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  1. I'm confused aren't the dothraki a "keep what you kill" society, so then why were the dothraki mad Jon killed Dany? by all right the dothraki should have hailed Jon as they new leader or since Dany make them all her blood riders they should have all killed themselves. it makes no sense they'd turn against Jon for doing exactly what they feel a good leader should do. which means it was only the unsullied who should of wanted to kill Jon and there isn't enough of them to really matter.
  2. since when Has taking out your anger on 1000's of innocent people not been the high of madness? honestly I'm not understanding the sickness here, everyone is basically saying that because things aren't going her way that its completely okay for Dany to go on a murderous rampage. is this really were we're at? because that is really the most selfish BS answer I've ever heard some i ready have to ask is everyone has thought this through....
  3. this is the problem honestly since Jon get rezzed D&D has been treating him as a punching bag at the same time it removed a lot of Dany's flaws as well. take her slavers bay arc in the show where she just rode into town with a 100,000 Dothraki and just killed everyone that was against her making everything perfect and right in the world forget the city was falling apart just before that. that's not a plot line GRRM would do, the whole "dragon's don't planet tree" Fire and blood speech was meant to be the start of Danny fall into tyranny instead the show back tracked and made her the savor again.
  4. Dex drako

    Aegon Targaryen and the IT

    GRRM does not "subvert" all tropes he only does that to some aspects of how tropes are used. he like hero's but he doesn't like how people thing a good conquer/warrior makes a good leader. as he's old quot goes " what is Aragon's tax plan" and that's why bookDany has been shown as a great conquer of kingdoms but a complete failure as a ruler while bookJon has never been a conquer but has shown to be a great ruler in how be dealt with the freefook and leading the NW. he likes prophecy but he hates how most writer make it to oblivious who its about so GRRM makes his hard to read. like how Dany seems to be the PTWP but it will also likely be Jon how is the real PTWP.
  5. i don't know how much clearer GRRM would have to be on the whole inbreeding thing being behind the "crazy" in the targ line.
  6. targ's go insane because of inbreeding Jon has side stepped that problem by having a stark mother. the chances he'd go insane are far smaller then Dany who is the product direct inbreeding.
  7. Dex drako

    Sansa stark have no reasons to like Dany

    you know I all you "she saved North" really have something wrong with you way of thinking. Dany didn't say the north, they saved the world and each other together for a threat that faced all of then equally. heck with the way the show butched all you can easily argue dany and her army wasn't even needed. even then you talk about all the people day lost but what about all the people the north lost at the same time? now you are acting like the north should be thankful to just be Dany's slaves. do you understand how sick that thought is? honestly this blind love for Dany is insane, Sansa not wanting to be ruled over by Dany is not some kind of power play so Sansa can have power. honestly this will be so much better in the book where it won't just be the north and Dany's army that hold back the WW.
  8. Dex drako

    Why are they plotting a coup?

    here's the problem, Essos is the land of straw men the two greatest forces there were a group of rapist pillaging savages and and unrealistic slavers and dany looked like a divine saviour next to those people for sure. but in westeros were there is no slavery and and rape is looked down on she doesn't really standout all that much. danny has always done really horrible things but because she did them to horrible straw men we could rasonlize those actions as being okay. another problem here is this is a book plot line shoved into the show the show has been far kinder to Danny then the books will be as at the end of the last book dany is over being a good queen and all out for "fire and blood". in the books is unlikely that she'll leave the city in good standing when she heads to westeros. where her army of rapists will likely live up too that stereotype causing lots of mayhem where ever they go on top of how Dany act. so the book we give us a logical reason for why they don't trust dany to rule you just cut that out of the show.
  9. Dex drako

    The books are not going to end like this

    the story of the last hero and his sword the story of Azor Ahai and the story behind lightbringer when rhaegar who thought he was the PTWP still said "it seems I'll have to be a warrior" Mel view of fighting the dead Jon's dream of fighting the WW basic story telling setup of the whole story take your pick really, sure fighting won't be the only thing that saves the day but Fighting will lay an important role none the less. being the PTWP is not a sit back and watch other people do all the things kind of job. that would be more of the 3 eye raven type job of giving out info for others to act on.
  10. Dex drako

