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  1. Bran the Shipper

    Arya character arc

    I guess it kind of depends on how happy the ending is. I expect it to be kind of tragic/bittersweet so I see Arya being more of the lone wolf who never finds her pack and doesn’t survive the winter. It just seems like whenever she comes close to finding something resembling a pack she is either abandoned or she pushes it away. I think her family will be her last trial as to whether she can settle down and be content with being part of a pack, and ultimately she will be too wild. But then I love tragedies and always expect things to sadder than they are, and I have a horrible time judging Arya’s arc since it is one of my least favorites.
  2. Bran the Shipper

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    8/10 I liked this episode much better than the rest this season, but it still had some flaws. Sansa's conversation with Littlefinger was odd and too long. Littlefinger's ability to teleport is ridiculous. I liked Sansa sewing Jon a cloak and herself a new dress, though now I kind of see her like Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter ready to make everyone matching sweaters. The play's scene just went on and on, and it was more cringe worthy than funny, but that was probably what they were going for. Dany and Jorah's scene was sweet but it's always a little silly whenever someone commands someone not to die. The red priestess from Volantis is scary, I would not have wanted to be Varys in that room. Bran's scenes have become the saving grace of this show for me. Though I'm worried about how long vision-trapped Bran and Meera can survive on their own. But sadly Bran's arc also contained the scene which drops this episode at least one point. They killed Summer. I was always worried about Summer's longevity but to kill him like that with no fanfare whatsoever. It is unacceptable. At least Hodor got the send off he deserved but Summer had a blink and you missed it death. And saddest part is that it likely only went down that way because of the cgi budget.
  3. Bran the Shipper

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Well, where to begin. Bran - Yay, he's back. Now about his vision, it kind of felt like a long scene with the primary intent to reintroduce Lyanna for the casual show watchers. The stuff about Hodor, my interpretation as to why they changed his name to Willas instead of Walder is the same reason Talisa is not named Jeyne. The character is deviating to the point that it is no longer the same character, but then I always thought that Hodor was younger (although I have no evidence) and that he has always been like how he is now. But then Old Nan (assuming that woman was Old Nan) looked quite young in the flashback too, she looked like she could have been Hodor's mother but we know she's more like his great grandmother. It was kind of disappointing that Meera didn't remind the viewer about Jojen's death even though that is obviously what is troubling her. It's been a whole season since we saw these guys they could've done more to remind us what had happened than just the scenes from last time. But I guess I'm just being picky Arya - So, I guess everyone was just getting bored seeing her blind and couldn't come up with any decent solution for that. She learned nothing and accomplished nothing and she's still telling the same lie she always has and has never been convincing with. But she's got places to go and people to be so 2 episodes was enough of that. Never mind that she didn't even learn how to use her walking cane to help her walk. Sansa - A couple of touching moments, though I'm not sure why Theon wants to go back to that hellhole known as the iron islands. Not much to talk about here. King's Landing - Cersei looked too good in mourning clothes, I thought they weren't supposed to suit her. I'm not sure what would upset her more, Tommen forbidding her from attending Myrcella's funeral or Robert Strong trekking blood and urine into her room. I guess this is what you get when your primary bodyguard is undead. Jaime's standoff with High Sparrow clarified that the High Sparrow really is just another power hungry politician infesting King's Landing, sadly with Jaime being the way he is, there really wasn't anything that could be done at this point. Luckily Jaime is no longer as rash as he once was. Iron Islands - Do I have to touch on this? Seems like the writers just wanted to include a plotline they hadn't yet used from the books to fill some time. Not my favorite plotline from the books, and the show's variation of it does not look likely to change my mind. Mereen - So Tyrion decides to fill Quentyn's shoes for a bit in order to release the dragons, but since it is Tyrion he escapes unharmed. Guess he's just lucky that Viserion and Rhaegal are on a hunger strike until their mommy comes back. Or at least I'm assuming those two dragons were Viserion and Rhaegal, they didn't look the correct color to me even taking into account the dim lighting. The scene felt forced and the dragons didn't act very much like dragons. I could forgive them for being so docile to trick Tyrion into releasing them from bondage but afterwards they should've made a mad dash for the exit and attempted to eat Varys on the way out. Hopefully next time we see Mereen it is a smoking wasteland as the dragons have decided to grant the wish of so many of the fans. Winterfell - Ramsay is evil, who knew. I wonder how Walder Frey will respond to the murder of his granddaughter and great grandson. Ramsay is an idiot, who knew. Wall - Wow that was the most uneventful rescue, ever. I guess the show is saving all of its fight scenes for the very end. And Jon is back from the dead, so everyone's assumptions have been proven correct. Though, could they possibly have made that resurrection scene a bit more clichéd? Don't know why Davos wanted Jon resurrected so badly and I don't know when he became such bosom pals with Melisandre. I guess they must have bonded over her murder of Shireen and complete abandonment of Stannis as soon as the going got tough. Doesn't make much sense to me but if that is the way the show is going to spin it who am I to argue.
  4. Bran the Shipper

