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  1. i would have given this episode a 5 because of the appearance of sweetrobin, but i feel a 1 is more appropriate for this senseless pile of shit. season 8 ruined the show, plain and simple. others may overlook how we got to the ending, i dont. the north remembers.
  2. I dont care about how well a show or movie is done technically. I wasnt supportive of one or another character. Up until last season i wouldnt have voted it below 5, but it has evolved into the typical mainstream Hollywood trash. Its the lack of any creativity and it is offensiveness to anyone who has seen all the episodes before, it has gotten just plainly stupid at this point. If you cant see this, i cant help you. I think the points of those rating the show a 1 are far more convincing than those who gave it 3 or more. Seen in the context and history of this show, the last episodes have truely been an abomination, a parody of its former self. (as wsc rightly said before)
  3. this episode was rubbish and its tiring to read apologists defending this trash. please go back watch some season 1-5 episodes, switch to season 8 and wake up. one more episode and its buried dead, finally. what a shame to say this. 1/10
  4. rubbish, complete rubbish. even missandeis death was embedded in so much stupidity, it is too hard for me to swallow. everyone completely out of role. literally, everyone. my expectations were on 0 after last episode and guess what? this episode completely matched my expectations. everything is completely off the rails, i have zero sympathies left for any of the characters. every scene and dialogue is destructively bad written, it is sad. i dont care who will sit on the damn throne anymore. 1/10
  5. after several days the episode sunk in deeper and to be honest, its shit, thats what it is, dumb shit. i went from 9 (straight after watching it) to 6 (i voted) to 1 at this point. it is so breathtakingly stupid and betrays everything the first seasons were all about. it treats the viewer as absolute idiots and its so incredible how the show has been ruined with one episode, simply unbelievable. i somewhat thought that 2 years will lead to some reparations from last season, i was wrong. i thought, maybe they would watch the whole show again and come to the conclusion why they messed up the last seasons and fix it. no they didnt. the writers are unbelievably unable. got is dead.
  6. maybe drop some flares first with the dragons? not using the dragons to scout was military-wise not very smart to begin with...
  7. lol, this topic is about rating the episode. i stated my opinion thats all thats to it. and giving the latest episode a 6 is hardly hating.
  8. right after watching i woud have given it a 9. now, in hindsight i rated it a 6. there is just too much stupidity going on in the latest seasons. some of the terrible stuff my brain had to overlook while watching it: - the military strategy was just crap. i understand that the showrunners wanted to have danys troops decimated for future reasons, but letting the dothraki sacrifice themselves for no reason at all? the dragons waiting behind the frontline while they got slaughtered? no burning oil thrown onto the zombie heads? melissandre only setting the dothraki weapons on fire? - not a single thing learnt from hardhome? neither the headless storming of the undead considered nor the reanimation magic of the night king? how dumb is that? - the white walkers doing even less than bran? why do they have these fancy spears if they do not use them even once? - all the main heroes surviving except jorah and theon? (theon running for ten minutes towards the night king just to be sidestepped?) - after the reanimation action it should have easily been game over for everyone in winterfell, still our heroes kill, kill, kill. - melissandre committing suicide for no reason at all. - arya not even trying to use her many face skill. - ghost? 125% redundant. just a stupid dog running around. the list could go on and on. the night king and the invasion of the undead stopped right in front of the wall and having the night king killed in one battle episode was super meh. in hindsight it felt like a terrible purpose episode, killing danys and jons armies while sacrificing the whole night king/white walker/undead plot for it... super duper meh. so whats left? dumb cersei and her clown waiting for some action. the saddest part, not a single shot of sweetrobin, who was in training all the time. i enjoyed it while it lasted and was very disappointed in hindsight. lucky people with power switches on their brains.
