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  1. I kinda wanted something like this, but she does not burn KL and also jon kills the NK. I wanted dany to plunge dragonglass into jons heart (making use of the scene of the NK being created) and him being a warrior of fire/light - hence him being rezzed by the lord of light) - making use of the several years of build up. Jons ID would be revealed in some way and him riding rhaegal would be more impactful and emotional - him embracing his ID I would also have arya killing cersei, painfully and gleefully... I would not have dany dieing in childbirth, she has children. Jon would have to leave to the north to become the shield that guards the realms of men, cos the WW will return. Varys also would not have died the way he did, and would have been more useful...infiltrating KL and starting to win hearts and minds to dany. even more cheesy and with a few plot holes lol
  2. yep...but he still foresaw a million innocent smallfolk getting burnt and let it happen...doesn't sit well with me I'm afraid... I am not 'anti' bran, but I am unclear about his motives - if he kept jons parentage a secret what would happened? happy jon/dany = peaceful prosperous 7K (apart from sansa scheming) at the least KL would not have destroyed...
  3. I completely agree with all of this. I would have like to see jon being reluctantly being forced to be king and davos reading out his titles, white wolf, etc ....and seeing the lords kneel.....but he would have probably hated it
  4. 100% - bran knew everything he did put a chain of events in motion that resulted in dany nuking KL... I mean he knew dany would kill 1M small folk...and this for the a new democracy, etc...yes you can argue the wheel had to be broken yada yada...but it just don't feel right to me
  5. I have a hell of a bitter taste too. I hate bronn also, what does he bring at this stage of the game?
  6. yes they all seem muted in the attitudes - especially the younger actors, while the older more experience actors seem 'meh' kit especially seems gutted as jon didn't really amount to much and emelia getting her head around mad dany. thought sophie seemed upbeat cos sansa comes through tho.
  7. Lame as this sounds this is gonna happen
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