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  1. ceerup

    Glad that’s over.

    atleast we even had a show. i appreciate it. the cast was great. they busted their arses in freezing temps to film scenes. give some credit
  2. ceerup

    was the Cleganebowl pointless?

    it fitted the hound, and yea the mountain was dead but not dead enough because he lost his commands right away when he saw what was comin for him
  3. ceerup

    About Bran

    no i dont think so. brans one of the most important pieces to this. maybe he becomes normal and realizes hes just a cripple and can’t see the past or future anymore...thats bittersweet. maybe all the magic is dying.
  4. ceerup

    About Bran

    yes id love to see the theory
  5. ceerup

    About Bran

    It might sound cheesy but what if Rhaegal isnt dead and Bran wargs into him, no spoilers please but the next episode picture shows Euron with a shocked look on his face. Can it be that Rhaegal isnt dead? Maybe thats how Bran flies even though he flies in crows. Also he says he mostly lives in the past. all that burn them all stuff with the Mad King. maybe Bran burns them all?