  9. i rated it a 5. i was pretty disappointed with this episode. the dialogues were pretty bad and the staged meetups didnt help either. things i thought to be worst were - arya and gendry going for a ride - this one was just cringeworthy and didnt fit at all to the character arya lately developed. i dont mind to see a naked arya though, she is a grown up now and this may very well also be shown. nudity is part of game of throwns so there is nothing special about it. - tormund being like an adolescent about brienne - its just childish bs. i am 100% pro briemund but not in this slapsticky stupid way. - sam giving his family sword to jorah - jorah should have never accepted the sword and should have pointed out that sam is now the rightous owner of it. maybe one of the weakest flaws of this episode, to my taste. - ghost - a husky ignored by jon? even though dogs are simply annoying animals to me, ghost (if it really was ghost...) didnt deserve this. a direwolf the size of a husky? cmon. writingwise i found this episode to be as bad as the worst episodes of the last season. i just gave it a 5 since it has been 2 years to see my favourite show continue. this episode was weaksauce. they should have dived straight into the fight with the undead in episode 1 and set the meetups along the fights on the battlefield. until now it was just a display of uninspired writing. and where, where is sweetrobin? i would rate any episode with him riding on scene with full armor, ready to fight, an insta-10. sweetrobin ftw!
  10. the wall is down. 10. was thinking between 6-9 but the wall is finally down that equals a 10 in my book. i rated last episode 3, which it totally deserved, it was rubbish. this one started somewhat weak to me. i feared for another terrible one but it grew stronger and stronger leaving out theons stupid ball kickery leading to a nonsense recover and jonnys romance crap. bealish is finally dead, this took too damn long. the big meetup took quite long too, but jaimie getting his butt up to finally leave cersei behind was worth it. at this point i was at a 6 still being angry at the last episode. from then on it went upwards and the ice dragon blasting the wall convinced me that this was a one of the very central episodes in the game of thrones series. at this point jons heritage didnt really shock me but i am glad its finally out. this episode was also a good reset. i am really looking forward to see the next season. overall i rate this season a 7, mainly due to episode 6. it all felt a bit rushed but finally, after 7 years that damn wall is down. just hope the nights king is just a minor general... and sweet robin trained like rocky to kill frankenmountain. oh yeah, and tyrion should have been jorah in that staircase scene, hehe.
  11. i got to be honest with you guys, this was a 3. it was wrong on almost all levels. usually i wouldnt go lower than a 5 or 6 for the general high quality of this show but the destruction of consistency and sense was a new low. - i never liked the character benjen (helping bran should be a death sentence on its own, oh wait, it is!) but seeing his potential and mystery cheaply wasted and at the same time getting jon saved in such a miserable way, was weakest sauce. - the whole idiotic idea to catch a damn zombie cersei wont give a about, killed tyrion in passing. - this crappy "i would if i could" cheese and with it all the failed jonny romance. - running back to the wall? and if that wasnt enough, riding back soaked wet through ice? and dany taking spaceship dragonprise to warp 9? And all of it happening in one episode? Total chaos. - though not on the same level as the other failed elements, these chains! and the obvious fish zombie necessary to attach it... - the sansa and arya storyline along with the whole LF drag. if it wasnt for tormund and hound talking about brienne, this episode would have completely failed. that way its simply a disaster. 3, never thought i had to be that hard to my favourite show. somehow i am afraid to watch next episode. lets just hope they had to mess up one episode for whatever reason and this was an ugly exception. it left a very foul taste in my mouth. frances called it seven samurai in the snow, i cant leave it that way because seven samurai is cinamatic pinnacle. this episode was the complete prometheus experience. a slap into the face of brainowners.
  12. gave it a 6. bran telling sansa he is the three eyed raven able to see the future and the past and what did he look at? ramsay raping her... yeah boy, better watch your third eye. really of all things he could talk about meeting his sister after years of exile, he chose to tell her he was watching her getting raped... i always hated this useless eyeroller, all the people who died saving him... go warp into a jellyfish and look into the sun. cersei poisoning bronns wife to be was a nice scene though not violent enough, they could have at least half crushed some dorne head. jon meeting dany... boooring! greyworm... still alive... meh
  13. gave it a 9. too bad nymeria and fellow wolves didnt kill arya, what a missed opportunity to finish her off. the stupid sand snake sisters death was pretty pleasant but it could have happened several seasons earlier. misandeis and greyworms relationship finally left the friend zone, time to leave them both behind. man of the match: theon honestly, right now he is my favourite character. his jump overboard was so hilarious, i had to laugh along euron. all in all i thought this episode was more compact than the first one and raised the speed of events which i welcome. somehow the last season put me a bit off, at some point bored me a bit, now i am looking forward to the next episode. gotta say it again, theon, best man of westeros!
