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  1. Bran the Shipper

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    I would define a bittersweet ending as one where the conflict is resolved, but at a cost that the protagonist wasn't prepared to pay. With this definition I think a bittersweet ending could be done for most of the characters. Obviously Cersei will have a tragic end and it's hard for me to determine what the overarching conflict is for each character is. But let's take Dany and Jon since they are a bit more obvious to me. Dany's arch is leading to her becoming queen of Westeros so not obtaining that would be tragic not bittersweet. However from her perspective (in the books at least) becoming queen won't make her happy, since what she seems to really want is a home (a house with a red door, so to speak). And she doesn't seem to like ruling, or at least doesn't like the type of ruler she is, she wants to plant trees and leave the world better than she finds it. But she is a dragon and all she leaves is a trail of fire and blood. Jon's conflict on the other hand is centered almost entirely on the army of the dead and winning the War for Dawn. So as long as he is the one to kill the Night King his arch has a satisfactory conclusion. Especially when he realizes that he is legitimate since being a bastard is one of his main hang-up. Because of this I think him dying at the end makes the most sense for a bittersweet ending especially since his loss wouldn't undermine the resolution of his conflict like death would for other characters but also since his loss would be the most poignant from the perspective of the other characters. So that sense of loss would permeate into all (or at least almost all) of our main characters.
  2. I do agree that the politics of Game of Thrones is its strong suit. King's Landing in the early seasons was by far the best part. But I do think some elements of magic help improve the drama, namely the prophecies and warging. The heavy emphasis on dragons, omniscience, and undead in the later half has definitely had a negative impact on my enjoyment of the show.
  3. Bran the Shipper

    What is the last "Holy S*** moment"?

    My best guess is that one of our beloved characters reveals themselves to be villainous (primarily because there are so many candidates and it would be quite shocking). Maybe Tyrion betrays Daenerys in a horrifying way, or Bran is secretly working on the side of the white walkers and turns on our heroes. I don't know exactly who is most likely but since the other shocker moments both had semi-heroic characters sacrifice someone they cared about, I think that this one will follow a similar trend of killing a sympathetic character by someone we thought was on their side. Jaime killing Cersei doesn't count because she isn't sympathetic and it has been predicted all over the place.
  4. Favorites: Sansa, Theon, Melisandre Least favorites: Arya, Jon, Samwell
  5. Bran the Shipper

    Arya Stark

    I'm beginning to think that 3 is the correct one. We leave the house of black and white with Jaquen saying that finally a girl is no one. Now a lot of people interpret this to mean that Arya has gained the skills to become a faceless man. And when she responds that she is Arya Stark and she is heading home, it is her rejecting the invitation to become part of the faceless men. But it could also be that Jaquen is right, she is no one, after all he would know. And Arya Stark is merely the first identity she is assuming so she can give the gift to those who are on Arya's list. It would also explain why he seems happy about how things turned out, otherwise if he is no one and dedicated to the Many Faced God he should be upset about her decision After all Arya offered the names to the Many Faced God and she paid the price, her identity. The tragic part of this (beyond Arya effectively dying last season) is that it appears there was a secret name on her list that was never spoken out loud. Sansa Stark. It would help explain her change in behavior, plus her newfound abilities that we hadn't seen any indication she learned (being able to use the magic to change her face without assistance).
  6. Bran the Shipper

    Siding with the Night King

    I think the Night King realized that Drogon is a spoiled mama's boy and that Viserion is a sweetheart. And given the choice between the two he'd prefer Viserion for his mount. I can't blame him, I'd choose Viserion over Drogon as well.
  7. Bran the Shipper

    Sansa and Aria are Playing Littlefinger (Not the Other Way Around)

    The problem I see with the Sansa and Arya are plotting theory, is that there is no point and doesn't even seem like it would work. First if Sansa wanted to move against Littlefinger she knows enough of his plots to turn the lords of the north and of the vale against him. She doesn't because she doesn't want to lose his help. She thinks she can handle him and he hasn't done anything unforgivable (in her mind) or at least he has proven himself to be more helpful than hurtful. Second what could this scheme really cost Littlefinger. Arya shows, by her bloodthirsty comments, that she is a potential threat to Sansa so Littlefinger devises a scheme to see how dangerous she is. And if she is a significant threat to neutralize her. Now it isn't proper and no one asked him to do such a thing but if he says that he only acted because he thought Sansa was in danger, who would blame him? Everyone knows he is a schemer but if his goal appears to be Sansa's well being, and all of his current actions can easily be portrayed as such, it won't be enough to turn the lords away from him. And Sansa and Arya revealing that they came up with this elaborate deception just to move against Littlefinger will make them look bad in the eyes of the honorable lords of the north and of the vale.
  8. Bran the Shipper

    Varys a man of the people???

