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  1. oops! moved to the appropriate thread. i'm not sure how to delete this thread.
  2. i don't wanna spoil it for those who haven't read the books yet, but there's another certain someone who returns from the dead in grrm's version.
  3. i think it would be safe to assume that jon was already aware of the targaryans' history, as both grrm and the show made it clear in the beginning that the starks were very insistent on educating their children about history. i would imagine jon was given similar treatment, despite being a bastard.
  4. not to mention that the cities she already "liberated" fell into deep poverty and/or retracted back into slave trade when they lacked any kind of leadership. her reign was not unlike what pol pot did in cambodia, who also murdered the wealthiest and most educated people in a society and just expected everything to even itself out. small wonder that it did not. dany would basically just pat herself on the back and congratulate herself on being such a wonderful person, only to abandon her people and move onto her next conquest. her story was idiotic.
  5. this is actually a good point. if i had never seen got nor read the books before, i would have been impressed. with context, it's a dumpster fire.
  6. and the fact that it was all over so quickly! 7 seasons of building up to this moment and it's just a single stab to the chest in a "gotcha" moment? maisie already proved that she's more than capable of doing fight scenes too. such a wasted potential.
  7. yeah, i wasn't saying that he took control over her body. at least not in that scene. and what happened to hodor was a result of bran's naivety of his powers, not the three-eyed crow/raven. i'm saying that at some point (which we haven't seen), he relayed to her the same images that he saw in season 7 of how the night king came to be. if what benioff is saying is true, there's absolutely no other way she could have known how to kill him. why he couldn't have told her this earlier is one factor that might not make this the case.
  8. he did it with hodor to a much more extreme degree. i'm guessing that over time he may have been able to hone his skills to the point of not scrambling their minds in the process.
  9. i was wondering what the point of bran's warging scene was until i watched the after credits rundown of the episode. david benioff explains a vital detail in the night king's death. he could not simply be killed with valyrian steel; he had to be stabbed in the same area where the children of the forest stuck the dragonglass into him. my guess is that bran, having the very unique ability to warg into humans and the knowledge of arya being one of the deadliest assassins in the seven kingdoms, relayed this information to her knowing that she would be capable of sneaking up on the night king. i think this was also hinted in the first episode where she manages to sneak up on jon unheard and unnoticed.
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