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  1. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

  2. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Who is the 3EC?

    I can't remember off the top of my head but does Bran actually call the 3EC, the 3EC in his dreams. Or does he only mention the name 3EC when he telling people what he saw in his dreams.
  3. Daemon The Black Dragon

    About Viserra’s Bethoral

    The Starks would have a idea that the NW was on a decline tho. Winterfell has always had close ties to the NW. Starks aren't really in a position to stop the decline of NW too. Men and money aren't really things the Starks can provide the NW continuously. Marrying off Viserra in it self isn't a weird thing, marrying her off Lord Manderly was. Alysanne wasn't going to stop marrying her daughters off because of what happened to Daella or Alyssa. That's just would they do in their society. I do wonder what Jaehaerys and Alysanne had in mind for Saera after her punishment was up in Oldtown.
  4. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Yronwood, simply to find out how they survived after supporting at least 3 Blackfyre Rebellion's.
  5. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Who is the 3EC?

  6. Daemon The Black Dragon

    About Viserra’s Bethoral

    It was kinda disappointing that there wasn't actually a rift between the Starks and the IT over the New Gift. Early on it did look like Alysanne cared about making her older children happy with marriage choices, not so much with her younger children.
  7. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Why did Ned leave the bodies of his companions in Dorne?

    Well, people at Starfall think highly of Ned because he returned Dawn. Something he didn't have to do.
  8. Daemon The Black Dragon

    For the record... and posterity!

    1. R+L=J 2. Tyrion not a Targ. 3. No Bran didn't eat Jojen 4. Ramsay did write the PL 5. Red door is in Braavos 6. No thoughts on the matter lol. 7. Theon will die at some point but not at the heart tree at CV. 8. Rhaego is dead 9. Quentyn is dead 10. Aegon isn't the real Aegon but he'll die thinking he is. 11. When Bloodraven is talking to Bran about a brother he loved, a brother he hated and a woman he desired. The brother he loved in that sentence was Daemon Blackfyre. 12. Arthur Dayne is dead, he isn't Mance.
  9. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

  10. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Poll: Is Daario actually Euron?

  11. Daemon The Black Dragon

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    The easy answer for why Targaryen princess's were sent to the Oldtown motherhouse and not one in KL. Could simply be that during those times there wasn't a motherhouse in KL. Or at the very least for Jaehaerys, he could've seen sending his kids to Oldtown as a way to build a stronger bond with the faith. Honestly I don't think Maegor cared what would happen to Rhaella by giving her to the faith/Hightowers.
  12. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Biggest surprises from Fire and Blood

    Balerion trip back to Valyria and returning wounded, poor Aeara. Jaehaerys actually being a pretty good swordsman.
  13. Daemon The Black Dragon

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    It's not odd at all for Jaehaerys to get/want Saera out of KL. Especially after she tried to get herself a dragon. Jaehaerys couldn't foresee what would eventually happen with his daughter at Oldtown.
  14. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    Robb letting his Lords name him their King.
  15. How do know that he won't want to change, especially after what just happened to him. When did Jon put Wildlings in positions of authority over members of the NW?