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  1. Brother of edd tollett

    What is the dumbest house Sigil/ coat of arms.

    House waynwood a broken wheel is not inspiring or smart it actually seems rather poor, despite it being a major house in the vale.
  2. Brother of edd tollett

    The first chapter mystery

    The first chapter or prologue of A Game of Thrones contains a mystery that I personally think is still a clue to the major story: how did the wildlings die exactly? According to narrator Will who is the only one who has seen the bodies there was no obvious blood on the snow covered floor which should make blood patches quite clear. Frost is in first aspect quite a decent cause of death. However it's still summer and there was only a light dusting of snow, surely not enough given the circumstances to kill 8 adults all together? Our night watchmen stop the argument here but never is a good reason given for the sudden death of the 8 adults( including 1 up in a tree no less, the far-eyes). So what does kill 8 armed ppl without bloodshed? Poison? But who and why bother to poison random bands of wildlings so far north. Magic? Where these ppl warged to death. That would explain the suddeness of the death(consider the wildling who died up in a tree). This would imply the children of the forest more then the Others. However the only one who we've seen warg a living person is Bran who seem to be unique in this. In conclusion I'm absolutely stumped, whatever kills these wildlings was sudden and with minimal bloodshed. So what did them in?
  3. Brother of edd tollett

    Imaginary swords for swordless characters

    Hot pie sword should obviously be called 'cookiecutter'
  4. Brother of edd tollett

    So, what's your head canon?

    There's no azor ahai Quentyn is alive B+A=J Sweetrobin isn't dieing from sweetsleep
  5. Brother of edd tollett

    The Back of a Westeros Milk Carton

    Am i the only wondering how harrenhall can be so easily be rewarded to others even though the owner Lady whent is not confirmed death but should also be on the back of the local milk carton?
  6. Brother of edd tollett

    Puns and Wordplay

    Jeyne poole not having the correct gene pool to be a stark