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  1. people may screw up understanding them but they always come true in Martin's universe
  2. you understand everyone who interested in the thrones dies horribly right? its the whole point of the story, the losers played the game while the real threat (the ww) came to kill them all. the story has always been about show how stupid those people were
  3. whats the point? there is no point it looks like everything that's been foreshadowed and hinted at were all lies so the writers can laugh at us "its unexpected haha" real funny. honestly this just completely ruined the story for me and what's the point of even watch the rest of the show now? heck whats the point of Jon's story at all? he spent 7 seasons trying his best to get people stop the WW for him to have little to nothing to do with stopping them. where does he go form here let alone where does the story go form here. this was meant to be a doomsday event and it get taken care of in one night (episode) and we've just meant to go back to caring about who sits on the throne again....
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