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  1. Weak pointlessness filler episode, almost every scene was weak, hate to think they are trying to weasel an 8th but it's almost got that feel. Do we get a Stoneheart next? Yawn
  2. Well done Game of Thrones a solid 8. My only complaint was the Sansa opening, cough useless, and the lack of information behind the corrupted greenseer the Night King, I cannot swallow that other simplistic explanation. The infected where cool and the holy hand grenade added effect. Showing Bran's purpose as he has been marked, The Braavos play was great.
  3. On an off topic in other comparisons of shows that I am currently watching, apology for being off topic and maybe a troll because it is non topic, except in showing comparisons. Shows that I rate highly, probably rating in the high 8- 10 rating from what I have seen. Billions. A show that replies heavily on its use of witty dialogue and acting, even when its characters argue and swear it is awesome. I have only seen the pilot but it was immersing. I have the box set I need to watch it now, but my box is getting so full of content. It was a very enjoyable pilot. 9.5 Penny Dreadful Season 3. I am enjoying a lot more than past seasons. The second season I didn't like very much at all, and the first didn't have much of an ending, it has some violence and nudity which some might consider over the top, but it serves a purpose. The dialogue used and the acting make it a very enjoyable show with a decent fantasy plot. I grimaced with the Daywalker and mirrors. It is enjoyable. 8.5 Colony; The action and dialogue make the plot enjoyable. 8 Banshee; I don't like this season as much as previous seasons and it contains a lot of violence action swearing and nudity. It is enjoyable. 8 I do enjoy Game of Thrones when it is having better day's, and no not every episode is as good as the next. This episode discussed was miles off its usual mark
  4. From a show perspective I am painfully trying hard not muddle the two from an unbiased perspective. Theon getting home, when the bastard is out with his hounds, knowing where Brienne went, and having alliance with the Umbers and Karstarks. The squish squish splat for the added Aggo paintwork, when the crime was committed and reported, it was F that. The bastard knew what Osaha would do, why risk it on even the smallest chancing? Daario and Jorah walking across Sothyros, when Dany took 5 seasons. Probably a host more, I stayed up to watch the show, but I honestly couldn't because its errors were constant.
  5. This is our precious don't say anything bad about the precious, we prize our precious, it's the same precious every week and every week it is a 10/10. I am sorry but the dialogue was appalling, and it was structured for most of this episodes duration using subtitles, of a made up language. But even the Romulans and Klingons spoke in better mannered educated tones despite of their hostilities. There was dialogue problems concerning; Couches are so medieval High Sparrow. Frey is a house, Littlefinger. The Bastard's letter. Greyworm speech using the word Jew, instead of you, or who knows? Toilets, outhouses, instead of latrine pits? Pycelle says the same thing every episode. There was clear acting problems in the angry stomping in Meereen and the constant scowling. There was continuity problems; the Drothraki sea was no where on the horizon, neither was any horses, or any water for their markets. The Meereen throne room was a brothel, when the quarters behind where turned into a whore house. Sansa's make-up changed upon a cup'o'soup, then upon entry into Castle Black. Charcoal turns into Wildfire. There wasn't a scene that I didn't feel like I wanted it to be over.
  6. I expected the scene to maybe use the Dosh Khaleen, on the mountainside as the only building, because they live in tents, as they are constantly on the move raiding. Apart from when returning to their city. A city that has no real structuring in Vaes Dothrak, except for the temple structure needed to house its crones on that mountain side. What is at the top of the mountain that the crones live? A beautiful lake where Khal Drogo stole her love. Nevermind that. Using the spies to infiltrate from a boat via a market, because there is no way that the hobbits walked to Isengard. If you are going to show an aerial screenshot, it better include the primary thing that the Dothraki revere the most or it is pointless to show it from that landscape using that horizon which showed an endless landscape of a barren desert mountainous wasteland, where their raiding horses would their break legs. So how should that scene have been shown? Using a simple temple on a mountain. Ending with Jorah and Daario looking up at a burning building, or even the same building it didn't matter apart from the placement of that aerial screenshot when showing that expanse of their encampment. Did it need the death of Aggo, using a squish squish squish splatting sound, after his knife attack? Or couldn't they have witnessed something on their arrival, we didn't even learn anything from them, nothing that we didn't already know, except that they were there to help her get home. Its final scene was something out of Mazalan, reminiscent of hobbling, come Sinn the girl who burst into an inferno?
  7. I don't need to be anything that you want me to be. The devil is in the details, but you must have missed that? I get responded with a troll for the sake of it, saying, what if they keep the thousands of horses hidden, or they have secretly transported the millions of tonnes feed from where to feed their hidden horses. I will tell you that a horse costs about 50 quid a day, today, to keep and maintain, sometimes more depending on the breed, because they cannot just eat grass as a diet, and a horse for war and riding cannot stay enclosed or it won't charge. But you have the nerve to place me in the wrong? Because you think you can communicate like that to me and you tell me that I need to what. I'll tell you what I need to do is report your post, and I will the next time you try to respond to me. Blocked and goodbye.
  8. No it was also its formulation, formulation that changes every season into something else forgetting its openings. Example the Dothraki camp was shot where in this episode? Different to its opening defeating its purpose. The Dothraki rely on their horses, how much does a horse cost to feed, yet when I see desert and a rock, how would they survive when there its even a river for its markets. Yes I agree the crones lived on the mountainside, but the Khalasar was located where. Importantly it is the very point of speech, that has prompted a 0. Ultimately I could break down the speech used in almost every scene shot, and also the formulation behind many of them, driving the rating I have given, but we both know that it would become pointless. Take or leave my remark if that shoe fits, but I am not going to shout 10 out of 10 Dany for any other national B/C day...
  9. That isn't the complete point, because of its member's investments committed. Some episode are better than others, so there is distinction to its merits, such as an ending to any beginnings, psychologically it has drawn attention and will continue to do so often immersing, unless it does something else drastically altering that pleasure, despite of it now becoming separate entities after any investment committed. Although upon making a point of why this particular episode was awful. Are we not punished for breaching rules, found importantly throughout our own uses of speech? I agreeing swearing has its merits, contexts, and concepts. However to create a language specifically for the use of its inappropriation throughout this episode defeats the very concept of it. I cannot think of many subtitles in Dothraki which didn't contain a richer more appropriate tone.
  10. No 0 for rating this episode, it stunk. Who makes up a gibberish language to repeatedly swear throughout its use of subtitling? When gibberish was this show's episode duration, it prompts a 0 because it lacks intelligence.
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