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    Arya Losin' It

    The one thing I actually liked about those scenes is that they were not tender or sweet. That would have been really weird, given her character. She has never shown any real interest in romance. Thinking backward, I also do not find the comments about Melisandre weird, as she was/is on Arya's list... The idea of sleeping with the same man as Mel must be repulsive for her, so she’s checking what that was about. Oh and thankfully a baby is not a very realistic scenario at this stage of the show, that would be awful... I want to see Arya cut up some WW and people on her list, not walking around with a pregnant belly and thinking about how to name her kid…
  2. Lot Seven

    Thoughts on Bran’s character development

    Both him being traumatized and the thing about becoming a tree sound very logical, maybe it's a combination?? Not only because of Hodor and all the huge changes that have happened in his life, but also because I can imagine that he partly knows whats coming.. The end of the world as everyone knows it. Many people (his family?!) will die (and have already died ofc), and it's not really like he can share that with anyone. That can't be good for a boy his age...
  3. Lot Seven

    Best line of E01

    That was great!!
  4. Lot Seven

    What kind of weapon will Gendry make for Arya?

    So, summarising: it’s probably a double headed spear, which can be detached. Makes sense as she did fought the waif like that before. Could be to kill a dragon with, although I somehow don’t really see that happening… That would mean that she needs to throw it very far, like the Night King did? If she could get close to dragon, she wouldn’t need such a weapon, and could just use Needle… Ideas? I do really think the weapon is for herself, given that before her the Hound also “ordered” a weapon from Gendry.
  5. Lot Seven

    Best line of E01

    “I always knew you were just another rich girl.” “You don’t know any other rich girls.”
  6. Arya asks Gendry to make a weapon for her, something with dragonglass (and valyrian steel??). It looks like a spear in two pieces. What kind of weapon do you think it is and what is she planning to do with it?
  7. Can't help it, am a sucker for girlpower.... And slightly in love with Sansa. Thought the battle was filmed extremely well, the charges were amazing... The episode had me cheering! (especially for Wun Wun, why can't I demolish a door like that?)