    The books are not going to end like this

    first off there is no NK in the book but even if there was killing the NK isn't a requirement its the goal of the prophecy. fulfilling the prophecy is the job application the job is fighting the white walkers
  11. Dex drako

    The books are not going to end like this

    of cause its Jon he's the answer to the central mystery of the story and tons of foreshadowing. as a writer there is no other reason to hid his trug linage if it wasn't a major plot importance and there is nothing more plot important then the fact the PTWP needs to have turg blood. GRRM is not going to throw away 5 books worth of foreshadowing this close to the end. its a new phenomena that bad writing believe being illogically unpredictable is somehow a good thing. those characters died to keep the mystery of the answer until the right point in the story.
  12. Dex drako

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    one idea of it yes. the basic idea is that its very likely that Rob wrote a letter that legitimized Jon before the red wedding and made him the heir of winterfell and king after him (he and Cat about who would take over if he died because as far as he knew all his family was either dead of controlled by the enemy) . the northern conspiracy is the belief that the northern houses are working on finding the letter and set Jon up as king to over throw the boltons.
  13. Dex drako

    The books are not going to end like this

    the PTWP, is clearly linked in the book to the "the last hero" and "Azor Ahai" both contextually and by characters like mel. both of those stories are of a hero that lead the fight against the WW with a flaming sword. meaning there really isn't any other way to look at the PTWP prophecy then to being the tool to find the next hero to lead the fight against the WW. there is no other point of its existence. as for Jon's blood making him especial of cause it does in right there in the pages of the book. Jon is a strong warg because of magic in his stark blood. there is also the link his stark blood gives him to the last hero (thous the pact with children of the forsts and the WW themselves.) and bran the builder. his turg blood line links him to the magic of dragons most likely letting him ride a dragon and who knows what else including the known working prophecy that run through out the turg history.. he is literally the combination of the two strongest magical blood lines in the book making him one of the most magical so yes Jon should be the main person in the fight for dawn, sure it won't be won by fighting alone but Jon should be the lead person show scores the big win. regulating him to simple organizer is a wast of story tell and makes it pointless to have the story resurrect him like they did. delaying the KN and organizing the army are not important roles in a story telling sense. they don't give good story telling oppositions and aren't very emotionally entertaining which is why those task are left to side characters not main characters. its not good enough to waist all these books and tv show seasons for main characters to left with just that. more so when Jon has no other character arc to work with. his whole story was about being the only person worried about stopping the WW/KN for 90% of the story. being the person to stop the KN himself should have been the climax of his story arc. should not have been given to a character that has no connection to the KN/WW at all and who didn't even know they existed for 90% of the story. instead there is no emotional pay off for anyone invested in Jon's story now .
  14. Dex drako

    The books are not going to end like this

    Yes because that was the center focus of his story arc, it would be like little finger being killed by danni instead of Sansa. Jon's whole story has been about stopping the WW and for most of the story he was the only character to really care about it even in the nights watch. but the way the show worked out made Jon a footnote in his own story arc, the pay off going to a character that didn't even know the WW existed for 90% of the story. its a horrible writing done to only to feed some infantile belief that unpredictability is somehow a good thing in a story. when infact an unpredictable out come is just the sign of a bad writer. after all a good story should make logical sense and give the readers a sense of closure. but to be unpredictable the out come can't be the logical outcome nor can you get emotional satisfaction out of it. Arya can't be the PTWP because she has no turg blood, it is the one constant in the PTWP prophecy it they are born of the targaryen and starks and tully have never crossed gene pools with targaryen before jon's birth.
  15. Dex drako

    So what does Jon Snow do now??

    I completely expect Jon to leave the nights watch and go retake winterfell after they bring him back to life as there really is nothing else for him to do at the wall.