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  1. I really enjoyed it. The build up and then destruction of the Sept was wonderful to behold. I loved Cersei and her outfit. Her scene with Unella was so chilling. Her look to Jaime when she takes the throne? I think this is the beginning of their end. After waiting so long for Tommen to die, I thought the simple shot of him and the window was very effective. I liked Tommen's end. It's the only interesting thing he's ever really done. Poor Loras though he's just been shat on all season long. It's strange because a lot of people seems to think the Arya reveal was predictable, but I was thoroughly surprised and thrilled seeing her serve old man Frey some humble pie. Tyrion being made Hand was very sweet. I wonder if there's going to be much point to Euron's character, or if he was just a device to make the Greyjoys run off to join Dany. I have found Baelish's arc frustrating. He has spent the whole season waiting around until Sansa needs him to get the Vale, or as an encouragement to Sansa/Jon mistrust. He doesn't seem to be a proper character anymore: he seems kind of a shell, whereas before he was a true game player. No Brienne, Pod, or The Hound. sadface. I started off extremely excited for Ned finally reaching Lyanna in the Tower, only to have her whisper a bunch of inaudible stuff into his ear. They've built this up for ages, so it felt like a bit of an anticlimax. Sure, it seems R+L=J is confirmed, but I wanted more affirmation, and a better reaction from both Ned and Bran. I'm not sure where they are going with Sansa - I was hoping that she didn't tell Jon about the Vale until after the fact because she was going to use it in some sort of power move - after Jon leading them to doom, the army was saved by Sansa and the Vale, making her the better leader and the true Queen of the North. Instead, she basically said, "Hey man, I should have told you about the Vale coming to help, but instead I decided to not tell you reinforcements were coming, thus letting most of the army die, sorryboutit! Now, go on and rule Winterfell you scamp!"
  2. For me personally, it was the atmosphere - in particular the way they depicted Jon getting crushed under all the bodies, it felt very claustrophobic. It was all over the place in terms of logic, motivations, and narrative. But I found it very exciting.
  3. I finally got a chance to watch this on Friday afternoon. I am so split on how I feel. Dany on a dragon flying about was awesome, as was the chemistry between her and Ms. Greyjoy. The battle was excellent - beautifully filmed, and I really enjoyed Tormund and Jon fighting together, and then Bolton getting his just desserts. The Vale coming in was also nicely done. HOWEVER, this is why I have a problem. I will only know how I truly feel about this episode when I find out how Sansa acts after this. Did she deliberately not tell Jon about the Vale to somehow achieve more power? Her look to Jon when they met each other's eyes across the battlefield - was that a knowing look? And then that smile after feeding Bolton to the dogs - was that relief? Her turning into a psycho? If she did deliberately hold the information in order to look more powerful then I'll stick with my high rating. BUT, if she held the information back just so the scriptwriters could add more drama (which seems likely) during the battle, then I don't know what to think. It makes zero sense for her to not tell Jon about writing to the Vale. It makes her look like a terrible person, especially after whining at Jon about no-one asking her opinion during the battle discussion - if you wanted your opinion to be heard you should have given it - battle planning isn't the time to be waiting until you are asked. To be honest I don't think anything in this show has annoyed me as much as this. I might just pretend it never happened - no-one knew the Vale was going to sweep in.
  4. nogginthenog

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 606?

    Sometimes I wonder if deep underneath that gormless exterior maybe Tommen is in actual fact, as crafty, cunning and intelligent as Littlefinger or Varys. But then I realise nope, he really is just stupid. I think Margaery will be convincing Tommen that she has turned to the side of the Sparrows but she will be playing some kind of longer game. I hope she doesn't abandon Loras though, that would be sad... The more I think of it, the more I like that Arya decided to betray the Faceless Men. I hope she kills the waif.
  5. nogginthenog

    [Spoilers] EP606

    Poor Tommen. He's so clueless about almost everything. I kind of wish someone would just kill him already. I'll be interested to see the discussions with Margaery and Olenna, just to find out how much Margaery had planned.
  6. nogginthenog

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 606?

    I have mixed feelings. It felt like not much happened, but on the other hand the plot was moved along significantly? I did quite enjoy it. Maybe a 7? 8 if I'm generous? Favourite part was Arya. I'm looking forward to Jaime going to the Riverlands. I quite enjoyed Dany's part. I think Margaery must have something going on.
  7. nogginthenog

    [Spoilers] EP606

    I feel like Marg is playing the High Sparrow. Her whole speech to Loras the other week. She has something up her sleeve,
  8. nogginthenog

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    I like the idea of it being a glitch a lot. If the WW die, would that also kill the Wights? Are they connected in that way?
  9. nogginthenog

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    I have mixed feelings. I like that the show is going into new territory, but I also feel worried - Bran's travels to the past were fine when they were just adding depth to events in the past - the Tower of Joy for example, was enlightening - but I have a terrible feeling that it will either ultimately go nowhere, or will end up unravelling - the time twisting bit especially feels like it could go down the drain - or they may make Bran too powerful? I don't want him to start undoing things that went before, partly because I think it does a disservice to the other characters, partly because Bran is starting to annoy me. I can't believe Summer and Hodor went because of his stupidity. Speaking of Starks annoying me - what you playing at Sansa? She needs all the help she can get, yet she turns down Littlefinger's offer of the Vale? And fails to tell Jon et al.? Littlefinger cannot be trusted - she knows this, so keep him close, get the Vale, and then kill him later. Also, how did Littlefinger get there so fast? He only decided to go last week. Arya's storyline is also frustrating - it is going nowhere fast, and whilst it was interesting to see her reaction's to the play I thought time may have been better spent at the Iron Islands. The Kingsmoot was far too rushed, there isn't enough depth there, which makes characters like Euron lack authenticity. And the fact that Theon and sis managed to escape with all those ships in so short a time without anyone noticing was a bit iffy. The Jorah-Dany reunion was sweet, and I enjoyed Tyrion, Varys, and Melisandre 2.0.
  10. nogginthenog

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    I quite enjoyed it. Arya going killer queen on Trant, then when Jaqen drinks the liquid - Maisie's acting was great throughout. Lena's acting as well was excellent. Really felt like she was at her lowest point. The walk was maybe slightly too long though? I actually quite liked Stannis's death. It felt poignant. Problem is I don't think Brienne would have just left her watch to run off like that. Or at least, she would have Podrick stand in her place? Also, when Sansa lit the candle the very second after Brienne disappeared was just a bit... too expected? Whatever, it was good to see some Brienne action; I have been missing her this season. Also unremarkable - Myrcella dying. Isn't Dorne well known for its poisons? How could Jaimie not have noticed?