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  1. Bran is not a pure good character, he uses others as tools despite the trauma it causes them. Before he became the Three Eyed Raven he did this to Hodor. Using his body so that he could walk around despite knowing that it terrified Hodor whenever he did this. Then he uses his power as the 3ER to manipulate events so that he becomes king. If he truly didn't want to become king he would not have journeyed south with Sansa, but he did knowing full well what awaited him. Why tell Jon about his parentage if all that comes of it is that it drives a rift between Jon and Dany and eventually results in Jon killing her. Knowing that this would tear Jon apart inside. But it leads to Bran becoming king so he forced the truth out. It just seems awfully convenient that everyone that has hurt Bran ends up dead, but his family and friends all have a relatively happy ending. Also Bran must have grabbed some major power to not only allow Sam to become a maester but to then name him Grand Maester. The position of Grand Maester is supposed to be selected by the citadel and I doubt the would choose a disgraced thief as their representative.
  2. I liked this episode better than I thought I would. Though that is almost entirely because I'm interpreting the events in a different direction than I think the show intends. But hey, death of the author and all that. So while I think we are supposed to be happy that our Stark heroes got their happy endings, I see the ending in more of a tragic light. Bran is proven to have manipulated everyone so that he could be king. I always knew he used people as tools e.g. Hodor, but he has become a master of the game of thrones. Manipulating Jon and Tyrion and well, pretty much everyone he spoke with to place himself into the position where everyone votes for him to be king. And as king he immediately (well technically he isn't even king yet) shows his nepotism by allowing Sansa to become Queen in the North. He also allows Jon to take the black which results in him becoming the King Beyond the Wall (effectively if not in reality). And while Westeros now has an elective monarchy, since it is only the great lords who get to vote, we no longer even have the chance of having a king who prioritizes the small folk over the lords. Which we could have had in a traditional monarchy. Though at least we won't be getting a truly awful king who can only be removed by rebellion. Though that doesn't mean there will be lasting peace since by letting the North break away they set up a terrible precedent. Either future kings allow kingdoms to break off whenever they want or go to war with the North to bring it back into the fold and show that it only got away with it for a time because of Bran's nepotism. We prove that even though Dany went too far in The Bells episode, she did not go mad. She still was working towards her goal of breaking the wheel, and she didn't intend to stop until the whole world was free. But she is killed before she could because Tyrion, in an attempt to save his own skin, convinces Jon that he needs to kill her lest she execute Sansa and Arya. I think that how Drogon responds to her death proves that she was a good person. Did he give in to his rage over her death and kill Jon? No, he mourned the death of his mother and then tried to fulfill his mother's wish for a better world by breaking the wheel in the best way a dragon can. Afterwards he peacefully flew off with his mother to bring her to a better place. If such gentleness could be displayed in a creature of fire incarnate, you have to praise his mom for her good influence.
  3. I don't even know what to think anymore. Part of me wants to hold out hope that things will be different in the books, but that seems to just be denial on my part (I guess I'm in that stage of grief, eh). I know that the dragon has always been an aspect of Dany, but I always believed she would ultimately reject it. Guess I was wrong on that count too. It's not like her turnaround is entirely unbelievable. We see that she was pushed to the point where she felt like she could only gain loyalty through fear since love was unobtainable for her. But I don't quite see why she would burn down all of King's Landing, the Red Keep would have been sufficient to show that she shows her enemies no mercy. And would have been enough to turn Jon, Tyrion, and Arya against her. It's strange how each episode since The Long Night makes the one before it seem better. I guess a good thing about this episode is that there is only one left. Another good thing is that it is making me rethink purchasing Winds of Winter day one like I had intended. Is that a good thing? I don't know anymore.
  4. Well that episode made me dislike pretty much everyone but Daenerys, so yeah? Okay that is not entirely fair, I still like Sandor and Brienne was okay (I didn't like any of the scenes she was in). Podrick I don't think had any lines so I think he is still safe. If all it takes for Dany to go mad is for everyone she loves and trusts to die or betray her, then that does not justify them all being concerned that she will go mad. Honestly I'm kind of just done with this show at this point. Just two more episodes, hopefully I'll be in a better mood by next week (or tomorrow that would work too). One last note, anyone else getting confused about Arya and Sandor's relationship. It just seems like she is constantly seeking him out. She pretty much confirmed that she didn't really care for Gendry she just wanted to have sex before the big fight. But she had sought out Sandor first and only left when Beric showed up (three's a crowd). My take from Sandor is that he wants to get away from this stalker of his, but doesn't know the best way to go about it.
