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    So who would you bend the knee to?

    A Storm of Swords has done nothing to change my great fondness for Danaerys Stormborn. And if I were a humble hedge knight, well, what would I have to lose in crossing the sea and chasing the rumors until I could join her force? She has more right and at least as much ability to rule as any of them. The wars between the kings are a death trap anyway; surely a quest east wouldn't be any more dangerous than staying put. If crossing the sea isn't an option, I was sympathetic to the Starks' cause. The North makes sense as a separate kingdom and the family seemed to have proven character and ability. Once staying with the Starks seemed no longer feasible, the Brotherhood Without Banners would be tempting. They may follow a creepy new god, but they fight for freedom and peace and they seem to get results. It appears more and more that the Lannisters would be capable rulers of the kingdom. But the main disadvantage of Joffrey is that he is Joffrey. Stannis certainly had the birthright, but after his split with Renley would seem to have no chance. The only power he would seem to have left would be his sorcery, and so far that has not gained him any lasting victories. Following the Iron King would be a good idea if I believed that I could grab some plunder and make my escape.
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    Hey everyone. I started reading the first book a good year ago and took a long break after A Clash of Kings, which was about when I first posted. I've picked up the books again; there are two others at work who are more or less reading with me. I'll be poking around the forums here when the break-time discussions aren't quite enough.
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    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I've been hearing about the show endlessly for years, but when I saw the size of the books I assumed it was one of those things I'd just never get to. I had so much else to read, and I almost never watch TV. And anyway, my sense of the series was that it was mostly a lot of pointless shock value and not worth my time. The way I started reading sounds almost dramatic. Last May I was visiting my best friend from college for his father's funeral. It's a weird sort of time to spend a weekend together, so when we were idly talking about the books on his shelf and he insisted that I take A Game of Thrones home with me, I complied. It happened that I was taking more classes that summer, actually way too many classes. When my friend asked at the end of the summer if I had finished the book, I had to sheepishly say that I hadn't started it. I only started reading when he mentioned that he would be visiting my area in October, so I felt I had to read the thing so that I could return it. I wasn't into it at all. I was mildly interested by some of the themes of decay and degradation in the setting, but beyond that it did seem to be a lot of shock value: a series of pointless rapes interspersed with weirdly specific recipes for stew. So when my friend did visit, I had to tell him I wasn't done with the book. In fact, the thing had spent so much time bouncing around the back seat of my car that it was pretty beat up, so I just bought him a new copy. After that I mostly stopped reading, maybe a page here and there. It was only about three weeks ago something clicked. I think it was Maester Luwin's long lesson to Bran about the history of Westeros. Suddenly the world wasn't a mildly interesting deconstruction of fantasy cliches, it was a living, breathing thing with an incredibly intricate history. The stormy politics weren't an excuse to show violent scenes, they were based on a backstory that went back centuries and more. And that helped me connect to the characters better, which was pretty important for me at that point. My two favorites, Robert and Ned, were out of the picture, but Daenerys and Arya were rising quickly and turning into people even more awesome to read about.I have hardly been able to put the books down since. So I wish the history had been placed earlier, maybe at the beginning like Tolkien did. I would have enjoyed the first book a lot more and better appreciated this really monumental piece of worldbuilding.