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  1. I thought you were going to say it then fades into that damned Skyrim opening scene.
  2. Ordee

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    "The war for Cersei's c***t." Jamie Lanister, Season 1
  3. Ordee

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    This describes my feelings about John as well. As a fan of the show, the North, the Nights Watch, the white walkers and everything else up north was my favorite part. Watching John grow for five seasons was awesome and really built up to something epic happening with him. But unfortunately, after his ressurection in S6, he sucks. Plain and simple. It's almost as if D&D have their favorites and are simply forcing the story to benefit them. There was a serious change to two characters I loved in S6. John and Arya. John went completely downhill; like you said "too submissive and passive"; and Arya made an OVERNIGHT rise to the most badass epic fighter in Westeros with none of Arya's personality traits that made her my favorite for 5 seasons. I know they showed some scenes of her and the waif fighting with wooden staves. Doesn't change my opinion. The NK ending should have been a group effort with John as the lead. His moment with the killing blow was the most earned after everything he went through up north. This is just my observation. It sucks to think that the coolest part of the story was just an annoying distraction to the real threat from Cersie. But it's D&D's sandbox and they can do whatever they want. In the end everyone is just an actor trying to do their best with the story they've been handed.
  4. What a complete letdown! As others have said, 8 seasons of build up for the NK and army of the dead for nothing. No payoff at all just Arya the "badass bitch". No flaming sword created by plunging into the heart of Nissa Nissa, no Bran powers finally revealed and unleashed, no sort of reveal of who the NK was, no NK flying south to KL while part of his army attacks WF, no teamwork to take down the white walkers and whittle down their portion of the army of undead. DAMN! The fight with the dead should have spanned 2 episodes. There was so much cool shit to explore there. I know people cheered when Arya killed the NK but her character has been dead (to me anyway) since her season 6 stroll through Braavos. She's been a smug little goblin, devoid of any of the qualities that made her my favorite character for 5 seasons before that. I am so disappointed in this show right now. Last night, as soon as she left Mel and The Hound, I got the sinking feeling she was going to be the one who killed the NK. My fears were realized in the most cringey and hackey way. This is kind of therapeutic to put my disappointment into words. Thanks.
  5. 5/10 also. Bran's flashbacks were interesting to see and I'm sure contained allot of info on things to come in the show. Aria and the FM story looks like it's about to crash, but I agree with other posters here that it was all planned and hoped for by Jaquen Hagar(spelling?). The KL showdown had a nice twist that made it interesting but I don't like what's being done with Jamie's character right now. He was making a great transition during season 4 with Brienne and I was excited to hopefully see him rise up out of Cersei's quagmire. There is still hope though. The Sam scene was interesting just because I like Sam and was wondering how they were gonna keep him in the game if he needs to train for years and years to become a Maester of the Citadel. Does this mean he is taking the sword and going back north to the Wall with his father and troops in hot pursuit? Or is he taking the sword to the Citadel maesters in an attempt to get Valerian steel back into production? Uncle Benjen scene was cool and required at this point I guess. Bran and Meera were screwed without help from someone or something. I like Meera and think she has an inner strength but they needed a physical strength replacement to Summer and Hodor to help them move forward. I'll keep my comments kinda short about Dany the Disney princess. I started hating her around Season 2 when she gave her bratty little rant in front of Quarth and I've never turned back. Her story is the weakest part of the show and I hope she doesn't win it all in the end. It's the thorn in my side each episode but I just roll my eyes and stay interested in the other stories. This is just my opinion as a viewer of the show and not a book reader so please don't get too upset about my single opinion. She has a big part to play with her dragons and their abilities so I am looking forward to seeing how that plays out. With all the hints about dragons and stuff related to dragons (dragon fire, dragon glass, attacks from the air, etc...), the Night King is going to have his hands full when they finally meet.