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  1. zandru

    If Sansa had gone with Sandor

    The rescue/escape wouldn't last more than a few days. Sansa can't live rough like Arya. She doesn't like to ride a stinky horse. She's really picky about what food she eats. She doesn't have "practical shoes". She would insist on staying in a nice inn or someone's castle, rather than wrapping herself in her cloak and sleeping on the ground, like Arya and Sandor did. In short, they'd have been caught and taken back to Cersei in short order.
  2. zandru

    Lollys Stokeworth appreciation post

    I'm referring to how she's spoken of in other threads, which you may not have read yet. There were some pretty disrespectful references here, too, which I took as indicating either a dislike of Lollys or just generalized misogyny (which appears to be endemic to many fantasy readers, by the way.) Sorry you didn't like my "diatribe." You're not required to, and I didn't have any particular intent to gore your particular ox, whatever it may be. Disbelieve whatever you like, too; many of these threads disintegrate into people who read the same words but believe they saw different things, all howling madly at each other about how the other is WRONG. (shrug)
  3. zandru

    Why marry Sansa to Tyrion in particular?

    Has anyone yet mentioned that Tywin may have assumed marriage (and regular sex) would cure Tyrion's whoring ways? I suspect that Tywin was less embarrassed by Tyrion's dwarfism (and I think Tywin WAS embarrassed, it being a commentary on his own "loins") than by Tyrion's whoring, gambling, and drunkenness. Oh, and little Tyrion was also a tumbler, able to entertain (bad!) and make people laugh (BAD!! remember how Tywin hates laughter). Sansa being available, and needing to cut short the Tyrell's plans by pre-emptively marrying her to a Lannister (which, as noted, would give the Lannisters Winterfell and thus the North), Tyrion appeared to be the most available of the eligible Lannister bachelors. (Even though he and the Hound were of an age, for those who are concerned about such things.) It was too bad for Sansa that Lancel wasn't matched with her, since Lancel shortly thereafter "got religion", renounced his lands and title and marriage, and joined the Sparrows. Sansa might have been far away in the Riverlands with hubby Lancel, and able to be rescued by Robb or somebody then.
  4. zandru

    Lollys Stokeworth appreciation post

    Apparently the Stokeworths had major fertility issues, like much worse than Jon Arryn or Stannis & Selyse. Having a daughter who finally was actually pregnant (and the baby could always be legitimized) was more important than the violence of its parentage and the lowborne "fathers". Moreover, as luck would have it, the rape baby was a boy - the most prized possible outcome. So nixing the moon tea paid off for the family. (Of course Lollys may not have agreed, but when is the woman - any woman - consulted?) Why is Lollys "hated"? Well, she's described as overweight. That's a killer for a woman, particularly in these United States. Also "simple", which is what used to be called "mentally retarded." Consensus is now (at last) that this should be no cause for discrimination, but we still use "moron" and "idiot" and "stupid" as insults, don't we? My thought is that wily Bronn will try to get his own son off her, and when (if) he succeeds, both mother and Little Tyrion will have fatal accidents. Bronn loves Stokeworth Castle and his titles. Period.
  5. zandru

