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  1. A solid 9. I loved the Cersei/KL scenes and even though I had read all the spoilers and knew what was coming, I was still surprised. The score was amazing. And I had big feels when Cersei crowned herself. I watched the after-show commentary and agreed with D&D that a Cersei without her role as a mother, which was the only humanizing thing about her, is terrifying. R+L=J I believe this is totally confirmed and it was well done and emotional. Dany and her ginormous fleet setting sail was satisfying and I am feeling like there isn't much left for her to even conquer in Westeros. She has a ton of support and the only people who seem to actually WANT the Iron Throne are herself, Baelish and Cersei. So its hers for the taking but we know it won't be that simple - a zombie apocalypse is coming. Which sucks because I hate zombies but whatever. Sad to lose Margaery, I loved her character.
  2. I gave it a 10. I am past complaining about bad writing and narrative jumps. You don't bite the hand that feeds you and at this point, unless GRRM gets me a book, the show is feeding me. And this episode was so EPIC. Someone else said cinematic and I totally agree. The Dany scene was the best Dany scene yet. I liked the Yara/Theon interaction, it was interesting which is more than I can say about most dialogue involving Dany. And her kicking ass with her Dragons was so good. Also Greyworm ninja neck slicing. Very nice. The battle scene. So visceral. Jon being an emotional dummy was not tactically smart, but understandable and added to sense of hopelessness throughout the whole battle. I felt Rickon's dying was very sad. Even though we don't know him in the books or show, we know he is still just a child and it stung. I didn't mind the Vale's Rohan moment at all. I can only hope we have an "Its the eagles!" moment later with the dragons and Sam and Jon while they lay almost dying somewhere. Davos. He is a great actor and a good person. That is rare in Westeros. Ramsay's execution was perfect. At Sansa's hands and he had fear in his voice. I liked her smile. She deserves it. She has lived through Joffery and then Ramsay so you go girl.
  3. MoonWoman

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    Oh man, this one was not good. Without GRRM, the show is a hot mess. I'll still watch it, but only because I have Stockholm syndrome. Ok, the bad: Arya. UGH. OMG she really was that dumb last episode? It wasn't some elaborate ruse where she is the Waif, the Waif is her, etc.? No. Just what it is on the surface. Not good. They ruined the FM for me. It just all made no sense, it her story didn't follow any coherent path whatsoever in Braavos. But hey, she is leaving finally so cool I guess. RR and the Blackfish. Lame way to go out. Like a crusty old man who won't leave his house? Tyrion joke time. I mean, seeing Greyworm smile was a sweet moment but didn't we are we doing this joke attempt yet again and then to only have it instantly switch laughably to totally OH SHIT THE SHIPS ARE COMING was not good. The good: The Hound. I like his less growly nature and dialogue. Love the idea of him with the BWoB - hoping this leads him to a Sansa reunion. I also like seeing Beric again. Love a man with an eye patch. Edmure/Jaime exchange. Not that I love the Jaime/Cersei story line they are going with in the show - book narrative was so much better, but I have a theory they are actually building up his love for her so it can be destroyed in the next few seasons. Brienne offsetting Jaime - she is like everything he is not - righteous, with honor, good. The convo about the sword highlighted that. She was like you gave this to me to do a thing and I did it. The LOL in a bad way: The dragon taxi service. So cheesy. The LOL in a good way: A sparrow's head getting ripped off. I found it sort of satisfying.
  4. This was not my favorite episode this season - but still a 7. Loved the blackfish - laughed out loud when he told Jaime meeting him was disappointing. Also LOL to Lyanna Mormont shutting down Jon Snow's mansplaining. But I still found the Sansa/Jon scenes kind of off, and same for the Hound, like his character but the scenes took me out of it. The Arya scenes were so strange I have to imagine it was on purpose and something is up there, something more going on. At least I hope, otherwise it was just not good.
  5. This. I was cheering! She finally did a thing! Overall loved this episode. I also voted 9. It felt long in a good way. Castle Black was great - I teared up a bit at the Sansa/Jon hug. Tyrion was painful to watch in a good way as well - like it hurt because he was right but the tension there was intense. And I also realized I have become a total Theon cheerleader (quite unexpectedly). I think my only gripe is Osha. Did we really need one more reason to hate Ramsay? Couldn't she of just died in the battle somehow?