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    What happened to the Dragons between riders?

    I am also part of the way through Fire and Blood. Some of the context later on suggests that they are kept in a dragon den or cavern on Dragonstone. They don't seem to be locked in however, so maybe their meals are brought to them so they don't ravage the nearby country. Dragonstone is probably ideal to keep dragons because it is an isolated island, and the dragons can venture out and eat fish if they get bored. I don't want to spoil it for you, so read a little further and you'll get to a part where you'll learn more about what Balerion's doing after Maegor's death.
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    Mormont is my favorite house, because hey, stubborn loyal old bears. The Mormonts are just like my own family. But my favorite character is Tyrion by far.
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    Hello folks! I'm Scythia. My friends call me Thia, but Scy our Scyth will work too. Off the forums I'm a mother of one, a student, and a librarian, and for fun I read, swim, and hike. This community seems like a nice and intelligent one to settle into. I've been hooked on reading some of the fan theories here, and a few have really got me thinking and inspired to figure out some theories of my own. I'm looking forward to getting to know the community better and to finally have the opportunity to talk to people who are as into ASOIAF as I am. But if we can avoid whacking me on the nose with a newspaper, that would be great :3