  14. gave it a 8. a solid first episode, better than others before. arya will either be captured and used to lure jon southwards, or killed. after not killing ed, i am all for the second option. at this point she simply seems to be op and generally useless. her mission to kill bill is closing in to end anyway soon, so my hope is on her when it comes to the next main character to die. jaime is just a shadow of his former self and will likely kill cersei since he is the kingslayer anyway. love turns to hate, the children are dead and bang, the kingslayer will turn to a queenslayer. bran was useless as always "i see stars..." yeah sure, talk to the hand... sam being in the citadel was nice, handling the shitpans, not so much. luckily there was very little of daenerys to be seen, i just hope it will stay like this. no sand snakes lifts this episode over a 7. even though i like jorah somehow, hie obsession with dany is always annoying. in its degree of annoyance its pretty similar to jaimes cersei fixation. tormund and brienne on the other hand... once he puts on a nice knights armor, brienne will finally meet the man of her life. she denies her feelings yet, but actually she already lost that battle. the only mistake they could do is to over-slapstick the whole tormund/brienne thing. the undead giants may kick the simple man. i am not, so not impressed. the hound now has a mission after he has taken a look into the flames, finally. euron is a clown.
  15. this long episode was ok. the scene in which jon is declared king of the north is complete mac n cheese, littlefinger trying to divide sansa and jon is a bit too obvious, even for sansa and may very well cost him his life in the end. a high bodycount this episode that cleans the table on several fronts, which is a good thing. no more tommen, margaery, loras, mace , pycelle, lancel and walder (+sons) to care about. getting rid of the high sparrow was totally welcome. and the septa getting tortured for the whole 7th season is worth my 10. i would have rather liked to the white walkers taking down the wall as a cliffhanger. danys fleet felt a bit shallow to me. so what, shes going to kings landing now? its about time isnt it? varys in the last scene felt somewhat displaced but still i dont see any signs of teleportation like many others do. time is being compressed a bit for drama, to me thats ok. while varys returned from dorne, the fleet was prepared which may have taken quite a while. so even though varys appearance felt a bit rushed, i will give this scene a pass. others also enjoyed the soundtrack pretty much, which i did not. i thought it was too often too cheesy.
  16. if you are looking for an intelligent well written story and therefor rating each episode < 3, then come up and complain about all the 9/10 ratings, you simply thinking it wrong. GoT is nothing else than entertainment for people who like well produced battles, gore, tits, dicks, dragons, zombies and destruction. expecting entertainment of the high art department here is rather illusionary. for what it is, its an excellent show and thats why i like it. my ratings this season went from 5 to 10, rating it for what it is. 100% pure TV entertainment. its not art or poetry, its entertainment. people still lingering around this forum bashing each episode for bad "writing" (lol!) should have a little reality check done and maybe stop wasting their time on something they dont like. i mean, its everyones own decision how to rate and each taste is different but i simply would waste my time somewhere else, if this show would dissapoint me each weak worse. its just idiotic. the show wont change because of a minority raging about how badly written it is. now dont change your rating habits, but maybe just change the channel. your dream has been destroyed anyway, and the majority doesnt give a piss about it.
  17. its not a straw man, i really do not care about it. it doesnt matter to me. timetravelling in GoT is a non issue to me. i could have said, thanks DnD for setting up things the way they do. it may not be overly realistic but i can live perfectly well with it.
  18. i also think the time travelling aspect is something i dont really mind. even if it leads to this unrealistic meeting of dany and yara. it is still better to have the places drawn close together for the visual adaptation than having the books sized world. i never mind any timewarping in movies as long as it doesnt mess up reality too much, like travelling 1.500 lightyears with the speed of light but arriving next thursday. planetos is a small place and travelling never takes longer than a few episodes. thanks DnD for not showing all the travel crap.
