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  1. he aint gonna come back. he is where he is happiest. living with the wildlings, ranging, exploring but ... I wonder if he is immortal and will the shield that guards the realms of men, in case the WW return...
  2. Sir Hedge of Hog

    People's reaction to Dany turning Mad Queen says something about us as humans

    this is a nutshell - she wasn't my fav but she was just wrecked in 2 episodes despite years of khalessi ness. I felt for her story arc.
  3. Sir Hedge of Hog

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    I was thinking this could be bran but didn't count for much in the show
  4. Sir Hedge of Hog

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    yep jon kinda got ruined I felt he was tagging along until the very end where he killed dany. I would like to have seen more of their relationship for sure.
  5. Sir Hedge of Hog

    A Beautiful Tragedy...

    I like it however I would like to have seen bran as the manipulator which would explain a lot of things
  6. Sir Hedge of Hog

    A Beautiful Tragedy...

    sure each to their own....I did not want them ruling together (that would have been your lotr ending)...but being together leaving to recover from their losses, etc. that would have been bittersweet. dany recognising jon, making a sacrifice for her people - demonstrating the noble, humane quality she had through several seasons, proving her worth. having said that she was a dragon, and they aint the most humble of creatures. it think the dany going mad, caught people off guard and the non entity that was the NK. fans struggled that dany was the big bad, not some 8000 year old entity that was built up to be the big bad over 8 years. so what was your preferred ending? were you happy with finale?
  7. Sir Hedge of Hog

    A Beautiful Tragedy...

    Yes this the crux - most show fans (who are not book fans) wanted a happier ending than what we got. Years of strife and torment resulted in fans wanting a different and happier ending - what I wanted for sure. Jon dany and babies, perhaps not ruling but happy. It is difficult to equate an 8 year bad with a heroine who goes mad over 1 hour..it needed so much more time to work. Jon was confused all S8 till the end and at the end he was apologising to bran - I felt that's enough of that ! All the lead up to jon/dany baby - that us why people were disappointed plus dany huge sea change in character. Still an awesome series
  8. completely agree - he was happy for all those people to die in KL - he foresaw this - surely things would have been settled with jon/dany ruling together not knowing Jons parentage?
  9. yes we all have our own pov and it would have been better with more time for sure. one of the success of GoT is that the fans have become so invested in it, that they care so much to provide alternative endings. I disagree with Bran being king tho, his motives are unclear and resulted in death/chaos.
  10. yes I agree lol, I mean Bran FFS - his actions caused all of this chaos and no one really understands his motives, Jon always carried the can/blame and dany did not deserve to go mad..it could have been bittersweet with them heading off together....jon getting over the incest thing as he will become a father - like all the foreshadowing in S7...the two of them focusing on what is really important and passing the throne on...it would have been happier... majority feel flat with the ending although it has encouraged me to read the books again and some of the others
  11. I like the idea of the her setting of wildfire caches, and being horrified by that. Jon mistakenly kills her as he thinks she did it (wildfire is green tho lol) OR my preferred theory,....bran played them all...sent voices into her head, driving her mad, like blood raven did with aerys, he knew the reveal would tear them apart... jon kills her and then bran due to him being the great other - jon fulfils the prophecy - he is azor ahai, etc dany is rezzed later - she mirrors his life (death/res) They leave, nuke throne and raise kids I know it needs more work - we have now real explanation for bran' actions - he knew dany would nuke KL and was ok for this to happen...
  12. its good and would have made a lot more sense, she would have been pregnant and her and jon buggered off to the waterfall....
  13. i agree, being rewarded with the NW and the lordship on criminals, etc is bitter. I prefer for him to be leaving with the wildlings and that's where he is in my mind... dany got screwed over...
  14. Sir Hedge of Hog


    Yes u r right ...and with the Bob they could have easily lost..it made no sense with sansa - but also what about sam/Bran who made the reveal - did they fight for jon when he needed them. Jon just takes shit - he very rarely gives it out - well in this season also. He is probably still mourning dany. They were all content for jon to get exiled. No body gave a fuck.