. When Joffrey was killed-Ramsey (though it's not the same) It appears there's no one-and I mean no one-to even come close to Jon. Most of the remaining characters are "side kicks" and stale....no leading character. That's why I fell for Benjen coming back-he would be my pick for someone to take control of the show....but I now firmly believe Benjen is dead.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    is anyone over the age of 15? Jeez, this board has become very....different.