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  1. I would add that, at least in the US, above and beyond all those policies, owning the libs and making them sad/mad is the single most important priority for many Republicans today. And Trump has delivered that. Of course most care about one or two other things too, some more focused on SCOTUS, some on taxes etc., but they would support Trump even without those.
  2. On a lighter (meatier?) note: Wisconsin GOP tries to stop Racing Sausages from promoting civic participation Ok nothing about vote suppression is funny, but I admit the absurdity of it all made me smile.
  3. Absolutely agree JFK knew this and used it against Nixon. One of the videos I linked even references Nixon vs. Kennedy as an example of an instance when Democrats used this. Edited to add: though more the "winning by looking like you're winning" part rather than the bad leg part. Further edited to add: but I disagree that overall, Democratic campaigns and candidates understand this nearly as well as Republicans do. Also the Republican base is a better target for this tactic than the looser coalition that forms the Democratic big tent.
  4. Sure fair enough. I was just responding to when you said you'd let people choose your title if Trump won. But that wouldn't prove much either way if the opposing argument (including mine) is that debates likely won't matter at all. Separately, on the topic of debates and adversarial political conversations in general in today's media, everyone should watch these videos and the others in this series (Alt-Right Playbook by Ian Danskin):
  5. I don't think people are saying Trump will for sure win the election. Who knows. They are saying the debates won't matter much. Democrats and leftists keep falling into the trap of thinking points and arguments/counter-arguments matter in debates. They don't any more in our current media age. Republicans have long recognized better than Democrats that debates are about projecting strength and moral certainty and authority. Bad arguments and word salads are on purpose, not on accident. They are meant to steer the conversation to areas where the two sides will never agree so you can speak powerfully to your base in front of an adversary, regardless of the actual meaning of the words you say. And Trump is good at projecting strength, certainty and authority to his base. The only way the debates matter much is if as was said earlier, either: a) Biden chokes and a few Democrats decide to stay home, or b) Trump literally (physically) falls on his face or caboose or has a stroke on stage and a few Republicans decide to stay home. Neither is likely to happen. (Edited - formatting)
  6. I'm sure many have seen this video, but it summarizes the above point fairly well: Also this which goes before it:
  7. I had a different read on this particular issue. There's a reason Amos is seeking a fight with Bobbie and not the others in his tribe (outside his tribe, everyone is fair game). It's because he knows she's the one person in his tribe that he's pretty much guaranteed to lose to in a fight. He even says/thinks this outright. So he feels "safe" knowing that the only variable consequences are the extent of both of their injuries and whether or not Amos himself dies. That he's fine with those things just shows you how unhinged he is becoming with death approaching for Clarissa. But the one thing he knows he's not doing is killing Bobbie, so he feels safe trying. Because being his flavor of being sociopath (as he has always been) means that violence is the only way he knows to banish his demons. And sometimes he wrongly assumes that's how others work too - e.g. he asks Holden cheerfully but completely seriously if he needs a fistfight after Fred Johnson dies in Babylon's Ashes. But mostly he does it for himself. And he has always been that kind of sociopath. Just look at some of the psycho stuff he does in Nemesis Games on Earth, especially after the asteroid strikes, when he is also starting to come un-tethered from his ethical compass (for different reasons - not being near Holden and to a lesser extent Naomi). Hell, even in Babylon's Ashes, there is a moment when Amos is questioning Holden about Holden's having disarmed the torpedoes fired at the Pella that he (Amos) nearly decides to kill Holden. But in the end based on Holden's answer, Amos decides he's ok with it and does nothing - very parallel to his decision-making on Lydia's husband in Nemesis Games. The text is very understated (Amos just puts down his plate) and Holden as usual doesn't realize what's going on behind that amiable smile. Of course it's nowhere near ok that Amos is like that, but that's him. And by the end of Persepolis Rising Bobbie ends up realizing in a way that Holden never did that Amos' mental issues, while occasionally useful, will always be a threat to them all unless managed.
  8. On the final 2 episodes themselves, I really liked them. With Drummer being (mostly) an amalgam of book characters Michio Pa and Carlos "Bull" de Baca (though Ashford got some of Bull too in choosing to fire on the Roci outside the ring, and to spin up the drum), I actually was not sure what was going to happen with her. Cara Gee is too good not to use her/Drummer in Pa's role going forward, but I was wondering for a second if that was really the end for her there with the grenade and Diogo.
