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  1. I'd bet a lot of money on the reason being that the dragons look really shit when trying to render them with the light from a fire and darkness all around.
  2. 10/10. Loved it, basically perfect. Yeah, a battle scene would be nice, but they are in the end just fluff. Guys bashing swords into one another isn't the part that's interesting, I can get that by playing Shogun 2 or watching 300 or LotR. It's a really nice background for character development and story, but it's just that - a background. Even GRRM decided not to show certain battles and his only real constraint is the page count. However, I'm disappointed that Tyrion didn't get to be a bit of a badass during the battle. Loved the scene at the Twins, loved the scene between Jon and Mormont and Aemon (though the Bastard sword thing would have been nice to hear). Really like Shae, but I adored the actress before (not for her hardcore porn stuff, but for "Head On"). The slumber party scene was great, the bromance between Tyrion and Bronn is wonderful. Should satisfy the people who missed the Tysha-reveal (except the "made me go last a n pay her a gold piece"-thing missing). The things moved a bit too fast on the Dothraki front, but the fight between Mormont and one of the bloodriders was badass (even if scaled back a lot from the books). The whole Baelor scene was perfect, down to using Ice for the beheading and Varys running to Joffrey to make him reconsider in the background. Joffrey is such a smug, hateable bunghole.
  3. Well, then either they change a lot of Arya's storyline or they get used to it, because that's what she is in the books.
  4. Really, because the GRRM I remembers has lots and lots of similar sex scenes. ;) Many hunters are very peculiar about their prey. And the symbolism was very nice. Flatout 10 for me by the way, despite the clumsy sexposition scene (which - as said - is quite in GRRM's spirit).
  5. I love backstory and exposition episodes in series. Far more than the action-stuff usually. In this case I know all the things already, which of course takes away a bit, but the acting made it still very exciting for me. This episode hit all the right buttons for me.
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