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  1. Elrick

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    Umm... How can you tell? They are babies!
  2. Elrick

    How Would You Rate Episode 110

    the Joffrey scene of having the singer his tongue removed was more brutal than the way it was described in the book! The actor that plays Joff is perfect in his role.
  3. Elrick

    How Would You Rate Episode 109?

    I think that many don't understand how much time other than cost that battles would cause. At this stage I think that they are focused on character development maybe as the series progresses we'll be seeing more and more battle scenes. I admit I wasn't as happy with this episode as the last one but I did enjoy it all the same. The actress that played Shae was fine but I just didn't think how she treated Tyrion really fit how she was in the books at all. She was also more deceptive and acted like she loved him all the time. Sorry I am just rather frustrated with this character lol
  4. Elrick

    How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    I'm just wondering if they will have Roose Bolton in this season or the next? I am hoping to see him at some point.
  5. I really have to agree with you man. Its ridicules how some people want everything to be a certain way but alas thats always the case when something comes out based on the book. People are always wanting it to have this or that in it and when it doesn't they get upset or feel betrayed. This series rocks and although I am not as pleased with the actor that plays the Hound so far I am more than happy with the guy that plays Gregor. As far as the thing between Loras and Renly well they had to be more blunt than the books when it came to this. Viewers have a hard time picking up subtle hints it seems.
  6. Man the actor that plays Gregor Clegane is PERFECT! The guy just seems completely and utterly psychotic how he went off on Loras. BTW I disagree with those that say Loras isn't buff enough as I've always pictured him not having a lot of muscle but rather trim and some what athletic looking. Renly on the other hand is not how I pictured him but that doesn't bother too much as it would be a hard thing to find the exact right look in my opinion. Also the ideal that Renly and Loras scene as being a major departure of the books I disagree with in essence as I understand why they did it this way. For one tha audience who haven't read the books wouldn't pick up on the hints in the books about their sexuality. It didn't bother me as much as I knew some who had no probs with men doing women would. Bottom line great so far! Gave it a ten.
  7. I'm not surprised to see a lot people some what disapointed on here... As most seem to be fans of the books I can understand that completely. I was a little disapointed in Littlefinger giving the information about the Hound's facial wound but then again I've been completely disapointed at the actor who portrays the hound. Someone could have done a way better job and so far he doesn't act nearly angry enough. I feel like the actor is missing a crucial part to what made the hound well the hound. Either way everything else seems to be going well for me. :)
  8. I have to say that I'm amazed with the acting in this show. The woman that plays Catelyn is a terrific actress and so far I'm enjoying this series very much although they'll never be as good as the books I feel that they capture everything perfectly.