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  1. Your scenario really sounds more Disney/Hollywood than George RR Martin. His tales have a way of snatching away happy endings. If anything "poetic" occurs, it's either "poetic justice" or more likely, justice denied. Nymeria married Mors Martell, then Uller Hellholt, and finally Davos Dayne. But all this was centuries, maybe even millenia, before the events of "A Song." And there's nothing special about little Neddie Stark wanting to be like Arthur Dayne - literally every boy in Westeros did, too. It's hardly enough to establish some kind of traditional Stark/Dayne linkage. Having dumped maybe too much cold water, I will refrain from giving my opinions on shipping and the resulting offspring. ;-)
  2. zandru

    Poll. is Greywind dead?

    Grey Wind dead? Of course not! He was merely decapitated, his head sewn onto the body of a dead man, and then likely dumped in the river, along with the leftover parts. Why should that have lethal?
  3. zandru

    Poll: Is Varys a Woman?

    Varys isn't even a eunuch. He's a man (in full) and a long-practiced mummer and con-man.
  4. zandru

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    Frankly, I think it's pathetic. Sorry! Perhaps I need a life.
  5. Somehow, I can't help but worry that George RR will pull the rug out from under us and slot in somebody we haven't yet seen, or so obscure they've been under the radar. I'm still worried that My Hero Daenerys Stormborne will turn to The Dark Side and end up as a villain (as Tyrion seemed to). Far as we know, another of My Heroes, Jon Snow, is dead and if he comes back, will it be as a blue-eyed wight? A vengeance-driven Lord Snowheart? (heh) As for Arya, she's begun to understand her ability to skinchange and thus, what her "wolf dreams" mean - might she decide to operate Nymeria and her gigantic wolf pack remotely, to wreak the vengeance that location and vows deny Arya's physical self? In short, I really want to see that next book!
  6. zandru

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    Not that I mean to pick on you, but as far as we've been informed, Stannis thought he WAS executing Mance. It was Melisandre who subbed in Rattleshirt, under a glamour that made it appear he was Mance. If Stannis didn't know about the substitution, it's unfair to charge him with the murder.
  7. zandru

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    Why would you say that? We're privy to Arya's thoughts, and she always has considered carefully, if not agonized, over her actions and continues to feel guilt over those involving killing. Always. (Not to re-ignite the oh-so-boring "Sansa Wars", but ) Contrast Arya with her older sister, who has moved from thinking of herself as the center around which the entire world must revolve to ... misremembering, creating new romantic self-flattering memories, and drumming in the lame justification of if it was done with good intentions, it WAS good. Sansa is for Sansa. Moreover, Arya has a keen eye for injustices done to others, and to her friends. She puts her own life on the line many times to help. She takes responsibility for her little crew and leads them as best she can. Arya liked to hang around her father Lord Eddard and absorbed many of the lessons he taught his boys. Arya also liked to hang around people who were doing interesting things - men, mostly - to learn. She isn't standoffish nor snobbish, or even shy, although she knows when to keep quiet and listen. People fixate on Arya's "assassin training" while ignoring the non-lethal parts: detecting lies, telling lies, becoming other characters (which also requires empathy, understanding, and often humbling yourself), listening, evaluating information, distinguishing hearsay and opinion from likely fact, judging character, speaking multiple languages. Sounds like she's getting a good solid grounding in some of the skills she would need to rule.
  8. Oh, no! I'm not getting into the Sansa Wars. There must be a few hundred such threads out there, and everything that could conceivably be said has, many times over. If Cersei doesn't think Margaery is beautiful, I suspect she downplays Sansa, too. Perhaps more importantly, Cersei is right on in noticing that youth is a major factor in beauty. Obviously, not all young girls are beautiful, or even pretty - but many fewer retain their good looks with time. Of course, the whole "beauty" deal is irrelevant for men, in Westeros and beyond. Particularly since nearly everyone conceals his entire face and neck with massive growths of beard.
  9. Eh. We can read exactly the same texts (good quotes, by the way!) and interpret them in different ways. I see Sansa picking up Cersei's habit of altering her memories to make herself come out better. That's not actually good. About Sansa's beauty - sure, we get it thrust into our faces every time she's on the page. Nobody is questioning that. But Daenerys is also beautiful, as is Margaery, and Arianne, and Val, and undoubtedly lots more. Still lots of potential candidates, particularly since Cersei has lowered the bar. Heh, heh, heh... maybe Loras? Cersei has been told that Ser Loras has been horribly injured, with massive facial scars. I would like to believe that they're lying to Cersei. After all, her formal position at this point is Dowager, or at best Queen Mother, and she's lost a lot of her mystique by her naked trek down Main Street.
  10. Well, I have my doubts, but that was a great Cersei quote. It really illustrates how self-delusional she is. Lying is one thing, and it's bad; telling a lie and then believing it yourself as the "new reality" is (I hate to use the word) madness.
  11. My favorites: 1. Daenerys Targaryen 2. Margaery Tyrell, at least until Dany arrives A second thought as far as beauty goes: Cersei had been getting kind of blowsy and thick-waisted, as a result of constantly pickling her brain in a variety of wines; moreover, she's gotten older, has borne three children (and that really gives gravity an assist). True, she slimmed down in her cell just prior to her Walk of Shame, but she's not the beautiful golden child that she was in her teens. So many, many young women can now qualify as "more beautiful." And, I do believe that when Maggy the Frog said "more beautiful", she was speaking in terms Cersei would understand. (I also think one could make a great case otherwise, for what it's worth!)
  12. Thanks to you both for enlightening me! The full story is really kind of sordid. Basically, Joseph married the sister that he was raised with. We can only assume this was considered fine back in the day.
  13. Well, we're pretty sure that Jon Snow is the heir of Rhaegar Targaryen, but Jesus has (had?) ZERO lineage from King David. It was his adoptive father, Joseph, who was in the line of David. Unless this whole "son of god" schtick was never true?
  14. 10. Be a bastard, who is nonetheless raised and loved by his adoptive father.
  15. zandru

    Is there romantic love between Ned and Catelyn?

    Yeah, a parent would never kiss away their child's tears, nor tell the child "I love you." An older sibling would never allow a younger sib to fall asleep in his or her arms, much less express any kind of affection. I think you're equating ALL expressions of "love" with "romance." My definition is different; yours need not agree!