  5. My first thought after the ending, this can't be canon right? Did they accidentally send in the wrong version, and that this was one of those fake endings that we heard they shot to discredit leaks. So if you can't tell, I'm not content with this ending. I'm also wondering if Martin is done with Winds of Winter and has been for a while but since it has content that discredits the shows take on events, he decided to wait on releasing it until after the show was completely done. For what I liked about this episode, Dany was a total Boss. She kicked butt on Drogon and was just pure awesome start to finish. I loved her standing her ground with Jorah at the end, helping to watch his back as he protected her. Yes the odds were against them and Jorah sadly didn't make it. My other favorite moment from Dany (and admittedly I might have misinterpreted it) was her purposefully sliding off Drogon so that he could fly to safety. She just sacrificed her life to save her boy (considering she was surrounded she couldn't have expected to survive). Some one give her a 'World's Best Mom' mug. Other highlights are Jaime and Brienne saving each other multiple times to make it through to dawn. Also Missandei calling out Sansa's rivalry with Daenerys in the crypts. The dragons were as a whole pretty good as well. I think that pretty much sums up what I liked, everything else I didn't. So yeah, I was not a fan of this episode.
  6. I should never have read those Arya is secretly the Waif topics because I just couldn't unsee it in this episode. Her behavior has just been so odd lately. And when did she learn to throw daggers like that, or become so good with a bow. Plus what was up with that scar on her side, the only wounds I recall Arya suffering was when the Waif stabbed her in the stomach. But those were all direct hits not that kind of glancing blow. I'm just very confused about all that. In other news, yeah Theon! Finally a reunion that doesn't result in him getting smacked. Him and Sansa were cute together, though I really won't like it if they decide to push a romantic bent to their relationship. I'm of the opinion that Bran has set a trap within a trap. I agree that the Night King is gunning for him, but I don't see why that means the Night King will come in person. Bran is likely keeping his true plan a secret, but maybe I'm just biased. I think Bran will need to become an old god to challenge the Night King, and in order to do that he will have to die and become one with the Weirwood tree. Having the Godswood be the location of the trap fits perfectly with that, but otherwise is pretty far into Winterfell to make an effective trap for the Night King. Also Brienne being knighted by Jaime was probably the best part of the episode. That smile on her face was perfect. It made up for having to sit through the rest of that awkward and lengthy bonding scene. Well that and Podrick singing, sadly I don't expect him to survive. Here's hoping I'm wrong (which I likely am, on all of this).
  7. So as i expected episode 1 is Party Chat: the Episode. Which was to be expected, so many important reunions to go through, and I thought they were all pretty well done. The tension between Sansa and Daenerys was well handled, but the scene between Daenerys and Sam was not something I expected (at least not in the way it happened). So that was definitely a highlight of the episode for me, though they were quite a few of those to be honest. Bran is just pure awesome with his creepy stare. He is like the slenderman of Winterfell, just teleporting around to unnerve people (okay maybe he isn't really teleporting around but I don't think I actually saw him move at all). I'm really hoping that he gets some good moments with Jaime and Theon in the coming episodes. Sansa was also in top form in this episode. Her laying down the truth on Tyrion was great, he really isn't as clever as he thinks he is. I also loved that Theon already saved Yara and showed her how its done. Sure she didn't make quite as big of a nuisance of herself, but we didn't see him decide at the end that she wasn't worth it and leave her in disgust. While I haven't liked Arya for a while now, this episode helped reverse that a bit. I'm actually starting to believe that she truly cares about her family now and isn't just creepy assassin girl that she came across as for the past few seasons. For an episode without much action there is quite a lot to think over, luckily there is a week until the next one (or unluckily since I don't know if I can wait that long). I thought this was a pretty strong start to the season so here's hoping that it stays this good. Though I do love good character drama and so an episode focused on character interactions was bound to be received favorably from me.
  8. 8/10 I liked this episode much better than the rest this season, but it still had some flaws. Sansa's conversation with Littlefinger was odd and too long. Littlefinger's ability to teleport is ridiculous. I liked Sansa sewing Jon a cloak and herself a new dress, though now I kind of see her like Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter ready to make everyone matching sweaters. The play's scene just went on and on, and it was more cringe worthy than funny, but that was probably what they were going for. Dany and Jorah's scene was sweet but it's always a little silly whenever someone commands someone not to die. The red priestess from Volantis is scary, I would not have wanted to be Varys in that room. Bran's scenes have become the saving grace of this show for me. Though I'm worried about how long vision-trapped Bran and Meera can survive on their own. But sadly Bran's arc also contained the scene which drops this episode at least one point. They killed Summer. I was always worried about Summer's longevity but to kill him like that with no fanfare whatsoever. It is unacceptable. At least Hodor got the send off he deserved but Summer had a blink and you missed it death. And saddest part is that it likely only went down that way because of the cgi budget.