    Varys is a character that I have a very hard time understanding, because I don’t trust most of what he says. I would trust his actual background and from that we can try and deduce some of his motives. The most obvious being his hatred of magic. This however puts him completely at odds with being the Targaryen supporter that he claims to be since the Targaryen line is heavily tied to magic. I think his talk with Tyrion in this episode brings to light that he is not on Daenerys’ side. If he is correct that the right advice can prevent Dany from falling into madness then the unspoken truth is that the wrong advice could push her over the edge. And if the Targaryen madness isn’t something that is inherent in the person then bad advice could be what caused the Aerys to go mad. Who was the man whispering into the king’s ear all the tales of potential threats, driving him mad with paranoia? That would be Varys. But Aerys going mad is most certainly not what was best for the realm, but if what Varys wants is the eradication of the Targaryen line, it certainly helped on that front. By supporting Viserys/Dany’s claim to the throne he can bring them back into the game and under his sway. Where he can then ensure their destruction in a way that would not be possible if they were left free to wander the free cities of Essos. I don’t think that he and Illyrio see eye to eye on this plan and Illyrio is likely completely unaware and is being used by Varys. I don’t really have much proof to these theories but I definitely don’t trust him. His actions do not support his claim to be for the realm and his background (and dislike of fire and blood magic specifically) does not lend itself to him being a Targaryen loyalist like he claims.
  9. Bran the Shipper

    Littlefinger's Game

    I think Littlefinger’s ultimate goal in this ploy is to get rid of Arya, though I am not quite sure yet as to the details. He is clearly honing in on the tense relationship that the sister’s share to pit them against each other. My guess is he is trying to make Arya think that Sansa is betraying Jon and thus have Arya try to assassinate Sansa. Natural he will predict and prevent any such attempts but it will be just one more thing Sansa will owe him for. With it all being decisions Arya came to on her own there will be no way to trace it back to Littlefinger. And ultimately I think it will result in Arya’s death. It just seems like her trying to outmaneuver Littlefinger is going to get her killed if she doesn’t have back up. But I don’t see Sansa being in on this (if she wanted to move against Littlefinger she has the ammunition to do so) and Bran is more concerned with the white walkers than politics.
  10. Bran the Shipper

    Who will die in the fight beyond the Wall?

    My guess for who dies is Thoros and Beric. Though I also see Sandor dying but then being brought back with the last kiss by either Thoros or more likely Beric. Tormund won’t die, because he will die when the white walkers breach the Wall. Jorah won’t die since he is still needed for Dany’s arc he just can’t be with her right now. Jon won’t die for obvious reasons. And they wouldn’t reintroduce Gendry just to kill him (kind of like how the Hound won’t really die either). These characters aren’t like Rickon who was a loose thread that needed to be cut.
  11. Bran the Shipper

    Arya character arc

    I guess it kind of depends on how happy the ending is. I expect it to be kind of tragic/bittersweet so I see Arya being more of the lone wolf who never finds her pack and doesn’t survive the winter. It just seems like whenever she comes close to finding something resembling a pack she is either abandoned or she pushes it away. I think her family will be her last trial as to whether she can settle down and be content with being part of a pack, and ultimately she will be too wild. But then I love tragedies and always expect things to sadder than they are, and I have a horrible time judging Arya’s arc since it is one of my least favorites.
  12. It’s only a stupid move if you assume that Bran cares about his own wellbeing, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. If he can get Sansa and Arya to turn against Littlefinger by getting Littlefinger to kill him then that will be a success because it will clear up their time to focus on the threat in the North. Bran has such extensive power that dying and becoming an old god probably won’t hinder him enough for it to be considered a loss.
  13. Bran the Shipper

    The Bran Thread

    I have a hard time seeing Bran surviving to be honest. Right now I'm a little worried that he was a bit preemptive in giving away that dagger. After all a certain Night King has it out for him and he's lost his staunch guardians, it might have been a good plan for him to be able to defend himself.
  14. Bran the Shipper

    Which character in Game of Thrones is the most sympathetic?

    I'd say Sansa because she has gone through a lot and has done very little to harm others with the only noticeable exception I can think of being Ramsay.
  15. Bran the Shipper

    Which villains do we have left?

    With the Freys gone and everyone back in Westeros it seems like a lot of the antagonistic forces in the show are gone. The only noticeable ones I can think of are Cersei and her crew (Euron and the Mountain mostly, but also Qyburn and potentially Jaime), Littlefinger, and the White Walkers. Maybe I'm missing some obvious ones, but I'm just wondering what kind of threats this season and the next will have. Unless our heroes start to fight each other, which I find unlikely, it doesn't seem like there will be much to really challenge them. I guess I'm just worried that we might deal with all the villains besides the White Walkers in this season and that would likely make the final season boring since the White Walkers aren't the most compelling of villains.