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  1. You and me both Anti Targ...you and me both...(pouts) Was discussing the show with my husband (who stuck these books in my hand and demanded I read them) and he seems to be intersted...it only took weeks of me playing with lists and Smouldering to post a poll to get him to even take a gander at our lists. Now he keeps asking me questions like I'm the expert...at least I'm better informed than I was a month ago... D&D, how is the show coming? Any news? (I mean other than you can't act, but hey, neither can most of the pretty faces out there on the big screens.)
  2. Great job on the official synopsis thread!

  3. And Jeff - I'd also like to apologize for my post. Every forum is different. I have been on another forum for a long time and got used to their rules. So I'd like to say I'm sorry for being rude and sorry to Ran for causing a stink.
  4. [quote name='JeffReid' post='1612728' date='Dec 9 2008, 05.01'][b]We created Storycasting (www.storycasting.com) expressly to enable fiction casting using current film and TV players. [u]There are already 13 casts posted [/u] at the premier, all-fiction "fantasy casting" website. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK.[/b][/quote] Don't leech off our following or anything...geez...usually it's bad manners to come to someone else's site to advertise your own...just saying. Please put the casting suggestions in the proper threads with links so I can add them to our list! We'll eventually run polls to see which suggestions come out as the most popular. This will enable D&D to see what *most* of the viewers are after in the roles.
  5. We've got a list in a thread down below somewhere. I have used these wonderful lists to color code the index to make things easier for everyone. Barristan was not with them at that point and time that I am aware... Oh, and BTW, where do we sign up for Casting Director for this production? :thumbsup:
  6. Don't worry about a whole new thread. I'm in the middle of taking the list someone (fabulously) made of potential characters to be used and making them bold in the Casting Synopsis Index...which BTW has still not been stickied (gives the evil eye to whoever has the power to do these things).
  7. Yeah, I just suealed rather loudly and started jumping up and down in my chair at work....thankfully no one else is here to see this. However the guy from upstairs came down to make sure I was okay... Glad we could be of help for the casting, I'll get my rear moving on those lists for you.
  8. Aging the characters a bit shouldn't be too horrible (although I did have a bit of a pout at reading that they're going to age them). I just hope they don't go too far in the aging process and make Cersei look like she's maybe 30 and Joff look like he's in his 20's (for example). Also, they can always "Dawson" cast the characters if they have an inappropriate scene when they're much too young. However, I have to agree with the person who asked them not to give in to the temptation to make Dany into a sizzling hot 20 something year old character. As to Sansa's flowering and age, if they upped it to...say...15, it's still realistic for her not to have flowered as some flower as late as 16, especially if they've lived active lives.
  9. Wow, this is awesome to have you guys actually reading forums for the casting! My only desire is to see this stay true to the books as much as possible (I know there will be liberties taken). I recently have been watching the Seeker of Truth series and while it may have helped to pave the way for the greenlight on this project, I'm highly disappointed in the complete colapse of the main story. So please stick to text, it's proven itself golden! (All Heil GRRM!)
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