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  1. daemonTheBlack

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    You may be right. I also can not seem to find many old sources using quick searches at least. I was probably projecting what I had taken for granted for a long time ever since I was familiar with R+L=J.
  2. Jon Connington, if he shows up that is, is more likely to support the Targaryens. In the books they break a contract to fight for "Aegon Targaryen". Its either that or, like some of the "leaked season 8 scripts" indicate ..
  3. daemonTheBlack

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    It could simply be that Rhaegar believed the Prince that was Promised was to be named Aegon. When he believed his first son to be the PtwP, he named him Aegon. Then something else he read / saw / foresaw clarified his understanding, and he did the same with his second son.
  4. daemonTheBlack

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    It was either Aegon, or in some rare cases, Jaehaerys. Every R+L=J speculation I have seen had one of those two. Those were the closest Targaryen names to "Jon". Ahh yes, Thats true. Well as long as it was not a Targaryen name, it would have sufficed.
  5. daemonTheBlack

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    I hope you are joking. That is hardly a twist. All R+L=J theorists speculated his real name is Aegon. "Jon" was a convenient northern-isation, because Ned Stark's "son" could not possibly carry a Targaryen name. She probably wont, not for long anyway. But she will definitely take it away from Cersei. Thats all the prophesy specifies. Dont take it personally. You have become the unwitting figurehead of the great many people making this nonsensical argument about the show "being too obvious"..... after seven seasons of death and destruction with 80% of the characters eliminated.There has to be some main characters left, otherwise there would not be a story.
  6. daemonTheBlack

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    Its only "obvious" now because we have known this for decades and overspeculated it to death. Its as "obvious" as R + L = J. In the context of the story, Cersei first thought it was Sansa, then she thought it was Margaery, so it is quite fitting that its actually the young queen she was not bothered about until the last couple of books / seasons. Its what the story has been building up to for years. Forcefully changing the end game just for the sake of a twist because fans have figured it out, is just bad and contrived writing.
  7. daemonTheBlack

    That look on Tyrion's face

    I think its just a red herring to force the audience to question his loyalty, only so that at the moment of reckoning there will be a "twist" and Tyrion will prove to be loyal to the Stargaryens. And yeah. Its pretty obvious, that after both Jon and Dany die by the end, he will be regent and bring up their children. He is a worthless military strategist but a brilliant conciliator and administrator - the ideal person to fix Westeros after the devastating wars.That is how his character has been built up.
  8. daemonTheBlack

    Jon and Daeneris

    After looking at some of the old threads in this forum, this very much seems to be the case. Admittedly it is a difficult challenge to make internet nerds root for a powerful female character who goes around conquering cities, punishing slavers, burning rapist warlords et al. But its still a great failure of GRRM and the show-runners that they have failed to make one of the main protagonists likable to a large subgroup of the fanbase.
  9. Those three are likely to survive, I agree. But unless Samwell dies and gets resurrected, I dont see how he will stop being a Brother of the Nights Watch. Neither will he have a child of his own. That is why he has pretty much adopted one of Craster's. If some King or Queen absolves him of his vows (is there a precedent for this?) or if the NW is disbanded, he is more likely to end up an Archmaester.
  10. daemonTheBlack

    Daenerys will die in episode 7.

    Jon Snow is going to die next episode. His whole point was to fix Dany's reproductive issues with the Blood of the Dragon, have boatsex to give her an heir, and die. He is the Nissa Nissa in this cycle of time. Dany will hand him over to Cersei as the price for an alliance. And Cersei will snu-snu him to death.
  11. daemonTheBlack

    Jon and Daeneris

    I also prefer Daenerys to Dany. It sounds more "Targaryen Dragon Queen coming to melt your face off".
  12. daemonTheBlack

    Tyrion is playing everybody

    Well, yes. For people who have only watched the show, I can understand why they might think this way given recent events. Plot leaks spoiler below - But in the books we know what his going on in Tyrion's head. It will take some serious change of character for Tyrion to do something like that. With that being said, even in the books, Quaithe asks Daenerys to not trust the Lion (among others). And there is the "betrayal for blood" to consider. So it is not impossible that Tyrion might betray her in the future. However I doubt it will be caused due to treachery or maiice on part of Tyrion (he simply lacks those traits as far as we have seen). It might happen if Tyrion finds himself at a crossroad, having to choose between his brother (he owes his life to Jaime) and Daenerys.
  13. daemonTheBlack

    Jon and Daeneris

    Indeed. It was the same for me, even when I thought he was a son of Ned Stark. He was ice, and Daenerys fire. The blue flower thing, and all the R+L=J hints put it beyond all doubts for me.
  14. daemonTheBlack

    Jon and Daeneris

    Are there really anyone among the book readers that did not believe Dany and Jon will be getting together? I always thought the "Bride of Fire" vision clearly indicates Jon (a blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness) as her final husband.
  15. daemonTheBlack

    Why did they bring up succession order?

    The Blood of the Dragon is magic (ie some alien biological science that is not fully understood). It will fix any issues either of them might have with their reproductive systems.