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  1. Totally agree. It bascially went from Stannis telling Melisandre "hell no!" about burning his child alive in a previous episode, to completely doing a 180 and being all like "ok, let's do this". Seems kind of hard to believe and we didn't see Mel trying to convince him further, so we don't really know how she was able to do so. Maybe she brought up the whole Azor Ahair had to drive Lightbringer through the heart of his wife Nissa Nissa, so burning Shireen is Stannis' Nissa Nissa type moment. Even so, it would have been much kinder to drive a sword through her heart than to burn her alive.
  2. Monette

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Thanks, that's what I figured. I guess Tommen is too gullible at this point to see through any of it.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Sorry if this already got talked about somewhere, but could someone please explain to me what Cersei meant when she was talking Tommen out of marching the army to kill the faith militant and free Margaery and she said something like "who do you think will be the first victim of that war?". Is she talking about Margaery? As in if Tommen attacks the faith militant will kill her before he can save her? That doesn't really make sense, they are all about following their rules and killing a prisoner awaiting judgement is probably againt the rules. And one more question. So Ramsey found out about the whole lighting the candle thing. Does this mean that Sansa can no longer do that and send the signal for help? I mean now that he knows about it, he'd probably keep an eye out for that, right? I'm actually surprised he didn't go light the candle up there himself to see this "help" show up for Sansa so he could kill them. Or maybe he did and that is how he got that old lady we saw. Further, even though Sansa seemed strong when she had that chat with Miranda, then after the wedding and in the begging of this episode she is all scared and hurt, so I was kind of taken aback by her talking to Ramsey and being all like "youre a bastard, Tommen ligitimizing you doesn't count cauz he's also a bastard". Like if she is terrified of Ramsey and he is abusive towards her, shouldn't she be scared to say stuff like that to him cauz he can get pissed and hurt her more? Or is she prepared cauz she picked up that dagger/corkscrew thing off that barrel? Maybe she is going to try and defend herself?