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  1. Sir Hedge of Hog

    Alternate Tactics for Daenerys

    This is what Varys should have been doing. laying the groundwork for Dany and spreading crap about cersei...but it didn't fit with what D&D had planned..
  2. Sir Hedge of Hog

    The Ending Was very conventional

    i agree with this so much. i wanted to see him act and be a king, he always being manipulated by others - but when he apologised to bran at the end, i was in despair - i just did not see why he had to do that at all - talk about self flaggelation!
  3. Sir Hedge of Hog

    Who got the most screwed over

    Agree 100% . So much was put on jon heritage and it was such a let down..rheu shoulda been hitched but the plot line got screwed over.
  4. Sir Hedge of Hog

    Who got the most screwed over

    I agree..I was not s big dany fan but she got wrecked...I was gutted for jon especially when arya got the NK cos of the green eyes BS, and tyrion dumbed down to make sansa littlefinger.
  5. Sir Hedge of Hog

    How would you have ended it?

    I kinda wanted something like this, but she does not burn KL and also jon kills the NK. I wanted dany to plunge dragonglass into jons heart (making use of the scene of the NK being created) and him being a warrior of fire/light - hence him being rezzed by the lord of light) - making use of the several years of build up. Jons ID would be revealed in some way and him riding rhaegal would be more impactful and emotional - him embracing his ID I would also have arya killing cersei, painfully and gleefully... I would not have dany dieing in childbirth, she has children. Jon would have to leave to the north to become the shield that guards the realms of men, cos the WW will return. Varys also would not have died the way he did, and would have been more useful...infiltrating KL and starting to win hearts and minds to dany. even more cheesy and with a few plot holes lol
  6. Sir Hedge of Hog

    "What If" turnings points in the show

    jon would have not found out about his heritage, him and dany would have been married and she would have not nuked KL as jon would have not left her, he would have helped her through her losses. she would probably got pregnant too. how this would affect the NK tho as bran was 'bait' lol for him, sure they would have found another way.
  7. Sir Hedge of Hog

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    it will create uproar if they win that best writing award for sure....a massive sign to the criticisms of the finale
  8. Sir Hedge of Hog

    What was the purpose of Jon Snow?

    yep for me this was one of the biggest dissapointments of S8, i felt apathy. i was not a dany fan, but i ended feeling for her more. Jon, they just castrated and when he apologised to bran i was fuming, i was like stop beating yourself up,
  9. Sir Hedge of Hog

    What was the point of r+l=j

    that would have been great to see since he is good at uniting peoples and bringing them together. He always had a rivalry/problems with Sansa which were exacerbated by her becoming littlefinger 2.0 but the show allowed no time for him to consider what it meant to be a targ. he showed no interest (probs due to the incest problem) and he had doubts over his starkness but his sisters and bran were all he knew. however I am disappointed that their were no conversations with dany about targness or with anyone such as davos help him. one of the biggest disappointments for me was how his lineage felt inconsequential and irrelevant (although you can argue to was the final straw for dany)….on another show....
  10. yep that was the convienient 'out' for the showrunners - jon could have been convinced if the knew the future of the realm was at stake, and more wars, and perhaps dany sanity? not even super smart littlefinger 2.0 picked up on on it! the end has still left a bitter taste for me and I'm a jon/stark fan..ffs I just wanted more dialogue - this was one of the conversations I was looking forward to - dany/jon and marriage and davos trying to help jon with his ID. No one spoke to him and about his change in behaviour towards dany after sam spilled the beans. flatter than a pancake sigh
  11. Sir Hedge of Hog

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    yes I suppose, but all those plot points seem underwhelming in a way cos we expected certain things and they were subverted lol. I would have preferred that jons reveal came out with the council discussion and then he suggested a vote similar to the nights watch, but then Grey worm was the problem. I am gonna miss this show and the characters for sure...
  12. Sir Hedge of Hog

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    What bugs me is that jons heritage counted for for fuck all...if it was not revealed jon and dany would have been happyish, no KL burned and they would have married uniting the realm. Guess this would have been too happy an ending... He just tagged along the whole season. I get the impression kit hated the script
  13. in some ways it might have been better for jorah to kill dany...jon taking drogon and being revealed as the heir. then jon heads off on drogon with dany to?
  14. he aint gonna come back. he is where he is happiest. living with the wildlings, ranging, exploring but ... I wonder if he is immortal and will the shield that guards the realms of men, in case the WW return...