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    Okay, let me try a few predictions, and if some appear to be simply wishful thinking ... (shrug). It's not as if each list is supposed to be accompanied by a few thousand words of heavily quoted justifications. Right? Jon Snow - is actually dead. Period. The great mystery Targaryen hope and potential partner for Daenerys is gone. Ghost, bearing the last remnants of Jon's consciousness, is finally released and runs off. Selyse and Shireen Baratheon - are killed in the riots and bloodletting that follow Jon's assassination right in front of everyone at Castle Black. The killers - Old Pomegranate, et al - are beaten to death as well. The Queens Men go down fighting, excluding those who run away and die in the cold of winter. Tormund Giant's Bane - leads his troops to Hardhome, according to the plan, and returns with many more wildlings. He and the new Lord Commander (tbd) manage to man (or woman) all the remaining castles on the wall. Ser Alliser Thorne returns! - as a wight. Getting to burn his rotting corpse at last is something nearly every crow has looked forward to for years. Stannis Baratheon re-takes Winterfell. Finding no support among the northerners for marching on King's Landing, Stannis decides to Azor-Ahai it, and organizes his remaining armies to march North to defend the Wall. Having learned by his sad experience in the Wolf's Wood, Stannis is an excellent leader along with Tormund, but his fake magic sword fails him and he's cut down by the Others. Wyman Manderly takes over Winterfell in the absence of Starks, and because winter has set in, making travel basically impossible for him. By spring, he's lost over 10 stone, and if all the horses hadn't already been eaten, could have ridden one out. Roose Bolton and Ramsey are caught escaping and hanged. Meanwhile, back in the south ... (to be continued)
  6. zandru

    End game predictions for all the characters?

    And how is she going to get hold of that dagger? As I recall, Ned had it in King's Landing, which suggests Littlefinger has reclaimed it now. I would welcome your wish list! There have been some interesting possibilities (and other total horrors, in my opinion). Maybe a few of the many guesses will turn out to be correct!
  7. zandru

    most tragic character

    I think Jeyne (aka "Arya")'s story still has a long ways to go. I also agree that it's a tragic, sad arc so far. The theory that the Night's Watch (whoever is Lord Commander now) could send her to relative safety in Braavos is intriguing, because if this happens, she could run into No One, the real Arya Stark. Jeyne might be depressed enough to visit the House of Black & White. This could be one way Jeyne might run into Arya, for example. Or perhaps Cat of the Canals could encounter her. If Arya were to learn the story of Jon's apparent assassination, the takeover of Winterfell by the Boltons, how the Brotherhood w/o Banners is mopping up the Freys for their actions in the Red Wedding -- well, maybe it could inspire Arya to revert back to Arya Stark and head back to Westeros. Or -- even more interestingly, it could inspire her to direct Nymeria to act on her behalf, remotely. If Bran can pop out of weirwood trees all over the 7 Kingdoms and operate birds, Arya is probably capable of guiding Nymeria's actions from Essos.
  8. zandru

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    When did I use the term "brat"? It was from a previous post, which you quoted. I made a point of NOT using it. Oh, definitely. Sansa fully accepts the social classes and her elevated position without thought. It may be "typical" of the time and of the story - but as a somewhat more modern reader, I'm not required to do so. I notice Sansa does pretty well with the Exalted Heroes, in spite of being so "frightened", reciting their rolls of honor etc etc. Then, as you noted, apologizing prettily to Payne. Sansa has innumerable opportunities thereafter to say a quiet word or two to Sandor, since he's with Joffrey basically all the time, but apparently doesn't. Seems funny she'd forget something that traumatic for her. This stuff gets "encoded in the hippocampus", ya know. Yep. And there are those, like Ned and his other children, who don't simply ignore and write off "the help." Remember, both Robb and Jon recalled Ned's admonition that a good leader has to know his men. Each of them, as individuals. Sansa apparently doesn't even know the names of the women who bathe and clothe her every day. At least, she's never mentioned them in her points-of-view.
  9. zandru

    Latest Lightbringer Bullcrap Dumping Ground

    Well, we've already got a couple of "Armageddon horns" - why not an "Armageddon sword"? Icecaliber(tm)! I love it! And no, it's not Dawn. Dawn was forged from the heart of a fallen star. In Westeros, not Asshai. Nothing in the tale about stabbing lions and spouses through their hearts as a quenching bath, either. Frankly, that sounds sick. Also, nothing about Dawn being constantly hot and flaming. What, did Art Dayne have asbestos gauntlets? What did his scabbard look like? Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But a talking cock ... now that's something! Particularly as narrator. Certainly more different and interesting than an elderly Maester Samwell laboriously penning his memoirs in a dusty raven's rookery. Remember, George RR is nothing but different and interesting. If you think this is going to have a happy ending, you've opened the wrong book.
  10. zandru

