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  1. Cole beat Daemon in a tourney melee, while Daemon was using Dark Sister. Cole also beat Ser Harwin in a tourney melee too.
  2. Yeah, I was wrong about Barristan saying he beat Lord Robert and Lord Jon Connington, it was the White book that does.. It's been awhile since I read the books. It still doesn't change the fact that neither Robert or Jon Connington would've been called Lord at the time that Lord Steffon was still alive. Which they're both called Lord in the White book... So either there were 2 tourneys at SE, one taking place when Lord Steffon was alive and the other taking place when Robert was Lord. Or Robert held a tourney in honor of his father and called it Lord Steffon's tourney. Or George messed up. I just can't think of a reason why both Robert and Connington were called Lord's in the White book, unless the tourney took place after Steffon's death. Sorry for taking so long to reply, I've been busy.
  3. Then he lost to Barristan twice then. Once before he became Lord of SE and once after. Barristan was talking about a tourney at SE where Lord Robert was beaten by himself and Lord Jon Connington also took part in the tourney. Neither of those would've been called Lord at the time of Lord Steffon's tourney.
  4. I believe it was held after Robert became Lord of SE.
  5. He wasn't a kid though. He was at least 16, probably older. I would think the longer the fight goes on, the worse it'd be for Robert. Stamina would come into play. Roberts swinging around a heavy warhammer and Daemon has Blackfyre, which is lighter then a normal sword. Even a slight dip in Roberts stamina would be huge disadvantage in a fight against a highly skilled opponent, like Daemon.
  6. Daemon was also incredibly versatile. He mastered all battlefield weapons. Robert was a great warrior but so was Daemon. A 1v1 fight between the two of them is a coin toss.
  7. At best she ends up a prisoner, at worse she is executed (along with Brienne) for killing Renly. No ones going to believe her and Brienne story about a shadow killing Renly.
  8. George called the WB "semi-canon". He calls it semi-canon because it was written by Maesters, that either got things wrong or made omissions.
  9. Hightowers did support Daemon Blackfyre, They were just smart and supported the Targaryens too. How much the Hightowers supported both sides is something we don't really know. The Velaryons could've done the same thing, although I don't think its likely.
  10. There was a European American football league and I think Germany has or had a American football league too.
  11. With Ser Quentyn Ball being the master at arms at the Red Keep and being the person who taught Daemon. I would guess Daemon and probably his mother lived in the Red Keep before Daemon was knighted by Aegon IV.
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