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  1. @charlesfrith @NathanLee @SecuLawyer @SecularBloke Even IF it were true, up to 1 in 3 died of a disease before vaccines, so take your pick..

  2. @MBrundleF1 Agree, F1 is fine without Ferrari from an entertainment point of view, and might do better financially in the long run.

  3. @IMDb Ughh, feels like the new Trek movies, that's NOT a good thing at all..

  4. @SecularBloke Well I do prefer low calorie Cola to full sugar stuff. Lighter mouth feel, so order it with whatever I'm eating.

  5. Ok fine so thats not it, so what else? I assumed that was the worst, but isnt it? If thats the worst then there is nothing much to complain about frankly. I don't see how this is insulting viewers at all, its letting the viewers make up their own minds, thats part of the intrigue. I get that its not flawless, and yes this season has had serious pacing issues, too much fluff, important bits rushed, but as for outright holes, no.
  6. Really thats it?? Most of that isnt even a problem let alone a 'plot hole'. If that really is a problem for you then you shouldnt be watching any TV at all, ever.
  7. Not really, the timelines dont run in exact parallel. They tend to meet up when interacting, but intermediate time is not always in the same frame. Thats unavoidable and nothing unusual for TV. Gaps in explaination are left up to you to fill in. TV isnt the mindless medium people make it out to be, some things you have to figure out for yourself. So often on here ive seen people claim something doesnt make sense when a simple off screen event could have explained it. Thats what you have to do with TV.
  8. No they havent at all, not even close. Most are just people unable to separate the show and the book, the TV show taken in isolation doesnt have such holes. There are a few mistakes yes, its sometimes rushed and a few things are under explained, but gaping holes? No.
  9. I wonder if people actually know what plot holes are. They arent minor gaps in the story that you need to fill in yourself with a little common sene, they are wide open impossibilities or things that need far too much work to explain (and should be on screen). Little of the latter is in this show really, there is nothing unusual for TV here.
  10. Book readers often accuse non readers of lacking imagination, when actually the exact opposite is true. Books tend to lay everything out in front of you, all you need do is visualise it. TV, due to time and cost constraints cant do that, so you have to fill in the gaps yourself. Example, How did Danys gang get back to the pyramid? Clearly there werent thousands of Unsullied at the pit, so the rest could have appeared after Dany left. News must have spread of what was happening. It doesnt really take much imagination to work it out. What you see on screen isnt everything and im surprised people dont understand that. Oh and there is no Stannis character assasination, Stannis doesnt exist, and book and TV Stannis are not the same character. Get over it or stop watching!
  11. Loved it, but even more entertining is watching the book fanboys meltdown with their usual claims of 'poor writing', and 'destroying Stannis' character'. I just cant see how people dont see how it all makes sense. Maybe ive not been spoiled by the books so can see it at face value. However some of the misunderstanding im seeing is just a fundemental lack of understanding of human nature it seems. While i havent read these books i have read others that have been adapted for TV, the same claims for 'ruining the books', l'ack of intelligence' and 'rushing' were made for those as well, but you know what? Pure book reader snobbery that they can never back up.
  12. Not every thread HAS to go anywhere. Life doesnt work like that, i dont understand people who think that it has to. Apart from anything else we still dont know that it wont. Same with Gendry, he may return, he may not, he doesnt actually have to. TV is not a book, different media, different rules. So far the show has been very good at making little, semingly unimportant or dead end moments quite relevant in the long term. 'The pile of garbage is towering miles high at this point but the gapers keep dismissing every separate speck as a meaningless point of detail.' Actually the haters are ones failing to see the detail.
  13. Have you even watched the show? I didnt realise LF was a military genius. Sure he has his spies, but he couldnt know Stannis's armies current situation. The army was stuck, horses or not, they were doomed, end of story. I'll say it again, there was no reason to suggest the weather would improve in a rapidly worsening and advancing winter. The snow melted because of the magic. Not sure why this is a revelation to you given the killer shadow babies and resurrections.. So yeah, the Lord of the Light provides.
  14. Not in ep 10 because the weather has cleared, seemingly due to the sacrifice. Seems to me that Ramsey dug his own grave by attacking Stannis, he set in motion events that saved the army. There was no reason to suggest the weather would improve, a fairly critical plot point of the whole series.
  15. Hungry, cold, the snow storm, kind of quite a disadvantage yeah.