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  1. Jenny of Dorne

    Jon Stark or Snow?

    Hard to say what is the show canon for this, but based on the book Jon I think he wouldn't name himself Stark, out of respect towards Ned, Rob and maybe also Sansa. He would want to remain Snow. It has to do with his avoiding the "trappings of power" as Melisandre says.
  2. Jenny of Dorne

    Aegon TWOW

    Well, if I imagine myself in Aegon's shoes, I think first he must get some prominent Westerosi allies who will support his claim. It does not seem reasonable to me to go conquer the King's Landing directly from Storm's End, having the Martell support or not. I believe he needs a wider base. The logical thing would be to ally himself with the Reach somehow - in exchange for facing the Ironborn together and/or in exchange for a marriage. As I expect Tommen to die (golden shrouds and all that), I believe the Tyrells may be looking for a new husband for Margaery the Forever Virgin soon. If they are out of the game already, then Randyll Tarly has some daughters to offer as well. It's obvious that Aegon has some role to play. He can have Dorne's support without a marriage so his purpose probably is not to be Arianne's husband. He is fake, so he will probably not rule the Seven Kingdoms in the end. We don't have enough space in the books left so he probably won't be around for long. So my guess is he does something important and right after that he dies (like he conquers the KL and consequently gets killed by Euron, or kills Euron and consequently is killed by Daenerys, or finds about his illegitimacy and offs himself).
  3. Jenny of Dorne

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    Hey, I am new to this as you can see, but have thought this through a lot... So, I really don't think that LF can be described as or believed savage. Yes, he is cruel, he kills people for his own benefit, he is a sociopath - but to be savage, I'd say he'd have to be much more violent, brutal, losing his temper, or at least associated with other savages... neither of which he is. His self control is one of the best in Westeros, I think (right next to Roose Bolton). Besides, yes, the prophecies are figurative and often envision people's actions via their sigils but I don't recall of any other prophecy in the books which would symbolize a man with a sigil he doesn't use and is not generally associated with him. Why wouldn't the GoHH see a maid killing a little (mocking)bird in a castle made of snow if LF's death is what the prophecy is representing? So, in my opinion, the GoHH prophecy is no more than what it seems based on the castle of snow scene in the Eyrie. I actually like it, as a great absurdity and a sign of prophecies not being always what they seem. I would love to see Sansa finishing off LF but my feeling is that it she will die, more likely, because she disconnected herself deliberately from her pack and the lone wolf dies.