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  1. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Favorite Jaime Quotes

    "I have made kings and unmade them." Then probably my favorite is. "That boy had wanted to be Ser Arthur Dayne, but someplace along the way he had become the Smiling Knight instead."
  2. Daemon The Black Dragon

    College Football 2019: Rise and Fall of the Transfer Portal QBs

    LSU new offense looks really good so far. Burrow fits this offense a lot better then the offense LSU ran last year. Burrow torched my Longhorns last night smh.
  3. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Most disappointing show cancellations

    Kings, The Black Donnellys, Dominion and Jericho.
  4. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    Jaehaerys main concern at the time he and his council came up with the Doctrine, was incestuous marriage and getting the faith to go along with the Targaryens continued practice of it. That was the main focus with the doctrine, seeing how he married his sister already. I don't think we can say Jaehaerys was 100% against polygamy because he didn't use the doctrine to get the faith to go along with it like he did with incestuous marriages. Is polygamy totally off the tables for the Targaryens because the doctrine doesn't outright mention it, I don't believe so. Polygamy wasn't common in Valyria, so i'm not surprised it wasn't practiced much by the Targaryens. Could Rhaegar use tthe doctrine as a reason why he could marry Lyanna, it's possible.
  5. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    The same reasons Daeron l only held Dorne for 3 or 4 years after he conquered it.
  6. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    Sure Dany and a Dothraki horde could conquer Dorne. Just like Daeron did but she'll run into the same problem he did. Conquering Dorne isn't the issue, holding on to a conquered Dorne is.
  7. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    Saera uses both the Conqueror and Maegor as examples but Jaehaerys only seems to get mad about her using Maegor as a example she wants to follow. Jaehaerys was clearly already pissed, after finding out his daughter just admitted to having sex with 3 men. Then she throws out the idea of marrying a couple of them. To me Jaehaerys was in a rage over Saera sleeping around and mentioning Maegor name, not polygamy. We know of a few examples were Targs or their supporters bring up the idea of marrying multiple spouses. Aegon lll, Daemon Blackfyre and Dany pop into mind right away. I wouldn't be surprised if in F&B volume 2, we learn of a couple more Targs who thought about practicing polygamy but ultimately didn't go through with it for whatever reasons, the faith not being one of them.
  8. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Doctrine of Exceptionalism

    I wouldn't say Jaehaerys views on polygamy are crystal clear. We see his reaction not to Saera fantasy of taking multiple husbands but her comparing herself to Maegor. Maegor a man Jaehaerys deeply hated. Lets not forget, Saera throws out the whole multiple husband idea after just being found out, that Saera and her friends were all sleeping around. Not really the right time to talk about having multiple husbands imo. If any Targs ever did take multiple wives or husbands, they'll probably try to use the Doctrine to justify it. If i'm remembering right, theres talk of Dany taking multiple husbands too.
  9. Daemon The Black Dragon

    How do you picture the characters (NOT show cast)

    Ray Stevenson in Thor (but fatter) is how I picture Robert Baratheon. Salma Hayek during the early 90's is how i've always pictured Arianne Martell.
  10. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Any theories about Prince Maegor, son of Aerion Brightflame?

    He probably died young or at Summerhall.
  11. It's probably a combination of prowess, chivalry and other things.
  12. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Not just the prisoners, Karstark and his group also killed the men guarding the prisoners.
  13. Daemon The Black Dragon

    By what right did Lysa/Robin judge Tyrion?

    Tyrion was also being accused of the murder of Jon Arryn by Lysa Arryn . That's how/why the Eyrie could judge Tyrion.
  14. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Uses of dragons

    Honestly, I don't really buy the whole dragonpit stunting the dragons. I agree that dragonriders can become unfit, lazy or lack the skill to use a dragon to its full potential without practice. But then we see the dragon seeds during the Dance, with little practice actually flying their dragons, fly into battles and actually do a good job.
  15. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Was Jons True Identity Exposed To Westeros?

    No, Aegons identity was never exposed to Westeros.