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  1. Wasn't actually the biggest fan of this one; definitely not nearly as good as last week's. Scenes felt like they were just happening because they "were supposed to" and not properly connected to the series as a whole. I didn't mind the changes from the book though (series =/= books, etc., etc.) and I was happy to get confirmation that Ramsay Snow still exists. I think part of my problem with this episode was there was too much Theon and whiny Dany (seriously girl, you've shown a lot of maturity in the past; can you not act like a spoiled pre-teen please?) and not enough Tyrion or Arya. Gave it 7. I might've given it a 6, but my opinion of the episodes almost always improves on a re-watch and so I'm hedging my bets.
  2. Not really. All she does is show up from time to time to tell Dany that "to go West you must go East". The problem is that Dany has shown no inclination to go East, GRRM has said that we won't see Asshai (which is to the East), and there are only two books left and Dany really needs to start heading towards Westeros.
  3. I obviously defer to you on the matter and its been quite a while since I've read acok; but I honestly don't remember him ever saying 'I' or 'you'. Shame that. He goes from a 10 on the badass scale to a 9.9. If you're gonna have a cool verbal tic that makes you completely distinct; you gotta stick with it.
  4. Not perfect, but nothing ever is. It's easily a 9 though. My only complaint is that Renly's death was a little underwhelming and that Loras didn't seem nearly broken up enough about it. Also sad at the lack of Varys. Otherwise it was spot on and one of the best of the series. I particularly enjoyed that the writers finally just focused on plot and didn't feel the need to throw in random T&A to "spice it up".
  5. Not saying there's a causation between there being no pointless sex scenes or added scenes that dragged on forever and this being my favorite episode of the season thus far; but there's definitely a correlation. Even though Jagen's occasional use of pronouns was disappointing, overall he was great. Arya was also great as always; loved her short monologue on her brother. Bronn getting lots of lines was a welcome move as well. Qarth still seems more like a cheesy '80s thing, but I'm starting to dig it. Iceland truly looks beautiful; I gotta visit sometime.
  6. Not as good as last week, but overall I liked the episode quite a bit; it's a 7. The biggest problem was the Joffrey/prostitutes scene; it went on for far too long. Particularly since the whole episode was only 50 minutes long. I also wasn't the biggest fan of the Dany/13 scene. Not due to the lack of dragons but because it felt and looked like something straight out of a '80s fantasy film. And Littlefinger continues to act stupidly around people with the power to order his execution; just doesn't jive with me. On the other hand, the Harrenhall scenes were fantastic in an incredibly disturbing 1984 type way; the Renly/Stannis scene was really good and looked beautiful at that location (although I missed the peach); the Shadowbaby was suitably creepy; and Tyrion was suitably awesome as always. The rest of the episode was solid. ETA: And I'm big fan of the Harrenhall entry in the credits; no moving parts, just blackened lumps.
  7. Great episode, I liked it a lot more than last week. I was kinda hoping this would be the episode Dany met with the envoys from Qarth, but there really wouldn't have been enough screen time for that. I'm really liking the Greyjoys; far more than I ever liked Theon's chapters (pre-adwd) which I always considered a drag.
  8. Was one of the weakest episodes in the series thus far, imo. Not because of the changes, I don't care about that really, its just that it felt disjointed and dragged on too much in the middle. Also, and I say this for the first time ever, there was far too much sex. I was fine with Stannis/Mel scene (although, correct me if I'm wrong, this is a change from the books, yes? I thought it was never clear if Stannis had an affair or was seduced while asleep) but the Theon/Captain's daughter scene dragged on even worse than it did on the page and the brothel scene was completely unnecessary. I would much rather have preferred either another Arya scene, or some checking in with a character not in the episode; maybe show Joffrey being randomly cruel and stupid. There were some definite great scenes of course; Tyrion/Slynt, Tyrion/Cersei, Davos/Saan, Theon/Balon, and Arya/Gendry were all really good, but they were surrounded by a lot that left a lot to be desired.
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