  19. even though it was a pretty good episode i rated it an 8. sansas move not to tell anyone about the vales army was as shitty as moves can get. dany riding the dragon looked visually a lot better than back when she escaped the attack of the harpys, still it doesnt convince me at all. it has somewhat of a preteen horse romance. tyrion getting back into shape after that miserable last weeks episode was really good and the girlpower meetup with yara was one of the highlights. ramsays death by stupid dogs was nice but cant overpower sansas fucked up move with the vale. another thing i liked was davos finding the little figurine and the questions it throws up. the battle itself was pretty good, intense but the sansa fuck up... i just cant get over that wicked evil sansa bitch, killing all the wildlings, killing wunwun.
  20. all the arya stabbing bullshit instaheal would have been so easily explained. Lady Crane could have taken out a little bottle hanging on a neclace around her neck, explaining that some red witch gave it to her who told her to drink from it in case of a life threatening wound. arya would ask what did you do to make her giving you the bottle? LC would just smirk and tell her "thats a story, i maybe tell you one day. drink and get healthy first." the waif enters the scene, kills LC and off they are playing T-1000 and sarah connor. going the shaw way of prometheus was the weakest crap they could have done. all the flaws of this episode would have been so easy to avoid... they can do anything they want with a show set in a fantasy setting with unknown higher powers. people would buy so much unexplainable mysteries. its really crazy to mess shit up like in the last episode.
  21. Weakest episode this season. Nothing played out well. Jaime meeting Brienne, was on the lower spectrum of ok. Bronn meeting Pod was lame, Mountainstein missed out killing Lancel,Tommens clock ticking louder than ever, Tyrion had another weak one with the boring ones, the attack on Meeren was lame, Dany was cheese and the worst of all was Aryas bullshit survival. Jaqen somewhat saved the final scene albeit it was full of cheddar. The whole Riverrun episode was somewhat off. I cant decide if this or the Waif going T-1000 was worst. The Arya chase drama had the whole stuffed Connor cheezy crust sprinkled with Prometheus stomach healing properties. It was all foreseeable like the rest of the episode. The only one saving this mess was the Hounds dick. Weaksaucy 5 from me. No more Terminator references please. Dany stepping out of the fire and the Waifs impressive interpretation of the T-1000 are more than enough.
  22. sandors comeback was ok, to me it was managed in the best way possible. arya got stabbed, what a pleasure to see. of course she wont die, blame the waifu. she really should have done a better job. the highlight of this episode clearly was lyanna mormont, good cast again. a very solid 8 overall.
  23. now this was a weak one. two unwanted comebacks of long forgotten (rightly so) fellas... Arya picking up needle and the miscast Dany riding on the backspikes of a dragon... that was some weaksauce topped with Tommen going full retard. i gave one extra point for my man Mace, Sam picking up his familysword and the very last godzillaesque frame, making it a weak 6. disappointing after the last episode. if anything, this show needs less Starks not more. i really hope the Waif will finally kill Arya. man that would be a pleaser. Benjen and Edmure pfff... i would take a Hound/Hot Pie return anytime over these two assclowns. it was the weakest episode this season.
  24. even though there were weak parts, like Sansa not killing Littlefinger and the whole Kingsmoot thingy, it was the best episode in this season yet. one more of the stupid dogs down and a brilliant death of Hodor who deserved nothing less. and finally more dicks! it took 5 seasons... usually i like arya and bran least, but both storys worked out very well, especially the bran part had a good tension. i rate this episode a 10. it felt like one of the last episodes of the season. hodors death is on par with the red wedding or hardhome.
  25. i think its rather hillarious that you keep coming back to a forum for a show you think is bad. i just stated my opinion on why i think rating this show 1-3 is not fair comparing it to other shows. i dont want to change anyones opinion on the show, i just stated what i think is obvious. now i understand if you would love the show but you think one episode is very bad among the other episodes, but discussing the show on its forum while you think its bad and doing so over and over again is just extremely lame. in fact you are the one bringing on the negativity. i really like the show and i even like it with inconsistencies and logical flaws. i dont care at all, because compared to all the crap out there it still is one of the best. i dont rate all episodes the same and do criticize what i think is weak, but i am able to put this show in a context. its not the only one existing. if you feel like giving an episode a 1-3 thats totally ok, it just doesnt make any sense if you keep returning to a board just to brag about how stupid it is. even if you rate only based on game of thrones episodes a 1 shouldnt slip out easily and if it still does, i dont care, its your problem, your rating and your choice.
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