    How would you rate episode 601?

    3/10 The episode felt to safe. It felt like just catching up with all of the plotlines but we already had the lengthy scenes from last time so it would've been better if we actually made a bit more progress in this episode. It is sad when the arguably most interesting things that happened this episode was Melisandre getting ready for bed and the events of Dorne. Dorne, land of unmet potential, backstab edition. Why couldn't we have actually seen Hotah fight so we can understand why he is captain of the guard or seen how well Trystane could hold his own against Nym? Would have added something interesting in an episode where every scene seemed unnecessarily drawn out.
  5. Bran the Shipper

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    The two songs that most come to mind will show just how big of a dork I am, oh well. My Dragon Pal and Me from Galavant makes me think of Daenerys Adolescence by Kagamine Rin and Len makes me think of Jaime and Cersei
  6. Bran the Shipper

    TWOW humble opinion discussion

    1. Did Myrcella or Rosamund get their ear chopped off? My guess is Myrcella, but I can't remember how closely Rosamund resembles Myrcella. 2. Will Euron take old town or high garden? Old Town, it makes more sense to keep the action where we have PoV characters. 3. Will theon be sacrificed or called to a kings moot? Neither, he will stay in the north, but if one it is more likely the Kingsmoot. 4. How will Mel resurrect Jon? Will the wildings take castle black when they find out that their boy Jon is "dead"? Will the wildings fear Mel. I don't think Jon is being resurrected, he is dead and will stay that way (I'll change my opinion when WoW comes out and he ineviatebly gets resurrected). The Wildlings will likely be pushed from Castle Black initially but will eventually overrun it. Of course the wildings fear Mel but she has likely fled south to reunite with Stannis so it doesn't matter. 5. Who wrote the Pink Letter? I have no idea. 6. Whose side is Barbrey Dustin on? I have no idea. 7. Will littlefinger be killed off? I think Nestor Royce found Sansas shoe. Littlefinger will likely die, my guess is that he has a trial and is found guilty for his crimes and is executed (it would be the ultimate fail for such a character). 8. Tycho Bravossi guy, what in the heck is he gonna do next? Go back to Braavos, where he might cross paths with Arya. 9. Will Tyrion like Dany? Will Dany like Tyrion if so to what degree 1-10? 1 is dragon food 10 being hand of the queen. Tyrion seems to be fairly misogynistic at the moment so I don't think he will respect Daenerys as a ruler, though he might think she is a fine person and will definitely like how she looks. Dany will see Tyrion as a useful ally to know the recent climate of Westeros, probably with a ranking of 6/10, an ally but not exactly among her inner circle. 10. What will Sam do at old town (he doesn't have time to become a maester imo). He will get some useful training but is likely there to discover conspiracies regarding the maesters and/or the faceless men. 11. Speaking of old town what is faceless pate trying to get his hands on. Information. On what I don't know, but it could be either Others, dragons, or magic. 12. Will the sand snakes in KL make it out alive (I'm worried about ms tyene lady nim should do very well.) Also who from Dorne make it all the way alive? Hard to say, I don't think either of them really understand how dangerous King's Landing is so they will not be as prepared as they need to be. I don't have high expectations for Dorne, they are too much of a bunch of schemers Elaria and her daughters should be safe, but Doran seems unlikely to make it. 13. Who will Faegon marry? Who will Sansa marry? Aegon seems likely to marry Arianne. As for Sansa I don't know if she will marry anyone within the scope of the story. If I want to be snarky I'd say she is already married to Tyrion and can't remarry until he dies. 14. Aegon or Faegon? Aegon. It makes things more dramatic in my opinion and still makes sense which is what I like best. Faegon will seem kind of weird if we are doing late story reveals that Aegon is alive, only to follow it with another reveal that it was never really Aegon the whole time. 15. Who is riding the other 2 dragons? Aegon on Rhaegal, Jorah on Viserion. 16. Which Valyrian weapons end up in different hands? (Caggo? I think, the corpse killer will not have that VS arakh by the end of the series). I think that Widow's Wail will likely end up with the Starks.
  7. Bran the Shipper