  9. Yes that's how it's explained in the books - the speed limit, whatever it is, is of course imposed by something we don't understand. "Inertial Damping Field" or something like that is how someone from the books describes it, but basically it's code for mysterious alien phenomenon. But the when observers test it in the book, they notice that it (the central alien station) only "grabs" the "outsides" of things, however it figures that out. And only things with mass, so not light/photons. So anyway everything inside ships is unaffected, other than slamming into things on a suddenly decelerated ship when it happens. Show-wise, the things inside the ship don't end up with the weird purple glow (not in the books) that pulls and holds them in place in a close circle around the ring (this is in the books). That's why Clarissa, Anna and (in the show) Naomi, despite having been in ships that were decelerated by the central station and got the purple halo, were themselves able to go where they wanted between ships in EVA suits afterwards. But when Holden, Bobbie and the other Marines are inside the station, they are on the "outside," as are the bullets from the MMC suit guns. These bullets exceed the earlier speed limit and get grabbed and pulled out of the station into the same close circle, but since they are inside the alien station itself, the AI on the station decides to take further defensive countermeasures - hence the thing that comes after the Marines. The grenade does NOT exceed the earlier speed limit, but its explosion teaches the AI on the station that things much slower than the earlier speed limit can cause damage. So the station applies progressive restraint and further reduces the speed limit suddenly to 100kph or whatever the grenade was moving at. But even at that lower speed limit, bullets inside the ships are not subject to any limit. This is a good question. In the books, Naomi's battle/evasion effort with Clarissa goes on a bit longer, and at one point, Clarissa moves over to the controls to try to overload the Roci's reactor. Naomi is able to knock her away and get to the controls to drop the reactor core if I remember right. Clarissa taunts her that she'll just activate and then overload the nuclear warhead on one of the Roci's missiles instead. But anyway, the result later is that the Roci's reactor is not an issue in the books I think. I guess in the show canon, Alex or Amos must have shut it down.
  10. That's right along the lines of what I was thinking! And this type attack seems to be accompanied by "the bullet" / "eye of an angry god" strange sphere of non-dark / non-light that appears on The Tempest in Persepolis Rising and that Elvi drags Miller through to kill all the proto-artifacts on Ilus in Cibola Burn. But in other situations, like when the ring gates are overloaded and eat ships, the "anti-ring-builders" seem to have a different kind of attack that is perfectly capable of killing humans too. The victims include a whole bunch of Inaros' ships in Babylon's Ashes and the battleship Barkeith that was part of Duarte's splinter faction and tries to pass through along with other ships in the epilogue to Nemesis Games. And we know those people don't just "go elsewhere," they die. Fom the point of view of Barkeith's captain, "Sauveterre did not notice his [own] death." Both types of attacks seem to cause humans to suddenly see the world around them as individual fundamental particles and waves with all the space between them, to various extents. This last effect seems most pronounced for those right at the point of attack, either going through the sphere like Elvi, or in an eaten ship like Sauveterre and Inaros. Drummer and the others in Sol system during the destruction of Pallas by The Tempest also seem to experience something like this - she notices the tea interacting with her mouth at a microscopic level - but not quite to the same extent. I'm not sure if this is because she is far away from The Tempest where the attack comes. Her chief science guy, Tur, seems to think that whatever effect it was happened everywhere at once, but it must fade away at some distance or those in other systems across the galaxy would have felt it too.
  11. Whoa cool - will have to go back and re-read. Thank you!
  12. Also Bobbie's smart/innocent nephew from Gods of Risk (and from one of the prologues) as well as Avasarala's granddaughters (one of them is Kiki) are probably in their 50s. It's implied based on name (the "Baca" part of Santos-Baca or something) that Drummer's colleague who dies on one of the city stations destroyed by the Laconian Battleship is related to Bull from Abbadon's Gate. Also there is a scientist applying for a grant to Drummer and Baca above whose name sounds like he could be the offspring of Elvi Okoye and Fayez Sarkis from Cibola Burn.
  13. I generally agree with you on both points. But I think your hypothetical spaceship debris and an alien defense system beyond the Laconia gate would just pose another mystery. No one would think Duarte's fleet had been wiped out because some who were on Medina during Babylon's Ashes would have remembered the Laconian ship that coasted back through the gate and the Laconians that then set up to defend the rail guns on the ring station. Subsequently, the message broadcast through the Laconia Gate changed to (paraphrasing) "Stay Out." How were Duarte and his people going to suddenly start sending that message after the Free Navy was wiped out at the end of Babylon's Ashes if they already had been turned into spaceship debris at the end of Nemesis Games (prior to the start of Babylon's Ashes)? So as you say, I think someone would have risked sending something through that could defend itself or evade attacks better than a probe, just to get a glimpse. That may have failed as well, but then that would have in turn raised suspicions even further, and humans might have been better prepared to think that whatever was going to come from Laconia was a major threat instead of thinking that 2 small gunships were going to be relevant at all in Medina.
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