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  1. Ahaha I had read all the books before starting the show, so I was already not a Snow fan. I thought ADWD was to show how both Dany and Jon weren't great at ruling, but Dany's instinct helped her triumph/survive whereas Jon Snow is murdered. Suuuuuper upset when Jon Snow was resurrected. "No one is safe." my butt!
  2. Funny how you get my feelings about the Starks spot-on. Unless someone tells me the books do end differently, then I am fine not reading them and forgetting about this series altogether. Sansa hasn't been spoiled yet so I am rooting for her in the books at least.
  3. You could say there were hints about every person then, the only difference is that Daenerys had the "mad targ" plot device. If Targaryens were just rulers and did not have this "mad targ" gene, would Dany be any different than any other character? What she does throughout the show is exactly what we cheer other characters for, but we never call that going mad. Look at the Lannisters, all of them are crazy mad but we never think of them as so because it was said they were cunning. Arya and Sansa have killed brutally but they are righteous, not mad. The mad targ was a plot device for D&D and GRRM to shoot in case they wanted to. They could have EASILY gone the other way and it would have made even more sense. I don't think anyone would be going "but it doesn't make sense, she HAS to be evil!" because she never was. Up until this point Dany had never targeted innocents. GRRM and D&D decided to pull the trigger. THAT is what makes horrid storytelling. In any other case this was a horrible retcon of her character. So go on with your whole "we told you so" bullshit, you're okay with a poor ending since everyone else got rainbows and sunshine.
  4. One of my favorite parts of Death Note was when Light had amnesia - and then regained his memories so the audience truly sees how warped he is by his face going from puppy-dog innocent to manipulative-evil. He changed into Kira over time, not with one simple blow out decision. Again, lazy writing and the directors needing a shock factor. What would have been cool was Dany to end like Kira did.
  5. It's funny because I also thought she was Light Yagami, but the way he descended actually made sense. They showed him killing detectives off that were following him. He knew they were innocent, but to him their deaths were necessary. There was a logical and long series of events that led to his descent into madness. Death Note is a perfect example of this idea working, but again he didn't have the lame mad targ excuse. This show/series was just lazy.
  6. Same. I've never been a huge Arya fan due to her blind love for her family, but I never hated her. Sansa and Arya were the most self-centered characters and they still got a happy ending.
  7. This is perfect. As much as I love these books, the one thing that I find annoying is this whole "mad targ" gun. So god flips a coin, but it doesn't pan out until...whenever? Then what is the use of Viserys who is so obviously supposed to be a crazy targ? Why are there no crazy Lannisters? Cersei is crazy, Tywin is the one who taught her, Jamie pushed a child out a window, Tyrion strangled his prostitute, but noooooo it's the targs that are crazy. GRRM put the mad queen plot device in there to choose if he wanted to shoot the gun later. He's stated he's a gardener who lets his characters grow, but he always had Dany's end in mind. If this is how she ends in the books then GRRM is purposefully misdirecting the audience just so he can shoot the gun and call it clever. I rooted for Dany, I still stand by her. That last 8.5 - 8.6 was NOT Daenerys Targaryen. That was the original destination GRRM had in mind. Two very different things. The creators of How I Met Your Mother learned this hard lesson as well, as their once-great ongoing series ended in disappointment (so much that no one mentions it when talking about LOST and Dexter) and everyone forgot about it. I'm not looking forward to the books if this is how it plays out. I will forget this, but I will always remember Daenerys Targaryen as how she is, not what she originally was meant to be.
  8. madhikun

    Mourning Dany

    I am definitely mourning Dany. They killed her in 8.5. They replaced her with Hitler. Worse, everyone else receives a happy ending because I guess she was the true villain this whole time. Sad that now knowing what is to come, I won't be rushing to pre order GRRM's next book. I loved that series and I loved her. She became an icon for female empowerment and they trashed her reputation.
  9. If I hear another idiot saying that slavery was "culture" that she interfered with my head might explode.
  10. I was just thinking how even when Jamie showed up and Daenerys clearly wanted to execute him, she listened to everyone's pleas for him and she kept him alive and free. He then immediately betrays her to save Cersei. AND THEN HE GETS A NICE MEMOIR FROM BRIENNE. At any time during Season 7 or 8 they could have had Dany do SOMETHING to warrant her 8.5 actions but no, she just flipped a switch. You can't defend this trash.
  11. madhikun

    Glad that’s over.

    Nothing actually done to her, but can you imagine for 7 - 8 years being the most popular icon for women empowerment to then become crazed and show how women's emotions get the best of them? Because even though we can call it the targ way, she wasn't like that until just now. && Jon is a targ but he doesn't let that change him. The fact we had two queens - both die because of their emotions make this a really crap ending. Yeah we get Sansa but she already thanked her abusers.
  12. madhikun

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    They made her into Hitler. Why? So they could justify killing her. They had Tyrion paint all her triumphs into atrocities so Dany fans were laughed at. Really Jon is a horrible boyfriend. He killed both of his lady loves because "it was the right thing to do". Really, how is that supposed to be who we're rooting for? Screw this show. I am glad it's over and I'll likely not read the books if this is the ending.
  13. I legit cried when she died - and started bawling when Drogon pushed her corpse trying to wake her up. I wanted Drogon to blow Jon Snow to smithereens. But no, bitter is fuck you to all Dany fans, and sweet is for literally everyone else.
  14. madhikun

    Glad that’s over.

    I did, I felt a lot of it was her trying to be nice to HBO. They completely butchered her character but she not only had to act it, she had to convincingly act it and support the show. It really disgusts me what she has been put through.