  9. Well, where to begin. Bran - Yay, he's back. Now about his vision, it kind of felt like a long scene with the primary intent to reintroduce Lyanna for the casual show watchers. The stuff about Hodor, my interpretation as to why they changed his name to Willas instead of Walder is the same reason Talisa is not named Jeyne. The character is deviating to the point that it is no longer the same character, but then I always thought that Hodor was younger (although I have no evidence) and that he has always been like how he is now. But then Old Nan (assuming that woman was Old Nan) looked quite young in the flashback too, she looked like she could have been Hodor's mother but we know she's more like his great grandmother. It was kind of disappointing that Meera didn't remind the viewer about Jojen's death even though that is obviously what is troubling her. It's been a whole season since we saw these guys they could've done more to remind us what had happened than just the scenes from last time. But I guess I'm just being picky Arya - So, I guess everyone was just getting bored seeing her blind and couldn't come up with any decent solution for that. She learned nothing and accomplished nothing and she's still telling the same lie she always has and has never been convincing with. But she's got places to go and people to be so 2 episodes was enough of that. Never mind that she didn't even learn how to use her walking cane to help her walk. Sansa - A couple of touching moments, though I'm not sure why Theon wants to go back to that hellhole known as the iron islands. Not much to talk about here. King's Landing - Cersei looked too good in mourning clothes, I thought they weren't supposed to suit her. I'm not sure what would upset her more, Tommen forbidding her from attending Myrcella's funeral or Robert Strong trekking blood and urine into her room. I guess this is what you get when your primary bodyguard is undead. Jaime's standoff with High Sparrow clarified that the High Sparrow really is just another power hungry politician infesting King's Landing, sadly with Jaime being the way he is, there really wasn't anything that could be done at this point. Luckily Jaime is no longer as rash as he once was. Iron Islands - Do I have to touch on this? Seems like the writers just wanted to include a plotline they hadn't yet used from the books to fill some time. Not my favorite plotline from the books, and the show's variation of it does not look likely to change my mind. Mereen - So Tyrion decides to fill Quentyn's shoes for a bit in order to release the dragons, but since it is Tyrion he escapes unharmed. Guess he's just lucky that Viserion and Rhaegal are on a hunger strike until their mommy comes back. Or at least I'm assuming those two dragons were Viserion and Rhaegal, they didn't look the correct color to me even taking into account the dim lighting. The scene felt forced and the dragons didn't act very much like dragons. I could forgive them for being so docile to trick Tyrion into releasing them from bondage but afterwards they should've made a mad dash for the exit and attempted to eat Varys on the way out. Hopefully next time we see Mereen it is a smoking wasteland as the dragons have decided to grant the wish of so many of the fans. Winterfell - Ramsay is evil, who knew. I wonder how Walder Frey will respond to the murder of his granddaughter and great grandson. Ramsay is an idiot, who knew. Wall - Wow that was the most uneventful rescue, ever. I guess the show is saving all of its fight scenes for the very end. And Jon is back from the dead, so everyone's assumptions have been proven correct. Though, could they possibly have made that resurrection scene a bit more clich├ęd? Don't know why Davos wanted Jon resurrected so badly and I don't know when he became such bosom pals with Melisandre. I guess they must have bonded over her murder of Shireen and complete abandonment of Stannis as soon as the going got tough. Doesn't make much sense to me but if that is the way the show is going to spin it who am I to argue.
  10. 3/10 The episode felt to safe. It felt like just catching up with all of the plotlines but we already had the lengthy scenes from last time so it would've been better if we actually made a bit more progress in this episode. It is sad when the arguably most interesting things that happened this episode was Melisandre getting ready for bed and the events of Dorne. Dorne, land of unmet potential, backstab edition. Why couldn't we have actually seen Hotah fight so we can understand why he is captain of the guard or seen how well Trystane could hold his own against Nym? Would have added something interesting in an episode where every scene seemed unnecessarily drawn out.
  11. The two songs that most come to mind will show just how big of a dork I am, oh well. My Dragon Pal and Me from Galavant makes me think of Daenerys Adolescence by Kagamine Rin and Len makes me think of Jaime and Cersei
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