    Why Blood Raven is not the Three Eyed Crow

    I feel like this quote, is the best clue that Bloodraven is not the three-eyed crow. We should try to decide why he responded in this fashion. There could be several different reasons, I'll list the ones I came up with. 1. He is the Three-eyed crow, but was required by the plot to instead go off on a character development tangent where we learn he was part of the Night's Watch. 2. He is the Three-eyed crow, but is hard of hearing and didn't quite catch what Bran asked him, which led to a confusing response. 3. He is the Three-eyed crow, but old age has made him senile and he has forgotten that that is how he would have appeared to Bran and Jojen. 4. He is the Three-eyed crow, but due to how the magic works is unaware that he would appear as such to Bran and Jojen. 5. He is the Three-eyed crow, but doesn't want Bran to know that for unknown reasons. 6. He is not the Three-eyed crow, and doesn't know about the three-eyed crow and is thus confused about the question. 7. He is not the Three-eyed crow, but knows about the three-eyed crow and thus tries to dodge the question. I lean towards 7. Of the ones I listed where he is the three-eyed crow, 4 makes the most sense but he seems intelligent enough to be able to understand what Bran meant by that question in that case. And thus would have responded with a "Is that how you saw me?" type of response. Though if he isn't the three-eyed crow that raises the question of, who is?
  8. Bran the Shipper

    Proof that Margaery and her cousins are guilty?

    My impression is that Margaery did have sex with Renly, they were married and if he is to be king he will need heirs. As for the moon tea, it is more difficult to say what that is about. I could see Pycelle lying to help Cersei, or at least I could if this was the beginning of the series but by now Pycelle had grown a backbone and wouldn't be so inclined to help Cersei in her follies. I can see Margaery getting the moon tea for someone else if their position prevents them from making such a move. I don't think Margaery is skilled enough in the game of thrones to understand how terrible such an act would be. She also seems relatively kind hearted so it isn't unreasonable that she would do so to help one of her cousins or whoever had need of it. Either way Pycelle being killed was probably done so that the truth, Margaery is innocent in regards to the moon tea, isn't known.
  9. Bran the Shipper

    Jojen Paste

    I like this theory. I'm not sure how I feel about Bloodraven not being the three eyed crow, but it does seem kind of odd, given his reaction to the question. It fits my crackpot theory that Hodor learned the word hodor from a time traveling Old God Bran. I think Bran will prove far stronger than Bloodraven, so just because Bloodraven couldn't influence the past doesn't mean Bran is subject to the same limitations.
  10. Bran the Shipper

    Jojen Paste

    Personally I interpret the line about how Jojen wants to go home to indicate that he dies on the trip back. Though I'm of the opinion that Jojen isn't the only one who will die and that Meera and Hodor won't survive either. All of them were just a means to get Bran to where he needed to be, and now that their part is done. While Meera is primarily sad about her younger brother dying, I wouldn't be surprised if both her and Jojen know that their quest was ultimately a tragic one. That none of them are going to return home.