    Varys' Genitals

    Then there's the school of thought that argues this is just a story Varys likes to tell when people get too curious; he isn't really a eunuch, but it's a great disguise and makes people both discount him and keep away from him**. Another theory, recently hammered out on this group, is that Varys is a woman. --------- ** Much like Wyman Manderly's fat, but not as unhealthful or handicapping. Varys CAN sit a horse! And get around in those "little bird"*** tunnels. ------------ *** Varys calls his child spies "little birds." This, plus the "parrot" allusion, is undoubtedly why the Hound calls Sansa "little bird." She not only parrots back all the polite words, she's also a tattletale.
  11. zandru

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    As I read it, Sansa is "obedient and well-behaved" to her superiors, but seems dismissive, rude, or just plain not noticing her inferiors. (Arya counted among them.) Kiss up, kick down. This appears to be proper, even desireable behavior for a southron lady, but sticks in the craw of some of us 21st c folks. Clearly, not everyone! One of the things that really annoyed me was the incident during the trip south to King's Landing, when the Band of Heroes (Barristan, Renly, etc) met the King's party. Sansa is unnerved by the sight of Illyn Payne, stumbles backward into the arms of the Hound, who tries to reassure her, and when she sees his face, screams and runs off to hug her wolf pup. Okay. But then Sansa goes over and apologizes to Payne, who likely hasn't noticed a thing. Never a word, nor a thought for the poor Hound, who she wrenched away from in fear and disgust. Kiss up, kick down.
  12. zandru

    Stannis as AA & Edric Storm, Blood and Shadows

    It sure looks like it to me. I think (and can't quote unfortunately) that Stannis and Melisandre shared sleeping quarters, even when Selyse was present. Melisandre was clearly trying to get into Jon Snow's pants while she was at the Wall, but he was having none of her. I don't think Melisandre was looking for another, better Azor Ahai. She seems fixated on Stannis, and incredibly, may not recognize that her "Lightbringer" is a fake. We see her in her single chapter brooding on how she keeps searching her fires for Azor Ahai/Stannis, yet sees "nothing but Snow" with his long brooding face. If she were actually looking for a better candidate, she wouldn't have missed these obvious clues. I agree with several others that the blood-filled leeches were probably just magician's stagecraft to "confirm" visions she had already seen, and make it look as if she was influencing events. For that matter, the whole "Azor Ahai" schtick is likely a red herring. That's an Assha'i story; the Westerosi tale of the "Last Hero" is completely different. Many readers have really taken to Azor Ahai, I've noticed, because they love the image of one of the female characters getting a white-hot sword through the heart. That would be too self-indulgent for GRRM (in my opinion, of course.)
  13. An intriguing possibility! However, I strongly doubt Arya would even consider doing anything lethal to her old Winterfell acquaintance. I think Arya would just add Ramsey and Roose to her list. And the Freys, if they aren't already on it. Remember, Arya has a passion for justice and helping the downtrodden. Lots of people enjoy characterizing her as a vicious homocidal maniac who kills just for the heck of it and thinks it's fun, but if you'll look at her many killings, each was motivated by a sense of justice. Even the much-debated assassination of the insurance fraudster. Arya didn't buy in to killing him until she'd gotten detailed explanations of what he did.
  14. Sorry; much speculative off topic blather. I've omitted it as a public service.
  15. I disagree. Sansa remains the party girl, the sucker for singers, the tourney groupie. She has always resented the boring old north. There aren't "players" in the north; King's Landing is where players play "the best games." If Sansa is to become a player, she'll gravitate back to King's Landing and stay there. This will almost certainly have to be via marriage, because that's how women get moved around the game board in Westeros, and because Sansa more "played" than "player." Look for her return via The Mad Mouse.