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  1. TheSeer27

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    So Mance killed the direwolf? For what reasoning?
  2. TheSeer27

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    We have no evidence that Gared saw the Others. He could have took a horse and left them there when they went to explore the village. Also, how could the Others convince Gared to do this for him. They can't just talk to him. We can't assume he was spared. Being on horseback, its conceivable he glimpsed them from afar and just rode south. The direwolf either could have already been in the Wolfswood, or it could have made its way south on its own (guided by Bloodraven, or the COTF.) The tines being snapped on the antler is definitely peculiar. But we just have no evidence it was Gared. Why would he sacrifice the direwolf then stick around long enough to be caught, just to get beheaded and die anyway?
  3. TheSeer27

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    So what are you saying? The Others spared Gared to kill the Direwolf? I agree, who sent the direwolf and how Gared escaped the Others is what we've all been wondering for years lol. Although now thinking about it, the direwolf being pregnant would make it weaker so maybe Gared or someone/something else could have slain it.
  4. TheSeer27

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    There was a foot of antler in the direwolves throat. No there wasn't a dead stag, but they didn't exactly look for one either. Also, I don't believe Gared could kill a Direwolf.
  5. TheSeer27

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    What about the stag that killed the Direwolf?
  6. TheSeer27

    Lyanna Stark: A Gift from Old Gods

    This always bugged me about the direwolves. The mother being Lyanna makes perfect sense. And now I feel pretty stupid not having noticed it sooner
  7. I feel like everyone who thinks this was a great episode is only watching GOT as terror porn and just like seeing people die. Good god this episode was worse than a cartoon. Its baffling how much time the show wastes building up plots and then completely abandoning them. And then the real important storylines get about 30 seconds of airtime. And seriously, can Dave and Dan set a scene that isn't about people talkin about fucking, showing warted cocks, or sticking a finger up a dudes ass? Seriously? But then again these are the same writers who coined the phrase "You want a good girl but you need a bad pussy" so I dont know why my expectations remain high.