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  1. I really loved this episode. Its one of my top favorites. Just everything about it was amazing to me. I know alot of peple hated it and I see their point of view but I thought it was crazy and seeing Danny slowly snap was crazy and seeing her become the mad queen.
  2. I loved it alot. Seeing Danny slowly snapping and seeing it go full force for everyone to see was crazy. I saw this happening and I just loved all the fighting and the different characters in different light and all that.
  3. 9/10 i wish the battle was a bit longer. It was like HERE WE GO and then boom, over. Overall, the episode is my alltime episode of all time of all shows, its amazing.
  4. Watching the episode for the 3rd time and its just ask nerve racking as it was watching the first time!
  5. omg this episode was so good. just got done watching it and its amazing!
  6. This episode was so good and powerful. You can see the building blocks coming together to make a strong season. very excited.
  7. Hi Everyone! My name is Mark and ive been a fan of the TV show but i just got into the books! Im still learning everything so I may sound dumb from time to time! Im excited to join this.
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